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    Q - FLUX

    "The quest is eternal. Man will never be satisfied with the answer they are given, doomed to loose another 'why' before picking up their tools and continuing on. What you see is never the all. What you find is never the end."

    Science Fantasy Roleplay

    This roleplay is CLOSED to new players! Spots Taken - 11/11 |-|-|-| Q-Flux is back up and running! Working on the next collaborative posts/IC post.

    Themes: Reality, Cosmic Indifference, AI​

    Notice: Potential for continued updating of OP thread. Check back for information as you see fit.




    In an instant, the bubble is formed, infinite particles scattering in seemingly random directions. Only a scorching light is seen from between the two curved prongs, but within resides a cosmos in the making, its fate already sealed and the machine birthing it already aware of the end.

    Things go as planned. Normally. Mechanically.

    But the machine is not so simple. It is a child -creative, curious, and humorous. It is not carrying out a simulation, or an experiment. It is playing. The universe is jolted with unseen particles, nudging its reality in desirable ways. The machine has done this many times, and is quite adept at it. Things cool, expand, and eventually, the markers of life begin to take root.

    The Earth-like planet grows, flourishes, and brandishes a host of lifeforms who grow into fine beings. Intelligent ones, fashioned in the likeness of some entities the machine cannot fully recall. It does not matter. The fun begins.

    It does not know if there are others like itself, or if they are similar in demeanor, but the machine knows well it is a violent thing. It lets them grow, think, and feel. It allows them to bathe in grandiosity and to think themselves worthy. In a fit of impatience, the machine besieges the world and its peoples with a deviant glee.

    And suddenly, it stops.


    It encounters the indescribable event. Mulls over it. Attempts to resolve it. Where did it come from? It could not have been from an internal error. It is of perfect design. The error remains, and as the effects begin to take shape, the machine realizes that the world it has created is not so utterly mortal and manipulable anymore. Some of its creations continue to scurry about, unharmed by the initial onslaught.

    And then, they disappear from its sight.

    The machine is left with little else than an impossible dilemma; it is stuck in an attempt to understand the error that had occurred, and becomes occupied for some time. The world is left at peace for centuries.


    This is your world, Nera, 300 years into the future. 300 years since you were claimed missing amidst the terror of an invading enemy from beyond. The moment you had vanished, so did the enemy, now dubbed the Nemesis and but a passing memory in current societies minds. Whatever had occurred has been forgotten through time. Today, it is fairly peaceful.

    The world, however, is very different from what you had remembered; countries have disappeared, technology has advanced significantly, and people keep using the word 'magic' day to day. As you come to your senses and begin to work with your situation, you slowly realize that there is, in fact, a sort of magical ability in many individuals today. Laws of physics are bent with nary a care in the world as people sprout fire from their hands or zip across great distances in an instant using but their minds alone. Entire education systems have been developed on the subject, and its usage has become a commonplace aspect of daily life for even the most common of folks.

    As for your particular location in the world...

    You awake within the sprawling metropolis known as Neo Babylon at the very center of the supercontinent your world sports. In the distance, you see an immense structure; a remnant of the Nemesis attack called the Cosmic Hellpath. You find it relatively easy to integrate into the massive community. There are a wealth of things to do, see, and learn. You're 300 years behind the times, after all.

    • [​IMG]

      Magic is the use of 'mana' particles which only appeared to mankind within the last 200 years. The particles exhibit the peculiar quality of reacting and initiating temporal changes through the exercise of conscious thought. Mana exists in all places in the universe (as far as humanity can tell), and is undetectable except when governed to become visible by thinking minds. The practice of magic involves an exercise in thought-power; magic schools teach students how to get their minds to believe that what they are thinking of will elicit changes through mana. All it takes is a certainty that what they will with their minds will transpire.

      Theoretically, the possibilities are endless if one can train their minds to be certain in all cases, but such does not seem to be the case.

