Purr For Me

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  1. As Chris Walked into the pet store He was quickly met by a rather short man who paled in comparison to him in size and bulk. He was skinny and wore a plethora of top line clothes and had his hair slicked back. He quickly Greeted him saying "Ahh, You must be Mr. Christopher. Your Here for your appointment to try and find a pet, one to attend to your every need." Chris smiled at him and he was quickly lead into a back room full of cages full of stark naked Neko's all of which had a bowl of water and food. As he walked threw the room he stopped as he spotted a small girl in the back of the room. He walked up to the cage his hands in the pockets of his jacket as he eyed her over carefully she was sitting her legs crossed and her arms held loosely in front of her. Chris looked her over one more time before saying "How about her." The man Looks into the cage a look of disgust clearly apparent on his face as he said "Are you sure sir. We have plenty better ones that you could . . . "Chris quickly cuts him off saying "What's the matter with her." He turns to look at her before saying "Well nothing really she's just not as good of a breed her ears are to small and the color of her fur is off completely." Chris gave the man a small look before saying "I'll Take her."

    The man opened the cage and Chris walked in slowly leaning down to run his fingers gently threw her hair petting her softly saying "I'm taking you home with me." He easily scooped her up in one arm holding her naked body in his left arm as he followed the man to the front room. After signing a few papers and making a rather hefty payment he left the building and got into his car setting her in his lap as he placed the seat belt over the both of them. AS they drove home he continued to run his fingers threw her hair gently petting her as he said "So do you have a name?" She had no ID no collar nothing but her skin. He didn't know If she was given a name but he had hoped for her sake she had.
  2. She was surprised when someone came in to adopt her. She had heard the cruel mans words about her not being good. She knew she wasn't good but the man still wanted her. She stayed close to him as he lifted her. She was scarred and squeaked softly, cutely as he picked her up. She was shaking slightly as he held her. She slowly calmed down as he pet her, running his hands through her hair. It helped her calm down. She kept her eyes down, like she had been trained to but when he asked her for her name she looked up at him. Her eyes a beautiful amber and her eyes were large and innocent looking. "M-My name?" she asked softly, her voice matching her perfectly. She thought a moment, not having used her name in such a long time. She knew she had one. She remembered her mother calling her that. "My na-name is Akira, sir," she said softly to him. "If you don't like my name, you can change it," she murmured softly her ears were tilted down submissively and also out of a bit of fear.
  3. Chris smiled saying "Akira is a wonderful name. You can call me Chris." As he finished his sentence he pulled into the parking lot to the Apartments he lived in. He slowly climbed out of the car still holding Akira in his arm as he walked to the elevator. They Both got in and thankfully it was empty so they took it up to his apartment. He quickly entered his Apartment stood there smiling saying "This is your new home. I hope you enjoy it." He leaned in and kissed the top of her head once before saying "But before you get settled in I need to get you clean." He slowly carried her to the bathroom and drew a warm bath before gently lowering her into the water. He then slipped his jacket and shirt off and grabbed a washcloth saying "How does the water feel."
  4. She tried to hide herself more, but luckily there was no one around to see her naked form. She stayed close to him and shivered from the cold air. Once they were in the elevator she looked around in awe of it. She'd never been in an elevator so it was new to her. Once they were in his home she looked around and imedeatly liked it. She liked anything better then the hole she had been in before. She nodded her head when he said he would have to clean her up. When he set her into the water she sighed softly, a soft purr coming from her small form. When he asked her how the water was she looked up at him once more, smiling a soft small smile. "The water is nice and warm, Chris," she said softly, not sure if she would be punished for calling him by his name.
  5. Chris smiled warmly at her saying his name and continued washing her back humming a gentle tune to help her relax. When He finally finished he pulled her out of the tub still dripping and said "Now don't be afraid but I'm going to show you something that I want you to do for the next week." He pulled out a silk towel from the cabinet and pulled her hands behind her back tying the silk gently around her wrists to keep them held behind her before sitting down gently placing her still wet body in front of his leaning her back against his. He leaned forward and ran his hands along her sides as he said "I did buy you for pleasure purposes just like many owners have done in the past with there pets. But i want to make sure your never hurt and that it's just as pleasurable for you as it is me. Now your papers say your still untouched so I want you to practice this after every bath. From now on after every bath I want you to pleasure yourself. I'll do it today but from then on you'll be doing it."

