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  1. Oki doki im back on track with cheap art commissions! I've got a bit more experience with art but i wont be increasing the prices at all! (welp except for sketches since i put a lot of effort into them, they're basically lineart to me, but it's like- 2$ difference) so if you want to commission me feel free to do so! I will finish it pretty quickly. it will take me 4 days at worst (if it's a sketch ill finish it in 1).

    : open the images in a new tab to view them. they are high resolution so without the spoiler they are super big, but with it they are too small.

    3)sketch (any kind) (7$)
    Example (open)


    4) a portrait (10$)
    Example (open)

    5) Thigh-high (17$)
    Example (open)


    6) full body (20$)
    Example (open)

    A full illustration (25$)
    Example (open)

    oh and yes i do mild gore
    What can and can not draw- (TL/DR I can draw humans and outfits but can't draw animals)
    1) humans (both genders, can include animal features such as ears/tails)
    2) Outfits (though i require a reference or several)
    3) Design elements (such as flowers, trees, succulents, plushies, etc.)
    What I can not draw or highly dislike drawing-
    1) anthro animals (Can't draw)
    2) Backgrounds (i don't mind drawing them, but when it's someone else's commission it takes a lot more effort and time for me to draw them, and i don't want to delay a commission by a week just because it has background, it'll also make things more pricey)
    3) animals (again, i just can't draw them, i barely got used to human anatomy)
    4)Extreme gore (i don;t have anything against it, i just can't draw internal organs sticking out)

    Payment methods- I only accept PayPal . for more information PM me

    Bonus information-
    1)Oh and I might also give you a little discount if I really like your character and enjoy drawing that character. Im not even joking this one time i gave out a commission for free XD (though don't count on it hehe that doesn't happen that often)
    2)send me as much references of clothes that you want your character wearing as you can (do it for your own good i suck at designing clothes XD)
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