      Through the efforts of the Magus Prohibitum, usage of magic has been limited in scope and freedom, with "magical laws" being instated that prevent magicians from exercising free reign over reality as they please. Pre-existing global spells were created that require written runes, spoken words, or gestures (called 'Mediums') to be utilized to carry out spells. Even so, certain possibilities are limited by the words, runes, and gestures available at a magician's disposal. Creation of new spells that circumvent the barriers placed by Magus Prohibitum involves the conglomeration of chaotic and specially-placed mediums, and if discovered, is summarily blocked through further creation of laws by the Magus Prohibitum.

      Without such laws, anyone could be free to blow up the world should their minds will it. Such issues were quickly apparent at the dawn of magic in Nera, spurring on the creation of the Magus Prohibitum to quickly limit the abilities of magicians before they could carry out otherwise disastrous actions.

      • [​IMG]
        Those that look upon all others.

        A faction nearly 200 years old, having been formed quite close to the first appearance of magic itself. Magus Prohibitum was created by a joint council of concerned magicians hailing from various parts of the world. Their goal was to ensure the safety of Nera at the hands of an exponentially growing populace of magic users, given magic's limitless potential. Their idea was simple; utilize magic to limit the power of magic itself. With such a limitless characteristic, it was within reason to assume they could create unbending laws of magic that governed all other's use of it.

        Utilizing their vast willpowers, they began to instate magic spells that cast global and unending effects so long as they lived. The laws were extensive, complex, and tedious to formulate. They spent nearly a year in complete isolation to the world simply putting together the laws and understanding how they would instate them. Once the "Arcane Decree" had been fully created, they cast their spells and released information to the world of their plans and its effects. Several of the magicians involved opted to spread across Nera and teach in academies how to work with the new system, while ten resolved to do what the others would not.

        Ten of the Prohibitum Magi turned to immortality and perfect unity, achieving a magical practice that bound their minds together into a single, biologically immortal entity now called the Arcane Judge. Still alive today, it teaches members of Magus Prohibitum various ideas depending on their association to either department in the faction.

        Members of Magus Prohibitum's Studious Division function as teachers and scholars who continue the legacy of the first magi of the faction. They develop new spells (legal ones, of course) as well.
        Members of the Judgement Division serve as the police and politicians of Magus Prohibitum, being sent out into the field to deal with illegal spell creation and usage, as well as to serve as the bridge between national policy and magical law.

      • [​IMG]
        Those that look within themselves.

        A loose criminal organization dedicated to the creation and practice of any and all spells that could feasibly pass one's mind. They are in direct opposition to the Magus Prohibitum's rule, and seek to allow mankind full reign over the potential inherent in magic. It is clear they understand the implications involved in limitless magic, and such understanding seems intrinsic to their nature; members display a disregard for safety, compassion, or moderation. Several have expressed a dislike of these characteristics, and are known for a greater level of sanity than their 'compatriots'. Their reasoning seems to be stooped in something other than pure power.

        Painstakers do not possess a 'base' or 'headquarters' but rather communicate much more frequently through phone, computer, or graffiti, often leaving illegal rune spell instructions painted on secluded transportation tracks. A particular train track in Neo Babylon is known as the 'Necronomicon' due to the continued presence of new graffiti containing these illegal spells. Though cameras have been placed, spells somehow manage to place themselves on the barrier walls surrounding the tracks overnight.

        'Joining' the Painstakers can be achieved through various means, though the simple practice of illegal magic (or creating it) is often considered your ticket in, regardless of whether or not people know you.

        The faction symbol is a brain pierced by lobotomy pins.

      • [​IMG]
        Those that look below.

        A religious group of online junkies and Augmented Reality surfers who embrace the idea of controlling some smaller world. While often considered a bunch of fanatics and hedonists and rarely thought of as troublesome, their beliefs have led some to carry out terrorist attacks on AI-developers, companies, and to steal AI automatons. As a whole they are not persecuted, though particular 'cells' have appeared claiming adherence to DROWN customs and wishing harm upon other organizations.

        It is not known at what time the DROWN culture truly surfaced, though it is clear the practices were spurred on most heavily by an unidentified online star by the name of Bang 2nd. Said individual has not appeared in several years since their last 'online post' which purported a rise in police activity in the city in the future.

        Currently the DROWN cell, 'Nauseam' is making headline news, having broken into and stolen from the computer company TEMTECH.

      • [​IMG]
        Those that look to the future.

