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  1. So this site/place/whathaveyou, has adult/teen erotic/close to it, sub forums. My question is what if the RP is not Beyond PG13 but almost is.

    Like making out, groping and such but no graphic sex. Where would that fit?
  2. It can go into the regular forums :3
  3. Really? It can?
  4. Yeah, as long as there is no graphic sex, and whatever sex is implied isn't between a character of a teen member and a character of an adult member just to be safe :3
  5. I see and thanks for the answers. Though I don't quite get, the teen member character and adult member character can't be implied having sex. Well I do but eh.
  6. Teen members and adult members can't roleplay sex scenes with one another o.o It's kind of law ^.^;
  7. So implying means actual sex in this case?
  8. Even if it's implied, it shouldn't happen between teen members and adult members.
  9. Right. And that's the end of my questions.
  10. Just a side note: If your roleplay is going to be focusing on sexual situations or if they happen frequently, then it should go to the Libertine forum. Fade to Black is a thing there too o.o
  11. Didn't know that, well didn't consider that. Given I'm not the most aware of a person.
  12. Yeah, there's a lot of misconceptions about the Libertine/teen sub forums ^.^'
  13. Okay. A corrections.

    Teen and adult members can definitely imply that their characters have sex. Reason being, that isn't actually a sex scene. It's the difference between writing romance and writing a sex scene. Say two characters have had dinner together, they go home together, one leads the other towards the bedroom and then you skip to the next morning with clothes all over the floor, no one is going to get in trouble. That is not a sex scene. Both writers and readers know that sex happened, but nothing about sex was ever written. It is not a sex scene.

    Foreplay starts pushing the boundaries. The hard hand fast rule, as much as there is one in the gray fuzzy area between romance and sex, is that as soon as anything relating to genitalia gets mentioned, it's gone too far. Therefore, making out? Sure. Kissing is just kissing. People do it on the street, no one gets pissy, the law doesn't care. Groping? That starts crossing the line. As soon as a guy's "bulge" or any other such words are mentioned, it has definitely gone too far. Any full description of naked bodies or bodily functions, male or female, is too far.

    In general, it is best to just play it safe. Why risk it? There are plenty of members you can legally do such things with. However, roleplay characters are totally allowed to have sex as long as no sexual acts are ever detailed in the writing, no matter the age groups involved.

    If you need some more definitive examples of what is an is not crossing the line, what's really pushing it, etc. I may have some old examples stored away somewhere on my hard drive I could pull out. But another good rule of thumb is, if you are starting to wonder if you've taken it too far, it's probably gone too far. :D
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  14. Examples would be helpful. As for wondering if I personal take it too far I'd probably still continue unless smacked. But then I would already cross the line at groping.
  15. Continue until you get smacked? >:[ That is a very clever thing to say if you want me to start digging through everything you've ever written on this site, and see if I need to report you for putting not only yourself, but your partner and the entire site in danger of serious repercussions from the FBI. This is not a matter to be taken lightly. It isn't just some site rule we enforce for no reason. This is federal law, and Iwaku has had FBI investigations in the past from people who decide to just keep pushing. By the time you get far enough that you deserve a smack, you are going to get yourself banned. Especially now that you have spoken to two staff members, and both have made it abundantly clear what a bad idea that would be. Do not make me smack you. I will take it very seriously.

    Now that that's out of the way. :-)

    The one example I was able to dig up on short notice ended up with a member getting banned, so for obvious reasons that's not something I'm going to share. O_O However, it is fairly obvious that this question didn't come out of nowhere. Why don't you go ahead and send me a PM, and we can discuss the particular situation that brought up this question in a more private setting. :) Above warning aside, I'm not particularly scary, and I genuinely want to keep you from getting yourself and your partner in trouble. :nod:
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  16. The question was asked cause another site screwed me cause I went slightly beyond PG13. I'll PM to keep myself from doing such a thing that person did. Ah...how PM...or rather where is the button/whatever.
  17. Click my name, and then select "Start a Conversation". It's that simple. :D I'm about to head to sleep, but I'll get back to you tomorrow morning.
  18. Ah used to seeing the words person/private message. Ok, night.
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