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    :yinyang: What You Need To Know About Me
    I write from multiple paragraphs to almost about eight paragraphs. If I'm really into the role play or you inspire me greatly, then I write more. Though, it's mainly about five or four paragraphs to the minimum. I love adding in some form of humor in my replies to give my character(s) more characterization and I use a lot of imagery just so the imagination can flow throughout the role play and keep it interesting.

    :yinyang: What Do I Expect Out Of You
    To be rather blunt, I have a low attention span and if you, as my partner, can't make the role play enjoyable then it's going to have to be cut off. I'm sorry, but I think it wouldn't be as fun if one or the other is bored of the role play and giving half ass replies. If you can post about three-four paragraphs then you're safe. Also, please be willing to share ideas or even feedback. You can criticize my work or whatever, but please talk to me. I love to talk and if you can't just inbox me a hello then I'll feel like the role play will go no where. I want to get to know you and all that schnitzel, so don't be shy. One last thing, inform me on when it is that you will be offline for awhile or on vacation, etc. I would also like to know if you want to drop or put a role play on hold as I will be doing the same. We all get busy and stuff happens, so it's understandable and I don't mind it too much.

    :yinyang: Posting Average
    I am a very busy girl and due to all the work I can get lazy, but on average I can do 2+ post a day depending on time or day. Though sometimes I won't be on everyday and it may be on weekends or day offs that I'll be on catching up on post. Like I mentioned, I will be informing you if I will be absent longer than a day or two.

    :yinyang: My Pot Of Honey
    • Horror/Psychological
    • Suspense
    • Yaoi
    • Shoujo
    • Romance/Drama
    • Historical
    • Fantasy
    • Modern
    • Plot and Character Development
    • M-Preg
    • Tentacles
    • Gang Rape/Rape
    • Toliet Play
    • Sex< Plot
    • One liners
    • Using real life images just makes me feel awkward
    • God modding
    • Shota
    • Yuri
    :yinyang:Contacting Moi
    Please send me a PM if you're interested and don't post on here please. I do hope I haven't scared you all off, I'm not so mean...or cruel.

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