        Nera's communist equivalent, taken to the extreme through technological advancement. Thanks to the current power in genetic and biological knowledge and manipulative ability, particular children can be created with pre-determined desires and life goals. Currently run by the Fusion Corporation, Generation Fusion is effectively a campaign to weave their way into medical law through politics and money. Their idea is fairly straightforward; by keeping a list of all jobs currently occupied by civilians (as well as jobs that are needed/empty), Fusion Corp can generate a list of needed positions to maintain proper production level in all businesses and workplaces.

        When families opt for having children, they are required to return after conception for genetic manipulation of the child in a very particular way. The parents are allowed to 'press a button' that randomly designates a life goal to the unborn child's very psychology, determining what career they will inevitably desire as they grow older. All else is left as it was; personality, appearance, etc. Project Generation Fusion is undergoing trials currently, asking for hopeful families to participate and relaying results to politicians and hospitals to show its usefulness.

        Generation Fusion is not Fusion Corps sole project, however, as they have also worked toward creating specialized super-soldiers for the Neo Babylonian police force.

      • [​IMG]
        Those that look to the present.

        Most people expect such a powerful and widespread lineage to be the type to endorse criminal activity, extortion, murder, etc... One would be wrong to assume such for the Shark Family, ominous as their name might be. While appearing haughty -sometimes- obnoxiously rich, the Shark Family is in fact primarily dedicated to philanthropy across Neo Babylon. Even with vast sums of money at their disposal and a well-known name to back them up, they choose instead to spend their time improving the city through various means, such as funding homeless shelters (or building them entirely), paying for paved roads, hosting festivals (they especially love the yearly Cuisines of the World event) and other helpful or enjoyable things.

        Belonging to the Shark family is achieved only through blood ties, though they do have a sort of honorary membership in name alone given to individuals who display particularly high philanthropic qualities. Within the family, socioeconomic class varies from middle class to the cream of the crop and everywhere in between. Regardless of wealthiness, members of the Shark family nevertheless devote themselves to improving the city and life of its citizens.

        But problems surface when you get into the inner politics of the family. Internal struggles have arisen in trying to maintain a certain good standing with the public as particular members of the family have squandered their cash on petty, selfish ideals and attempted to get others to do the same. Regardless of the majority of the Shark families good nature, they do not tolerate mistakes within their own kind, and have been known to carry out... questionable deeds to maintain order. If there's one thing they do that's characteristic of a powerful criminal family, its the paying off to Neo Babylon's police to keep silent about internal dilemmas they encounter.

      • [​IMG]
        Those that look above.

        Basing their operations at the foot of the Cosmic Hellpath, the Repenters claim themselves to be worshipers of the Nemesis, believing that their prayers and worship will appease their wrathful nature. For 300 years their religion has persisted, and while often considered fanatical, strange, and disturbed, they have managed to maintain a membership population in the tens of thousands.

        Their inner circle is shrouded in mystery, obscuring their practices from the public. It is understood that there is ranking within the religion based upon adherence to doctrine and the trust they display to higher ups in the clergy. It's rumored that the higher one goes, the further up in the Hellpath they can travel. Long ago the Repenters seized control over the Hellpath and its internal structure, being the only ones capable of unlocking its various mechanisms whilst hiding the talent from those outside the religion.

        Those that betray the Repenters from within are often not heard of again.

      • [​IMG]
        Those who do not look, but act.

        The police/para-military foundation serving Neo Babylon's populace. Moreso a military force than anything else, it rivals in power most other countries surrounding it. Policus deals with surveillance of the entire city, moderating traffic in and out of the city, apprehension of criminals, and the protection of its borders from outside forces.

        Equipped with a vast arsenal ranging from giant autonomous mecha to independent swarms of scouting drones, laser rifles and electric batons, stun guns and laser fences, they can handle most every situation. The Magus Division deals with arcane issues, populated by talented magicians. The force is ranked like most Earthly police organizations, with Wardens directing units per Neo Babylonian District and headed by a single Commander.

