Push or Jump? [RP]

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  1. Chance:

    It was a beautiful and glorious morning, the sun kissed upon his pale face as he woke up with a soft groan. His body tossed and turned in the bed, before finally setting itself upright, against a plethora of pillows. He raised his hands up towards his face and wiped the sleep out his eyes. With a sigh escaping through his parted pink lips, he throws his legs over the bed after pushing the covers off of him, his feet hitting the carpet floor below. Chance sat there for a moment then finally moved to the curtains, opening them up as he looked down towards the parking lot, seeing a few black SUV's, that has never been there before. After raising a brow and turning around, he went straight into his kitchen, reaching up into the cabinet and grabbing a breakfast burrito then placing it in the mircowave. As he was rummaging through the fridge, looking for something to drink, his door blew off the hinges, that caused him to jump and look. About three people walked through the door, wearing those dreaded colors of black and white. One man removed his shades with a smile as he then spoke. "Ah, Chance Saunders isn't it. We been tracking you down for years. Get him." With that said, Chance didn't hesitate to run in the opposite direction where he was clotheslined by a massive arm, that knocked him out. He could feel his lifeless body being hoisted up in the air and placed on the hard cushion of the SUV. His body was lifted up again but this time placed on a soft cushion, his head was placed on a pillow and his arm was injected with a needle then an IV. He laid there motionless and almost breathless.


    "Can you pass me the Scalpel please?"
    The doctor said to Corey, but instead of listening, he was drawing these pictures of people in a white room. "Corey? Corey?!" The yelling of his name caused him to snap back to the real world as his eyes shifted towards the doctor. "Are you even listening to me?" Corey shook his head no as the doctor took off his gloves then threw them to the side as he turned around to leave. "I'm..Sorry." Corey was too late when he spoke those words as he sighed then got up as well, walking towards the room, where he kept his belongings. He got his bookbag and stuffed his drawings inside of it as he closed his locker then placed his bookbag on his back. "Aye, doc, same time tomorrow?" The doctor looked at Corey then walked towards him as he placed a hand upon his shoulder. "I'm sorry to say this but you're fired. Your mind isn't here. What if I was doing a real surgery and the patient was near death? Hm?" Corey eyes was starting to tear up as he let himself go out of the doctor's grasp then turned his back, walking out the front door. Instead of immediately getting into his car, he walked down the street and got himself a hot dog. "That'll be two fifty." Corey handed him then money then grabbed himself some condiments and napkins as he turned around, looking across the street, he saw people dressed in black and white, staring him down. Corey saw this day coming, he felt it too. He started to walk a little bit fast as he adjusted his bookbag on his back. His eyes scanned through the trees, there he saw some people looking inside of his car. This was the part where someone was going to come up behind him and inject some type of serum into his neck but he stepped to the side just in time. He threw the bookbag at that person then ran, dropping the hot dog as well. His feet lead him towards another person dressed in a black and white suit, but they was in the alleyway. The person in front smirk then opened up their mouth, that let out a loud, high pitched scream. Corey fell to the ground, covering his ears and the scream knocked him out. It was about thirty minutes later, he felt his body being placed on a bed of some sort, a needle being injected into his arm then shortly after an IV. He faintly opened up his eyes as he saw a white room and people being placed on beds. He shut his eyes again, not wanting to be the first one to wake up.
  2. Devlin:

    As he finished his morning routine of free running, Devlin was covered in sweat spots on his gray and Carolina blue hoodie. He takes his off white tattered sweat towel and wipes his face and brawl. Using the towel as a go between to open the door to the street. Devlin stops into Richie’s Diner for some breakfast… “Hey Sheri I will have the usual, with extra peppers.” His words fell on deaf ears because that was not Sheri at the counter. As he takes his seat into his favorite booth, he is greeted with an empty cup, by a man in black and white. “Well Hello Mr. Lacrosse, no running, please make it easier on you. Get him!!!” As he heard those words he sprung into action. This is what he trained for; he lies flat as the man in black and white behind him misses with the needle. He pushes off the wall and slides forward head over heels. He then steps off of the stool by the counter and starts his regiment for escape. As he grabs the low hanging lamps tethered to the ceiling, swinging to the wall and then through the front window. Not missing a beat SUV’s swarm the storefront in full force. Using the trucks as plants he bounces atop them and dives forward into a tumble back to his feet. Catching the walls of the alleyway next to the diner. He goes to make his next plant off of the wall to get to the fire escape, but his foot missed and he hits his head on it instead. Feeling his lifeless body rise from the ground he became so familiar with, he was no longer in control of where it went. He then felt the bumps of the roads the SUV took, not knowing where he would end up. His body was then lifted to a bed with a pillow and that’s when he felt the sting of the needle. Feeling his veins feel with a cold fluid that kept him docile but aware.