    As he finished speaking he slowly ran his hands from her sides to her belly letting his fingers explore her every inch hungrily. His left hand slowly inched it's way up to her breast as his right down worked it's way down to her waist. He slowly toyed wither her breast teasing her nipples as his right hand ran over her legs spreading them open so he could see everything. His fingers worked there way across her breast before running to her chin and he gently tilted her head up to lean in and kiss her passionately letting his tongue glide into her mouth. There tongues danced against each other as he worked his other hand down to her crotch and he started to play with her clit. There was a surprised gasp of pleasure that escaped her lips as he made contact with her precious parts. He smiled threw his kiss before diving deeper into the kiss, letting his hands go back to work playing with her breast and the other her clit. He wanted to show her his love was unconditional weather she pleasured him or not. He would still make her feel good. It was important to him

    His fingers danced around her breast getting more and more aggressive in there want to feel her everything, meanwhile his right hand delved deeper and he spread her open feeling around her opening massaging her gently feeling her twitch occasionally. She was clearly a virgin just based on the way her body reacted to his touch, but she was one hell of a kisser. He lips were intoxicating and the feel of her wet skin against his was remarkable. He did however keep her hands tied behind her back to keep her from joining in. He wanted to do the work for now. Next time she would pleasure herself while he watched.
  6. Akira sighed softly and her purrs continued as he washed her back. She liked the feel of his hands on her and she liked how gentle he was being with her. She watched him when he pulled away and then suddenly lifted her up out of the water. It caused her to squeak cutely as he did so. She wasn't expecting that he would do that but she relaxed after a moment. When he sat her down on the counter and he began speaking she listened and nodded her head to him.

    He came back with a silk towel and he tied her hands behind her back. She got nervous now, since he could see her breasts clearly. When he said he wanted her to pleasure herself after every bath she blushed but nodded her head. Then she felt his hands on her and felt goosebumps form on her arms. His hands were warm on her wet and cool skin. He said that he would pleasure her this time and she blushed darker as she felt his hands move along her body and touch her intimately.