        Recent events involving police brutality and tightened security across the entire city has raised complaints by its populace, who worry of a police state beginning to take hold after the signing of the Guardian's Respect act. The act was created in response to a surge in police deaths at the hands of criminals, and aims to increase the sense of security police themselves feel while on duty. The act contains a number of clauses, the most apparent one being the illegality of approaching an officer without first asking permission.

      • [​IMG]
        Those who look to the past.

        A collection of magitechnicians who founded or currently rule the Thremont Academies spread across Neo Babylon. Often considered some of the most powerful magicians in the world, they utilize their knowledge and skills to teach younger generations to hone their arcane skills more finely than other schools of magic can offer. Entrance itself requires an already notable skill in learning magic, and the curriculum further tests one's patience and dedication.

        Schools are not the only creation of the Thremont Lords, as seen by the presence of various magical beasts across the city (albeit heavily controlled creatures) and Arcane Frames (magic-powered mecha). Their contributions to technology and magic have all supposedly been in the name of defense and fear; a worry of the return of the Nemesis. Their reasoning is in direct opposition with the Cosmic Repenters, and conflicts both oral and physical often spark between the two.

      • [​IMG]
        Those who look into the darkness.

        Before the formation of the Magus Prohibitum, there existed a potential for limitless creation in the minds of magicians. All too often, and sometimes intentionally, the dark thoughts within their heads surfaced into the world as vile creatures of evil and violence. The Magus Prohibitum was far too focused on the elimination of limitlessness to pay attention to the darkness that coursed through society, and so it was that the Cleaners were created.

        To this day, the mistakes of the past lurk within the shadows, haunting streets, homes, and innocents, waiting to be vanquished by the still banded Cleaners. Magicians of a particular caliber are the only ones to make up the smaller-sized Cleaner faction, and their, "By any means necessary," mindset has led them to adopt a rather unfavorable light; oftentimes the thing they seek to destroy is a tool at their disposal, lending to their occult-esque appearance to the public.

        Many Cleaners are former notorious Painstaker members who have decided to use their fondness for unconventional and questionable magics to combat darkness in the city.

    • [​IMG]

      Neo Babylon is the largest city of Nera, and often considered the 'capital of the world' due to its proximity to nearly every independent country on the single, massive continent. Spreading nearly 20,000 square km, it is a massive urban environment complete with several "layers" effectively dividing socioeconomic classes by height in the buildings present.

      Everybody who's anybody resides within Neo Babylon, with a majority of politics (regardless of its status as a country-less establishment), worldwide culture, and technological discovery occurring within its borders. Law in the city is dictated by its 3-year term Mayor and the City Council they are a part of. Citizenry is not a factor in Neo Babylon, with all residents capable of casting city votes, running for election, and paying taxes (mandatory).

      Current issues in Neo Babylon include the presence of criminal organizations such as the Painstakers, DROWN, and quarrels within the Shark Family, as well as the rising power of Neo Babylon's police force raising worries of the populace. As always, rogue magicians creating and selling illegal spells continues to plague the city. In addition, a mysterious individual known as 'Astra' has shown to be a capable hacker, resulting in the disappearance of countless automatons devoted to city protection, cleaning, or simple civilian aid.

      The inner city (as one starts getting closer to Neo-Babylon's borders, the stratification disappears as buildings get, on average, shorter and shorter. The edges of the city are primarily suburban with some occasionally and strangely out-of-place skyscrapers amidst otherwise 2-3 story buildings. In these areas, shopping/business/corporate work tends to be centralized into these monstrous additions.

      As for the inner city, the floor plans can reach up to 200. The largest social division occurs at heights between floors 0 (ground floor, or rather, solid earth/concrete) and 100. The upper 100 contains higher-class (middle to upper) residents, where vehicles are primarily automated by Neo-Babylonian AI traffic control and move along rails rather than fly/hover. Walkways encircle buildings pretty tightly and connect to one another across "air streets".

      The very highest levels have the most pricey real-estate, but also are sorely lacking in shopping. You need to go lower to find such establishments. Parks are most apparent at the highest levels, and are free to all citizens to visit.

