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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Magical, Modern and much more. I probably can't list them all! If there is something you want to try and it isn't listed here, just ask. I rarely say no!
Cassie walked around the kitchen of the apartment she shared with her mother quickly, assembling all the things she would need to make her the cake that the customer asked for. She tied her long hair back into a pony tail before slipping on her apron. She had only a few cakes to make today and wanted to get them done as soon as possible. As she shuffled through the cabinets she noticed a moving van pull up to the building. At first she really didn't think much of it until she noticed some movers unloading boxes and lugging them inside. This only meant one thing...

There was going to be a new tenant.

She sighed slightly with annoyance, knowing that her mother would force her to be friendly and introduce herself to whoever was moving in, whether she liked it or not. She grumbled for a bit before getting back to work. She could worry about the knew neighbour later, her mother wouldn't be home until real late so she could at least avoid the inevitable for a little while., until then she would make her cakes and laze on the couch, maybe get ahead in her classes if she felt like putting in any effort to do so.
Fido had woken early that morning to help the workers, not wanting to put them through moving what little he had, on their own. It hadn't taken much, probably only an hour at most, and then they were on the road. He was happy once they were on the road, choosing to have one of his friends pick up his car and drive it over later that day. Once they hit the highway, he rolled down the window and stuck his head out, unable to resist the canine-like desire. A tinge of pleasure ran through him as the wind ran past his skin, and a big smile graced his face before he leaned back into his seat and rolling the window back up. He conversed with the workers for the two hours left of the trip. All he wanted was to get to his new home and start setting up before he had to go to his job. The last thing he wanted was to move BACK to that sleazy hole that he had finally managed to crawl out of. His job was at an office, desk jockey. It wasn't much, and it wasn't fun, but it was all he could get, and it landed him a nice wad of cash.

When they finally got to the apartment complex, he almost hollered out with joy. It wasn't grand, but it was a hell of a lot bigger than his last place! Home sweet home! Finally! He had a place that he could have a little more room in! Hopefully, that would make the odd changes this week a little more tolerable. He knew the moon would be out... but he hoped he had a few more days on his hands to at least set up...

They started unloading immediately as he checked with the landlord and then went into his new apartment, happily surveying the empty space that would soon become where he rested his head. Fido then went back down, helping the workers move the boxes upstairs, chattering and conversing as they went. He even popped a few funny jokes here and there!
Cassie paid no mind to the sound of the movers in the hall as she baked, she guessed that whom ever was moving in was going to take the apartment down the hall from her's, they'd technically be neighbours. She mixed the batter and poured it into the prepared pans like an expert, having done this many times before, and shoved them into the hot oven. While the cake baked she got to work on making decorations, coloring frosting, and making fondant for some later projects she would have that week.

She often wondered why she did this in her free time instead of hang out with teenagers her age, spending their last moments as kids doing stupid things before they had to take responcibility for themselves. In truth, she was very anti-social...She did have plenty of friends, but it was hard for her to make new ones, having always been on the moving and having to restart made her distant. Though she wasn't moving anymore it was hard to get close either way. On top of that, she had a dream to reach. She wanted to go to pastry school so badly, but the price was far to much for her mother to pay alone...So as soon as she could she started whipping up food and selling it whereever she was allowed, she even bribed the landlord with cookies so she could put up an add for her work.

The smell of the cake drifted into the halls, filling the air with the aroma of chocolate and sweet butter. People often told her they looked forward to when she came home from school, knowing that she would have something wonderful baking in her oven. But since it was a Friday, these smells would go long into the night, the wonderous scents of confections sneaking into other apartments and tempting people to come and just buy the sweets she make right then and there.

While she went to work she decided she would make a batch of cookies as well, just so that she was ready for when her mother demanded that she go over with some form of a welcoming gift to the new neighbour. She started to whip up the dough as she pulled out the finished chocolate cake, the smell only stronger now as she set the hot pans on a cooling wrack on her kitchen table.
Fido worked and in an hour, they had all of his things in his new apartment. He paid the workers handsomely, and even made a few statements to meet them for drinks if they were ever out in this way.