    She let out a moan as he played with her clit and she arched her back slightly at the touches. When he kissed her she sighed into his mouth and kissed him back as best as she could. She had never been kissed before and this was making her dizzy with pleasure. She moaned into his mouth and she could feel herself getting wet in private place, as if wanting him to go further. He did say he wanted her for pleasure. She wouldn't mind, he's the only one who ever wanted her. Not even her mother wanted her so she felt happy. She wanted to touch him and she pulled at the binds slightly but to no avail. She gasped and moaned more as he kept touching her. He started getting a bit aggressive with her but she liked it and she wanted more.
  7. His hands continued there assault on her as his lips parted with hers and he smiled warmly saying "I'll make sure you enjoy this thoroughly." He then slowly turned her around and laid her back gently onto the plush carpet as he let his kisses work there way from her chin to the nape of her neck as his fingers continued to explore her private places and he slowly but surely slipped one inside of her pressing against her insides as his kisses worked there way down to her breasts. He sucked gently on her nipples as his hands toyed with her privates, his left hand toying gently with her clit while his right explored her innards pressing against her most sensitive and pleasurable spots. He could tell when his fingers hit the right spot just by how tightly she gripped around his fingers but he wasn't going to hold back on her first time. He pressed harder and harder as his kisses worked there way from breast to breast and his fingers worked there magic below. He could feel her wetness as her juices flowed out and down his arms. As he felt her grow close to her climax he slipped his finger out and quickly moved down to kiss and suck on her clit before slipping his tongue inside of her enjoying the taste of her body as his left hand played with her breast and his right played with the base of her tail which was always the most sensitive part of the tail for every pet. He wanted to be able to taste her first orgasm and here her scream out in pleasure as she felt his love.
  8. When he laid her down she let out a loud moan and arched her back as he continued his assault on her body. When she felt his finger inside of her she cried out in pleasure. It didn't hurt like she thought it would and she shivered intensely from the pleasure of it. She arched her back up, pushing her breasts into her mouth more. Her insides trembled around him and clenched around his fingers as she felt her mind go blank and the pleasurable high consume her whole body. She let out a loud cry of pleasure and she arched her back off the ground as she came for the first time. She cried out his name loudly and her whole body twitched around him as he pleasured her. She panted softly as her first orgasm slowly passed. Her eyes were glazed over an her cheeks dusted in a rosy pink. "Chris...." she moaned out softly looking up at him. She wanted to say more but her mind was going blank and she couldn't think straight. She felt her lips part and her body finally relax, her chest rising and falling with each breath she took to help calm her racing heart.
  9. Chris smiled before lifting her up in his arms keeping her arms tied behind her back. He wasn't done with her yet. He smiled softly down at her as he carried her out of the bathroom and into his bedroom, lying her down on the red silk sheets of his bed as he walked to the closet and pulled out a box saying "I got a few toys for you and it's time to try them out."He gave her a devilishly playful grin before opening he box and pulling out a small vibrator on the end of a power cord. He walked up to her and smiled saying "Now the real practice begins." He then took the vibrator and slipped it inside of her easily thanks to the fact that she was still wet from before. He then strapped the controller to her thigh and turned it on low to start out with. He knew it was one of the strongest ones though so she would feel it no problem. He slowly climbed over her and kissed his way from her waist to her breast feeling her squirm in pleasure underneath of his body.