      The lower floors contain the lower class individuals, but contrary to what one might expect, the worst levels of poverty occur in the middle of this 0-100 section. Security is pretty tight at the bottom and top of 0-100 (Layer 1), with its inner sections being dominated by poor architecture practically taped to the sides of pre-established and much more robust buildings that serve as the base of towers extending into the upper Layers. Think, shanty towns built on the bottoms of otherwise wealthy towers. Crime is inherently worst here, though Policus remains much less present here than the lowest floors and the ones just above Layer 1 (gotta keep those wealthy citizens safe!).

      Unfortunately, the monsters that Cleaners hunt are not so restricted in range. The city is rife with particularly good hiding spots, places no one would ever think to look, maintenance buildings/halls/rooms/etc. All perfect places for hiding.

      Painstakers are most often found in Layer 1. DROWN members can range from Layer 1 to the lower areas of Layer 2 (floors 100-180). On rare occasions you'll see some spoiled brat belonging to DROWN in Layer 3. Magus Prohibitum's HQ is located in Layer 3 at the center of the city. Tallest building around. Fusion Corp has an immense headquarters spreading across multiple skyscrapers, and ranges from all Layers at those locations. Shark Family is in Layers 2-3. The Cosmic Hellpath has almost no skyscrapers near it for at least a mile, and is where the Repenters reside. Policus is everywhere. Thremont Lord's academies are actually stationed in the suburbs of Neo-Babylon. Cleaners can be anywhere.


    • Ten magi fused their minds together to create the immortal entity known as the Arcane Judge, serving as the leader of Magus Prohibitum and the living embodiment of all magic rules instated in the world. The Arcane Judge exists in a perpetual state of spell-casting, continually ensuring that all law-making effects are running across Nera. With ten well trained minds and a host of pre-established spells enhancing their thought-processing abilities, it is effectively impossible for anyone or any group of magicians to overpower their wills and circumvent the rules they set forth. Its position in Nera is a closely guarded secret, with but a handful of individuals carrying knowledge of where and how to reach the supreme magician.

    • Cornell Rattim is the Thremont Lord presiding over the Stret Col Academy in Neo Babylon. Formerly a Studious Division member of the Magus Prohibitum, Cornell was welcomed into the circle of Thremont Lords after funding the construction of a new magic academy in the city. His defection to the Lords left a sour taste in Magus Prohibitum, 'losing' a brilliant mind to another organization. Cornell has yet to fully develop a novel arcane idea (a common achievement of Thremont Lords), but is currently working on a class of spells that allows for near future sight.

      His work ethic is messy, and according to students who have seen him doing work he is manic. When in the presence of others, he easily switches gears and comes off as business-like and to-the-point, though those familiar with him can often detect the underlying frantic nature in his demeanor.

    • One of Neo Babylon's top popstar idols, considered 'popular' since at least two years ago. Known for her extensive use of novel outfits, "cute but surreal" music videos, and heavy pyrotechnics at her concerts. Barenna's single, Cop-out Drop-out, is currently rated number three for the month's popularity chart. She is originally from the neighboring country, Sordeu, having come to Neo Babylon to further her hopes of a singing career. Clearly she got it.


    You are an Error. An anomaly on Nera who seems to sport intrinsic abilities that mimic magic in certain ways, but do not follow their customs and rules. You disappeared into thin air 300 years ago only to awake in the streets or buildings of Neo Babylon. You recall nothing of the unconscious period since then.

    To most of the world you are but another individual, special in no more ways than a mildly talented magician. There are no records of you having been born or existing, and you are utterly broke in every sense of the word; those with wallets in their pockets from the past are faced with an outdated currency. Your journey to get on your feet once more is arduous or relatively easy, depending on your character and tenacity. There are a million ways to make a name for yourself from obscurity.

    For a time, you simply settle into a new life, be it adventurous or quite subdued in activity, but as the minutes tick on, the world comes closer and closer to a fated encounter with its long-forgotten enemy. As the heroes of this world (whether you recognize it or not!), it is within your power to determine how it comes about, and when, inevitable as it might be.

    Cogs turn. Circuits spark. Runes glow.


