Pure Imagination [Hem x Bitty]

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  1. roleplay between me and bittykitty1
    there will be some religious things and a lot of cursing (incase you didn't care to read what was next to the name) so please keep that in mind if you intend to read through this.
    more mature themes might be added depending on how this roleplay develops

    i will be prettying this up and adding more as the roleplay goes on.
  2. ((So I guess I shall start))

    Gypsy loped around the open fields. Her yearling body was bright with energy. She had only recently learned to fly and she loved it. Her big black wings shimmered with iridecense. Her golden brown eyes sparkled with youthful radience and she was a lovely Pegasus altogether. Her long legs flew with the utmost cadence, unaware of anything around her.
  3. ((God damn it I feel like a horrible amateur writer (but jack that's what you are) next to your skills.
    Damn you, Bitty >U))

    Wren hid underneath the shade of a single tree, alert and watching the movement of anything that passed by him or came into his line of sight- even if it was just a leaf or something else that wasn't living or breathing. He sometimes changed where he was standing, as if he couldn't stand still or more than a few minutes at a time. One moment he'd be standing on the left side of the tree, the next he'd be on the other side. One of the leaves that he didn't notice landed on his head, and he shook it off, strands of his long brown mane hitting him in the eye a few times before he settled down again, continuing to watch and take notice of everything else.

    ((mine's a uni but his appearance is slightly more based off of a kirin's, hope that's okay vov))
  4. Gypsy swiveled her ears as she noticed another equine standing nearby under a tree. Instantly curious, the mare flaunted over, flirting her tail.