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WRITING Pure's babblery board

Discussion in 'SHOWCASING' started by Pure Torture, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. I intend to post short tidbits and thoughts about my world here, mostly it'll be short stories and summarizing paragraphs that help me keep track of how I want to expand my story.
  2. Eris hadn't always been evil. There was a time when she had ruled alongside the eldergods in peace, teaching the twelve elementals their roles and powers. However, as her children grew, they began to blame the disasters caused by their own emotional outbursts on her, the goddess of chaos. The mortals began to believe the words of the elementals, and cast her out of the pantheon entirely. She became a forbidden being, a name never spoken, a symbol of bad luck and misfortune among the world she had worked to help build.

    However, as it is with the laws of our world, once people began to believe these things of her, that is what she became. No longer was she a grand goddess with brilliant gold locks and generous smile. Instead, whenever she looked in the mirror, she'd be faced with blood red hair and haunting golden eyes, her body stained red with the blood they'd blamed her with. Over the years, this drove the goddess to insanity, and she began to believe the things they had said of her. She became the monster they had always thought her to be.

    The stone that set her on the path to her demise, however, was the attack on the nation of fire built up by those who worshiped her daughter Rose, goddess of flame and summer. In one swift motion, she used the volcano she'd helped create to turn the prospering land into a waste of ash and sand. The few who survived formed the first of her new cult. Madmen who wanted nothing more than the power she could grant them.

    It wasn't long after, that she was confronted by her counterpart, Zvyehdis, and she trapped him, using his own body against him, and turning the great dragon god to stone.

    The war had begun.