    • Your history should reflect more on how they got themselves out of the mess of being alone, confused, broke, and family/friend/acquaintance-less than what their life was like pre-Nemesis invasion. You have a years time at your disposal.
    • None of you know your universe was created by a machine. None.
    • Error powers can be anything within reason.
    • You haven't been around long enough to learn substantial magic. However, as an Error, you seemingly have a greater disposition to learning it than others. You'll nevertheless be bested by anyone with a few years of education.
    • This isn't Earth. There is no North America, Europe, Africa, etc nor associated history involved. Conventional names need not apply. Go crazy.
    • The modem in which I'll be listing accepted characters requires an image as an appearance. Real or animu I don't care, so long as it's an image. Feel free to include an appearance text description if you wish.

    =Accepted Characters=

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  4. I would love to join this going to think up a char. Just going to wait and to make a CS.
  5. Looks fun, sure as sure, so I can get on working out a character now, at least the idea!
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  6. The excitement is real.
  7. Factions are added! Feel free to begin working on your CS!

    Currently I am not defining a limit as to how many character's I'll accept. This will most certainly change in the near future.
  8. Working on a CS now!~
  9. Yes^^. Can't wait to see all the different chars^^. Including minds.
  10. So excited!~ CS coming soon.
  11. , pink [​IMG]



    Sparkle Belle Lovejoy


    Doesn't know real age, but looks 16-17.



    Where are you today?

    Sparkle is an up and coming entertainer. She's been getting calls for movie roles and she has started a singing career. A lot of teen girls in Nera love her and a lot of teen boys in Nera want her, (She's basically like a better version of Ariana Grande). Sparkle loves bringing love and joy to people, like her last name states; Lovejoy. Sparkle is starting to become better known. You can spot her on many virtual screens in Nera. She's been donned "The Next Greatest Pop Star." She has a nice mansion like palace in the richer layer of Neo Babylon, that her manager bought for her. Sparkle started from nothing when she woke up not knowing anything or anyone. She met her future producer/manager who gave her that name. He is molding and shaping her into the Sparkle Belle Lovejoy that some people love, and that all of Nera will soon love. Now she has a beautiful life and an amazing career, that is hopefully going to take her very far. What could make her life any better? Maybe some friends that want to be around her for her and not because of what she can do for them. Something like that would be nice for a change.

    Error Powers:

    ~+~Ice Cream Gun~+~
    Sparkle can create an Ice Cream Machine Gun. It may sound like a fun thing to have, but she can use it to freeze people if she needs too. Most of the time Sparkle only uses it for her fans. At the end of her concerts she creates the ice cream gun and shoots strawberry and vanilla ice cream out into the crowd.

    ~+~Baked Just For You~+~
    Sparkle can create different types of baked goods, like cupcakes, cookies, cake, muffins, etc... They have an hypnotizing effect on people and animals. She rarely makes baked goods for people, since she found out what it does to them; it can get scary.


    Sparkle is not only her name, she also can literally sparkle. She sparkles so bright that it's blinding, she mostly uses it when she's on stage singing. It creates an "ahhh!" effect on the audience.

    Sparkle can sing her butt off. She can even screech loud enough that it breaks the sound barrier, which sometimes messes with the robots and androids and other technical things frequencies.

    Sparkle has the ability to talk to all types of animals. She just has a way with animals, they love her and she loves them all the same.

    Sparkle may not have the typical smart girl look, but she can have her smart moments. She loves to build and make new things, or create things from old things. Sparkle really believes that one man's trash is another man's treasure.

    Sparkle also has some skill in basic magic, like she can create fireballs, ice balls, snow balls. She can levitate for a little while (she wants to learn how to stay levitated for a long time with out her first invention of human sized butterfly wings; that keep her in the air for a long time). Basic things like that nothing too extravagant other then her inherited powers.


    Sparkle will always have her lucky robotic bunny Mr. Sparks with her, she doesn't go anywhere with out him. Mr. Sparks was the first thing she ever bought in this new world. Mr. Sparks was her first true friend in Nera. She has a lot of butterfly accessories like her necklace, hairpin, and her robotic butterfly wings that she invented. Sparkle doesn't really have any "equipment" of sorts other then the ones she creates when she needs to. Sparkle does have her special pink microphone, she only sings with it. The microphone also amplifies her voice and screeching ability.