    His plan was to leave it inside of her for thirty minutes to give her a taste of what was to come and to help her get used to the feeling of having something inside of her. But mostly he wanted her to feel good. Real good. He stopped kissing her and climbed up higher to watch her face as she squirmed in pleasure still not releasing her hands. He reached down slowly and began to toy with her clit as he felt her wetness dripping out of her and onto the bedsheets. He didn't care he just wanted to play. His fingers worked there way around her clit and opening teazing her and pushing her farther as the vibrator churned around inside of her on the lowest setting.
  10. She panted heavily and she laid there as she watched him get the box. She used her hands and played with the sheets underneath her and she found she liked how it felt against her. When he pulled out the little device she looked at it curiously and as he slipped it inside her she gasped at the slight pleasure the tiny bit of penetration brought to her body. When he turned it on however she felt her eyes widen and her body quake with the pleasure it gave her. She let out moan after moan and when he kissed her she kissed him back, blinded by pleasure and his love. She felt like her body was vibrating and it made her wet and she kept moaning as it pleasured her inside. She arched her back when he began playing with her once again. She moaned out his name, her eyes glazed over once again. "I... I want to... please... you..." she moaned out after a little while.
  11. Chris grinned deviously from ear to ear as he lowered the vibrator and stopped playing with her clit and he leaned in close and whispered in her ear "Oh really and how would you do that?" But before she could awnser he turned it back up and began to massage her clit again this time leaning down to kiss her breast sucking gently on her nipples. His fingers continued to dance around her womanhood for a few more moments before he slipped a finger inside of her and slowly began to move it in and out toying with her testing her trying to get her to cum again. He wouldn't be content until she passed out from the pleasure.
  12. She arched her hips off the bed, into his hand and let out a loud moan as he turned the vibrator up. She was letting out loud moans and purrs and her body was reacting more and more. "I... Want... to... please you... with my... body..." she was able to moan out loudly. She was so wet and it didn't hurt when he slipped a finger into her. In fact it felt amazingly good. She had never felt like this before, this intense ecstasy. She felt like she would die from how strong it was.
  13. Chris smiled as her hip lifted up off the bed, he watched how her entire body shook and jiggled as he continued his assault on her body. He leaned up her body smiling wide again as he said "Not yet. Your body's not ready yet, and I'm not going to take the chance of hurting you." He looked down at her again as he picked up the pace moving his finger in and out of her faster while he massaged her clit with his thumb. He watched as her body shook violently before leaning in and pressed his lips to her's kissing her passionately as she neared her breaking point.
  14. She moaned out loudly as he body shook from the pleasure and she let out a loud cry and felt herself climax once more. She felt so intensely that any touch made her cry out. She was going crazy and she was so close so soon and she was going to break. "I'm... I'm... gonna break!" she cried out loudly arching her back once more and cumming once againpanting heavily as she passed out from the pleasure. She couldn't handle it so much.
  15. Chris smiled down at her enjoying the view of her passed out on the bed. He slowley leaned in and kissed her gently on the forehead enjoying the feel of her still twitching aorund his finger before finaly plling it out along with the vibrator. Her body shook slightly as he did so and it only made him want her more. That's when he got an idea. His turn to enjoy himself only a little. He slowly worked his way down her sleeping body until he found his way to her dripping womanhood. He smiled softly before leanign in running the length of his tongue across her clit watching as she twitched and shook in her sleep. He brought his hands to her hips and puller her ips up into his face as he slipped his tongue inside of her enjoying her taste savouring it. As he did so he could feel her insides twitch and quiver around his tongue at every movement. Which only made him want her more. But he quickly wiped that away before finally slipping his tongue out of her. He then reached behind her and untied her hands letting them fall to her sides. He smiled softly before slipping out of his pants and his white T-Shirt and climbinh in bed with her he scooped her up and gently placed her naked still wet body on top of his chest and closed his eyes. That's when he noticed her smell of course, She smelled of roses, and sex. Well not sex persay but that unique smell that only comes from a womans loins. This coupled with the soft touch of her skin quickly brought his manhood to attention which was more then a ittle uncomfortable seeing as how he said He wouldn't have sex with her yet.
  16. She shivered slightly when he did more to her body as she slept. She cuddled into his chest and in her sleep instead of snoring, she began to purr as she slept against his chest. Her ears were turned down in submission as she slept, snuggling into his warmth a bit more as she slept soundly. She had no idea that he was in need and if she did, she would have woken up and done her best to help him feel better.
  17. Chris looked down at Akira watching her rest, he had forced her to cum so hard she passed out. He smiled softly before nudging her a little trying to wake her up. He smiled watching her delicate form rise and fall with every breath. He could still feel the warmth coming from her crotch and all the while he was fighting his urge to take her then and there. but that would have to wait for awhile.
  18. She murmured in her unconscious state and she curled up a bit more against him too tired to wake up. She forced herself though, after a little while opening her eyes and looking over and up at him. She blushed darkly, embarrassed about being naked on top of her new owner. She looked at him, her cheeks flushed with a blush and her ears still tilted down. She looked at him and then wriggled a little, wanting to get off him so she wasn't bothering him. "Chris...?" she asked softly to her new owner.
  19. Chris smiled down at her before saying "Hey beautiful. How are you feeling?" He was a little worried he'd gone to far but he hoped she had enjoyed herself. He was also hoping she might have just a little more energy left in her. He still wasn't satisfied, and he wasn't quite done pleasuring her.
  20. "I'm... I'm very tired Chris..." she said softly, sounding tired. She did however notice he was hard. She blushed darker and looked up at him. "Chris... your hard..." she murmured softly to him her eyes a bit wide with surprise. She had not expected that at all. So she was curious and let her hand move a bit and cautiously touch his hard member, surprised by how hard and big it was.