Finally alone, he started to unpack, arranging furniture, cutting open boxes, filling up drawers and the closet. He dressed the bed and set out what he needed in the kitchen, even looking into trying to figure out what to put into the new refrigerator. That's when it started. That dreadful itch, just right under his skin. The blood roared in his veins, speeding through his body as he tried to ignore it. He had work in a few hours! He couldn't let this control him, when he was so close to a normal life now!

So he kept unpacking, and trying to set things up, making his home the way he wanted to. But then... it happened. While he was holding the box cutter, the change shot through him. One moment, he was a man, civilized in clothes, standing on two legs. The next, he was on the ground, the box cutter embedded in one of his front legs, and he was trying not to make a lot of noise, seeing as pets weren't really allowed on the property, and there was no way that anyone would believe his story.

So he tried to paw at the knife and to get it out of his leg, and with that done, he tried to get to a place to lay down until he could change back, but there wasn't enough room.... He didn't see the boxes.... or the table.... Things just... splintered... and broke... and snapped.

He finally just curled up in a heap of his clothes, licking his injured leg.
Cassie quickly put in a batch of cookies and hand them baking, the air smelling even better than before. As She waited she started to clean up her workspace, getting this washed adn put away before she continued to decorate and assemble her cake. She tugged her hair out of the ponytail quickly and hung up her apron before she walked to her room and grabbed her favorite comfy sweatshirt, pulling it on over her head as she got ready to laze about for awhile.

When the timer for the cookies went off she quickly pulled them out and let them cool, cleaning up the tray before she put it away. She then wandered around the apartment in bordom, like she did everyday. She wasn't one for hanging out with friends after school unless she had to, like for a project or a party that she was invited to. She shuffled through her homework for a bit, but being as quick as a student as she was, the work load didn't last very long and she once again was bored.

It was at times like these she cursed her anti-social behaivor, knowing it was keeping her from doing many things that teens her age did. Her mother raved on about it when she was home long enough too, her tone always worried about how Cassie would become depressed and slowly lose friends at this rate. She knew that her mother was slightly right, she was become depressed with being home alone, which is why she loved going to school and dreaded the weekend, however she was never one to make plans with people, usually she had to be called up by someone before she ever thought of hanging out with them outside of classes.

She glanced at the clock for a moment before looking over to the now cooled cookies. It would be a bit of a step out of her comfort zone, but the sooner it was done the better. At least this way her mother wouldn't nag her about it in the morning. She grabbed a plate and put the cookies on them before heading down the hall. She could tell which room the new person was in because it just had it's name plate changed.

Fido Parker

Cassie looked at the name curiously before she knocked on the door gently, it pushing open slowly to reveil quite a mess, boxes were knocked over and some stuff was scattered about. She assumed they were still working on getting this in place so didn't pay it much mind.

"Hello? Is anyone there?...I'm a tenant from down the hall and I've come over to say hello and introduce myself...Hello?" She called into the empty looking apartment, not wanting to be rude and just walk in.
Fido mentally cursed himself as he licked at his wound, knowing after all these years that he couldn't fight his instinctual urges. The taste of his own blood was a normal process. Though he figured that it shouldn't be. Normal people weren't this well acquainted with how their bodies tasted. He tried to ignore it, focus on other things. He smelled something sweet drifting into the room as he laid there, figuring someone was cooking.

He gripped onto that, trying to distract himself as he tried to stop the bleeding in his leg. He picked out the smell of cake and cookies.... was that the smell of chocolate being baked? Dear LORD, he LOVED chocolate. Chocolate chip cookies were like a drug for him! He absolutely loved deserts, but cookies were probably his favorite. They were just so good! Especially when they were still a little warm and the chocolate chips were still a little melted!

