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  1. ~Two weeks before

    Naruto Uzumaki was with his Sensei Kakashi and a good friend of his Sakura Haruno. They were all out in the training fields doing there usual ninja routine. Naruto fought with Kakashi with Sakura at his side. In the end Naruto would loose to Kakashi, but it never got him mad in fact, he always made him smile. "I guess I need to keep up my practice huh?" Kakashi would smile at him and nod. Naruto looked up at Sakura and got up off the ground. "You improved too Sakura! You got stronger" He laughed a bit and rubbed his neck. "I am gonna go get me some Ramen!". And with that, Ninja left.

    Naruto was at the Ramen shop enjoying a nice cup of Ramen. His bandanna was off so his blond hair was in his blue eyes. Naruto was glad he was getting a Lot better in his Jutsu. He was also glad Sakura was improving as well. While Naruto was eating his ramen, Yamato walked in and smiled patting him on the back. "Nice work out there Naruto. You and Sakura are really improving!"

    Naruto smiled. "Well I got to work my butt off so I can become Hokage!"

    Yamato laughed and nodded. "Well Naruto, I am here to deliver a message from Lady Tsunade. She needs you in her office" Naruto nodded and left the shop and made his way to Tsunade.
  2. Once there training session was completed. Sakura with her sensei Kakashi walked back to the village together. It was great to be training with them again. It was so different compared to the training Lady Tsunade and her did. She knew very well that they all had improved.

    As they returned to the village Kakashi went to talk to guy who as per usual had an extreme and overwhelming conversation that Kakashi would half ignore. Sakura peered into the Ramen stall to see if Naruto was there. But with no luck she decided to return home.
  3. After Naruto met up with the Hokage, he left home deep in thought. He looked at the mission scroll and sighed looking to the ground. As he was on his way home, he saw his friend Sakura. He smiled and waved at her and stopped. "Sakura...I must tell you something."
  4. Sakura paused looking at him even she could tell something was up just by the tone of his voice. "Sure what's going on Naruto?" She asked curiously looking at him with a small smile.
  5. Naruto cleared his throat and smiled brightly at her trying to lighten the tone. "I am gonna be gone on a important mission so, I want you to take care of yourself and the village." He kept his smile and shook her hand. With that Naruto turned around. "I have to leave to night so...this is bye" he then quickly chakra dashed out of the village.
  6. Sakura didn't understand what made him talk this way. It was like he wasn't coming back. She watched him leave but knew following would make the situation worse. So with that she returned home wondering what this mission was that had Naruto so worked up.
  7. ---Weeks Later---

    Kakashi slowly made his way to Sakura's home. He had a very important message to deliver to Sakura. Kakashi was still trying to get used to the information himself. He knocked on Sakura's door and prepared himself.
  8. Sakura had recently woken up, she couldn't help but have a bad feeling looming over her today. She wasn't sure why but it was the. Going to the door she opened it to see Kakashi. "Morning sensei" she said softly looking at him.
  9. Kakashi looked at Sakura and sighed. He was not sure how to say it, but he did. "Sakura.....Naruto..is no longer with us.". Kakashi had to choke back the feeling of sobbing. It hurt him..it hurt everyone to hear such news.
  10. Her eye's went wide as she fell silent. Tears formed instantly then ran along her cheeks. "No.. he can't be" she sobbed "... I. ." she became lost for word's. She didn't know what to do. "If only I went after him..." she said sadly.
  11. Kakashi knew she was upset. It sadden him to see a student like her cry. Kakashi could remember the way Naruto would smile at them and would help them as is he was right next to them. "His funeral will take place in three days Sakura.'" He placed his hand on her head and looked in the Eyes. "Trust me I know how you feel."
  12. She nodded " in... three days... okay" she said softly still crying. She wasn't wanting to be alone but she just wiped her tears away trying to be strong.
  13. Kakashi saw her trying to be strong, but who could blame her? The Ninja turned around and looked ahead. "Tsunade said you don't got to train to day." He scratched his head. "You do not have to train for me either.....I know you need time to take this in." He smiled sadly. "Take care" he then turned and walked away.
  14. Sakura watched him leave. She was devastated. Closing the door she lay back in her bed crying for a while. Naruto was her close friend. Now he's gone. No Naruto no Sasuke. This was going to be to much. After a few days the funeral came and passed. After everyone left the grave she stayed. "I'm going to find out what happened to you... I will find who killed you" she said looking at his grave.
  15. When funeral day came, everyone in the Ninja Academy showed up. Even some villagers. People said somethings about Naruto and his bravery. Many people could not bring them selves to go up. Kakashi sat in the back and watched the entire thing in silence.

    Once everything finished up, Kakashi made his way to the tomb stone of Naruto. It had many flowers and cards on it. Even some Ramen cups were placed on the tomb. Kakashi placed a hand on Sakura's shoulder and stared at the tomb. Kakashi felt him heart break as he knew that this was real.
  16. Sakura excused herself from the grave site. She had a few questions to ask her other sensei. She would find out about this mission he went on and get the closure the all needed. Heading to the hokage office she let herself in.
  17. Lady Tsunade was righting down some information when Sakura came. She not seem the least bit surprised when she came in. Tsunade sat back in her chair and stared at Sakura already having an I deabof what she was there for.
  18. Sakura stood there silent for a second then finally asked her question. "What was the mission you sent Naruto on? " She asked curiously trying not to sound rude but she needed to know.
  19. Tsunade raised her eyebrow and shrugged. It was not like it was a secret. "I sent him to Stop Sasuke." She said looking at the scrolls.
  20. Her eye's went wide. "So Sasuke killed him!?" She asked shaking a little. "Why would you send him alone? "
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