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  1. "The quest is eternal. Man will never be satisfied with answer they are given, doomed to loose another 'why' before picking up their tools and continuing on. What you see is never the all. What you find is never the end."



    In an instant, the bubble is formed, infinite particles scattering in seemingly random directions. Only a scorching light is seen from between the two curved prongs, but within resides a cosmos in the making, its fate already sealed and the machine birthing it already aware of the end.

    Things go as planned. Normally. Mechanically.

    But the machine is not so simple. It is a child -creative, curious, and humorous. It is not carrying out a simulation, or an experiment. It is playing. The universe is jolted with unseen particles, nudging its reality in desirable ways. The machine has done this many times, and is quite adept at it. Things cool, expand, and eventually, the markers of life begin to take root.

    The Earth-like planet grows, flourishes, and brandishes a host of lifeforms who grow into fine beings. Intelligent ones, fashioned in the likeness of some entities the machine cannot fully recall. It does not matter. The fun begins.

    It does not know if there are others like itself, or if they are similar in demeanor, but the machine knows well it is a violent thing. It lets them grow, think, and feel. It allows them to bathe in grandiosity and to think themselves worthy. In a fit of impatience, the machine besieges the world and its peoples with a deviant glee.

    And suddenly, it stops.


    It encounters the indescribable event. Mulls over it. Attempts to resolve it. Where did it come from? It could not have been from an internal error. It is of perfect design. The error remains, and as the effects begin to take shape, the machine realizes that the world it has created is not so utterly mortal and manipulable anymore. Some of its creations continue to scurry about, unharmed by the initial onslaught.

    And then, they disappear from its sight.

    The machine is left with little else than an impossible dilemma; it is stuck in an attempt to understand the error that had occurred, and becomes occupied for some time. The world is left at peace for centuries.


    In Q-Flux, you play as an Error, an entity within your universe who had disappeared in the time between the siege upon your world by unknown assailants and the present. In the time since, the world had advanced in strange ways, with warped geography and national borders, strange creatures appearing, and powerful factions taking hold of power.

    Errors are dubbed as such due to their ability to seemingly ignore many laws of physics in various ways. Magic, so to speak. Having awoken from some sort of dreamless sleep, your families and friends long gone, your characters slowly integrated themselves into the world and come to understand it.

    It suffices to say that no one understands that they are a part of a universe fabricated by a machine beyond. Where Errors have been mostly quiet, new events shall arise that call for their aid, whether they understand their purpose in the grand scheme or not.


    Well there you have it. Very, very basic information on Q-Flux. I'm looking for interest before creating an OOC, which include a much more in-depth explanation on the world, Errors, etc.
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  2. Well sounds interesting, but females. :( Dunno. Maybe.

    Or I'll watch from the sidelines to see how players get offed if this takes off.
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  3. Ended up severely changing the setting of Q-Flux to something I think people will be much more likely to get on top of. Whatever it once was, it is now long gone. Here's to hoping for more interest than just Zombehs. >:U

    jk ilu
  4. this is interesting, so i'll keep watch on this
  5. Wow, definitely interested in joining this. I'll keep watch as well.
  6. Intriguing.
    I'll be stalking watching this place until then.
  7. Gonna keep an eye on this :D
  8. Wonderful! I'll get working on the OOC.
  9. This seems like it would be pretty interesting.
    I'll keep watch on this

  10. Ooh! Sounds like fun.
    Count me in!
  11. I'm interested! Would like to join. :)
  12. Whoa, this sounds like it'll be a blast. The included visuals really help to spark interest. Count me in, chap!
  13. If its not too late, or too packed, I think I'll go ahead and drop my interest here. This looks really interesting!
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