Pure Field Academy

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  1. Saki walks up to the school, glad her journey was finally over. "I guess I should check my schedule." She goes to the main office to get her schedule.
  2. Tristan rode up to the grand school, on his bike, in utter awe. "This place is humo~ngous!" Tristan exclaimed, leaping off his bike. As he took his bike over to the bike stand, and locked it in, Tristan's eyes stayed transfixed on the magnificent building, with its bright red bricks, swirling towers, and gold plated window frames in some places. Tristan found it hard to believe that he, an academic failure, had been invited to this place. While Tristan was captivated by the school's building, he wasn't somebody who could stand around staring for long. "Off to the office for my schedule then!" Tristan declared to himself, bounding off towards the front door.
  3. Saki stares at her schedule as she walk down the halls, getting to know her turf. She turns a corner and bumps into someone. "Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't looking where I walked."
  4. As Tristan bounced along the corridors, he knocked into a girl with black and pink hair. "Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't looking where I walked," she apologized, gripping a schedule in her hands. Tristan gave a her a wide smile, and replied, "No worries! It happens to all of us." He then glanced down at the paper in her hands, and added "Seems like everyone has assembly in the hall first. I guess I'll see you there!" With that Tristan continued down the corridor, eager to get his own version of the schedule. In his excitement, Tristan totally forgot about introductions, which would now have to be saved for later.
  5. Saki smiles. "He was cute." She heads to the assembly and finds a spot by herself.
  6. Tristan collected his schedule, then raced to the hall. By the time he got there most of the seats were taken, but there was still a space next to Saki. It took a bit of squeezing and squirming past people, but eventually Tristan was sitting next to Saki. "Hey again!" Tristan proclaimed.
  7. Saki looks at him. "Hey! I never got your name. I'm Saki."
  8. "Sorry, I totally forgot! I'm Tristan, good to meet you Saki!" Tristan introduced, sticking his hand out for Saki to shake.
  9. Saki shakes his hand. "Nice to meet ya." The assembly starts.
  10. At the front of the hall stood a shiny, mahogany stage, a quarter of the size of a foot ball pitch. The stage stood bare, until a single, eye-catching woman walked up the side-stairs and onto it. This woman had fine, champagne coloured hair tumbling down her shoulders, and pure blue eyes staring into the sea of students. The woman came to stand at the front of the stage, standing far above everyone else in the room- something she probably could of done without the stage. From the looks of the smart, white robes she wore, Tristan assumed she was the headmistress. This was confirmed when she spoke, "Good morning, I am Miss Ailes, the school's headmistress. Welcome to Pure Field Academy." Tristan thought this would be another one of those boring formal assemblies, until she began to continue "This school wasn't made for just normal people. It was created for humans with special...powers. You'll be learning how to harness these powers. Before that though, I shall explain where they came from, and why." Now Tristan was intrigues. Either the headmistress was crazy (which would be rather funny, in Tristan's opinion at least), or Tristan and all these other students actually had something special about them. Waiting for the headmistress' next words made Tristan's heart race.
  11. Saki smiled and started fidgeting, excited.
  12. "There world is not as you see it," Miss Ailes begun, eyes sparkling, "There are three realms that lay upon one another. These realms are: The Human Realm; The Heavenly Realm; and The Shadow Realm. For centuries these three realms have lived in peace. You humans have lived in the Human Realm, oblivious to the other realms. Traditionally, when they died you'd be sent to the Shadow Realm, and the demons would separate your souls from your bodies. Then your souls would be sent to the Heavenly Realm, for the angels to purify them, and give them a new body in the Human realm. Except the human has population expanded too far; there were no longer enough souls for each human. Now many humans live with only a fraction of a soul, or none at all. In fact it is extremely rare for a human to have a whole soul. You humans probably wouldn't see this as a problem, but a soulless human can't die. Humans without whole souls end up stuck in the Shadow Realm, where they become demons. The demons are getting angry with their lack of living space, and the ones who used to be human are furious about what have had to become. So the demons are going to invade the Human Realm, planning make it their own. All you innocent humans shall be killed in a blood frenzy. Angels- of which all of the staff, including me, are- used to be strong enough to hold off the demons. But over the years we have grown... weak. While our bodies do not carry the power to oppose the demons, the few remaining humans with whole-souls do. We angels shall pass on our ancient powers to the whole-souls, and teach the whole-souls how to use their powers. Wondering how this relates to you? This academy was created for the purpose of raising whole-souls. Which, in case you hadn't figured it out, makes you lot the blessed whole-souls. We shall teach you to safely fight demons as well as *cough* some of *cough* the normal curriculum. We also shall strongly encourage things such as team work and working together, since you can't take on an army of demons alone. Welcome to Pure Field Academy, young whole-souls!"

    Arden's jaw had dropped to the floor at this speech. Demons? Whole-souls? Magic Powers? He was sure it had to be a bad tasted joke. But the serious eyes of Miss Ailes, and the tense atmosphere that had filled the room, told him otherwise. Arden pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. After not awaking, Arden took in a deep breath to try to accept what was happening.
  13. Saki smiled and clapped, the only one doing so. "Hey, think she's strong?"
  14. Arden, like most of the other people nearby, turned to stare at Saki. "That girl's insane," Arden thought, not knowing how she could accept what had just been said so easily. Still, it's rude to leave a girl clapping by themselves, thus Arden joined in with the clapping, for his new friend. A dozen other people miraculously joined in as well. To her answer her question, Arden whispered to Saki, "Just a little bit."
  15. "Cool!" She smiles at him
  16. Miss Ailes coughed, raising a finger to her lips, to ask for silence among the chattering students. Everybody was quiet instantly, in an almost magical effect. "Hopefully you have all received your schedules- if not, get one from the office after assembly. While you are scheduled to have 5 periods of lessons today, instead you will spend that time settling in. Your first period shall take place in your form room, written on your schedules. Go there, and your form tutor shall explain what to do next," Miss Ailes ordered, before strutting off the stage, "You are dismissed."

    "What form are you in, Saki?" Arden asks, beaming.
  17. Saki shows him her schedule. "What about you Arden-kun?"
  18. Arden takes a moment to compare them, then joy spreads over his face. "We're both in 1W! Yay!" Arden exclaimed, "But what does kun mean? In fact, where do you come from?"
  19. "I'm from Japan. Kun is just a way of showing respect. Although its usually used for people who are younger than you." She smiles sweetly. "Sweet!"
  20. "I'm from England, so how are we speaking...." Arden began, starting to get up to go to the form room, "Pft, we're supposedly magical, so why not? Well if there are any other traditions or anything I need to be wary of, please tell me!" And although he didn't say it, Arden wondered if all Japanese girls had such lovely, sugary smiles.
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