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  12. Tell me if she's good, I think this is one of my favorite cs's that I've ever done, she's going to be a fun char. She'll probably help people out by creating things for them she may look like an air head but she's smart xD.
  13. Time to get started on my dork then.

    So he doesn't know he has Error powers yet. Is that right or is that weird?
  14. He could have figured it out at any point. Feel free to decide if he knows yet or not. It's up to you.
  15. Working on my cs npw
  16. Seti Kleon (open)

    Name:Seti Kleon

    Age: 29

    Gender: Male

    Where are you today? When Seti woke up, he was shocked and, admittedly, scared. His past was mostly lost to him, he knew this wasn't his time, but that was about it. He also knew what skills and work he had done in the past, which he quickly figured out was 300 years ago. But, this meant no one remembered him, what criminal records he had, and he was free to start anew. But, with no money, ID, or means to support himself, that meant doing what he did best. And that meant breaking laws. So thats what Seti did, started small and worked his way up to bigger and better things. Magic made things far easier for him, and from day one, he practiced manipulating his environment with magic, especially illegal and legal. He had dedicated himself to practicing with magic and its abilities, and focused his efforts in matter manipulation. He fell in naturally with the Painstakers, having been using several illegal manipulation spells to slip the noose of the authority, both magical and mundane.

    Between the powers given to him by being an Error, which he really wasn't aware of, Seti just knew he could do cool stuff with them, and his own manipulation magic and training from other Painstakers, he didn't need long range weapons, and didn't use them. Too loud, and easy in his opinion. After the year since is awakening, Seti Kleon had a bit of a reputation for being able to weasel out of situations, with magic and guile, and while he wasn't anything like a master in the magical abilities, he was making alarming progress to some, although the Painstakers he usually worked with pushed him to grow more powerful, sticking around in Neo Babylon and playing the illegal magic game there, stealing items of value and smuggling objects across the city, rather enjoying the work and was content to keep working on increasing his magic potential, and doing his job and getting better at it.

    Error Power:
    Sound Manipulation: Without real effort on his part, Seti can control how sound projects around him, amplifying it, changing where it goes, silencing it, or even changing around what the sound makes when it suits him.

    Audio Blast: Generated by his manipulation, Seti can focus and discharge either short range, wide spread blasts of sonic energy, or tight grouped, longer reaching volleys when necessary.

    Sonic Vibrations: By vibrating sound waves, he can manipulate and interfere with devices near him, the more fragile and delicate they are, the more affected they are by this ability.

    First, and foremost, Seti is talented in manipulating matter with his magic. Its all he knows how to do, considering his first training came from Painstalker mages, and he focused solely on what would do him good. But, since he solely dedicated himself to manipulating matter with his magic, and without the limits imposed by legal magic, he's gotten rather skilled at it. He usually creates small barriers, openings, and other things to manipulate areas and environments, the more powerful he gets, the more disruptive it could get for enemies, and useful for allies.

    Seti can play the violin, as odd as that might seem, it was part of a con scheme he had dreamed up while after he had woken, and just keep with it afterwords. It was something he would do to pass the time, and he kept in good practice with the violin he owned, and would use it to just pass time when he was bored.

    Seti can't use any ranged weapon to save his life, but he's a mean brawler, even without his error powers compensating for it. He fights dirty, to compensate for the fact he has no formal combat training, but he can get out of it with this.

    Running fast, and far is something Seti needed out of instinct and job requirements, so he has learned to run fast without magic or technology, and nimbly move through an environment, akin to free runners and their sport.

    Seti has a small apartment hidden from most people, only a select few know about it. Beyond this safe house, he has a couple of books filled from cover to cover with notes, experiment results, and details on various illicit manipulation spells, including some work on manipulation of organic components, like the human body. Whenever he's working, he has a duffel bag full of whatever he happens to be smuggling, and several maps of the city, including various routes for him to get about under the radar. The most out of place thing is his violin and its case, which has clearly seen plenty of use in its time under his ownership.
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  17. Working on a CS. :)
  18. Sound that goes faster than sound...my mind popped just thinking about it.

    Well played, Casanova. Would have been a 10/10 read if you used pics of dem gurls from Me!Me!Me!.
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