He got up to walk a little bit closer to the door so he could smell it better, but he bumped into a tower of boxes. A couple fell on him and he yelped a little as he collapsed, and to make matters worse, the front door was opening... and there was a girl in the doorway.. he could smell her... this wasn't good. He had to figure out a way to hide himse-......Did he smell cookies?
Cassie glaced to the side as she noticed a tower of boxes fall, followed by a animal like yelp. It was then she noticed the dog caught under the boxes, obviously not having expected the card board landslide. She felt bad for the cute look dog and took a small step in, setting the plate of cookies on the table gently. She slowly approched and dug the dog out from under the boxes, setting them aside and stacking them neatly.

"Hey there boy~ Is you master home?" She said to him before she took notice of his injury. "Ah! your hurt!..."

She knelt down and looked that the wound, it didn't seem to bad, it was just a nasty cut. She looked around to see what might of caused it and found the box cutter laying on the floor, slightly bloody. She frowned as she gently picked it up and set it somewhere out of the dogs reach.

"Oh, you poor thing...Your master left it in such a bad place and now look at what happened! talk about irresponsible!" She mumbled mostly to herself. She looked back to the dog before she stood up again.

"You, stay right where you are. I'll be right back!" She then dashed out of the room and back to her apartment to grab her family first aid kit, bring it back with as much haste as she left with.
Fido was almost certain that he was screwed when he spotted the girl coming towards him. His crystal blue eyes froze on her, following her as she approached and moved the boxes off of him... Hell, she even kinda reorganized them. That was a nice touch.... she didn't have to do that.

He tilted his head as she spoke to him. He never understood that. Why on EARTH do people talk like that to animals? Baby talk is ridiculous, but it doesn't even have to be that... "Master". Ugh. He disliked that word. "Owner" was better... but he preferred "Dad","Father", or "Brother". He had a few dogs at some of the foster homes he had been in, and had a knack for instantly becoming friends with them, or quickly getting on their bad side. Small dogs HATED him. He tried to speak to animals like he would another person. Treat them with respect and dignity like everyone else.

Annnnnnd she had noticed the wound. It wasn't so bad... at least she wasn't trying to LOOK for the owner.... She'd find that impossible...

He watched as she found the box cutter and set it just out of his reach.... still bloody. He'd clean it as soon as he could... that box cutter was brand new and he'd rather not have to get another one because his blood had affected the quality of the blade. She was talking again. Lamenting his position without understanding it. And then she called the "owner" irresponsible. He wanted to laugh. Badly.

This was just too good. He felt like he was being set up for a joke.

What did the werewolf say to the girl that randomly walked into his house?

He watched as she got up and told him to stay... she ran off and he was about to move when she came back with a first-aid kit.

This wasn't so bad... Could be worse...
When Cassie returned she quickly started to shuffle through her first aid kit and pulled out a roll of bandages and some alcohal swabs. She took his hurt paw gently after she opened one of the swabs, using it to clean the wound quickly before grabbing teh bandages and wrapping it up snuggly, enough to keep it on but not be uncomfortable. When she was done she smiled and pet the dogs head gently.

"There you go, I bet that feels a lot better right?...Well, it seems your alone huh? And I brought cookies for your owner too....." She said as she stood up and started to clean up what had been knocked over, her habit of keeping things neat just naturally kicking in. She wiped off the blade and set it back down before finishing up.

When she was done strightening things out slightly, she found a blank note pad and pen and wrote a small note explaining who she was, what she found and what the cookies were for. Hopefully, whom ever was the owner would read it and come to see her. She then turned to the dog once more and smile.

"Well, Feel better boy, I'm sure your owner will take better care of you than I could at the last minute." She said before heading toward the door to leave.
Fido watched as the girl went through the kit, retrieving what she needed, and winced as he watched her take out the alcohol swabs. He hated the way they smelled, like knives in his nose. She had taken his paw into her hand and cleaned the wound quickly, which was good for her. Had it been a normal dog, or someone a little less in control of themselves during these sorts of phases, she would have been bitten.

Suddenly he realized how crazy this was. This girl had waltzed into his apartment, cleaned up the mess, taken care of a dog that she didn't even know about or know well which was dangerous in itself... AND she had made cookies! Just what kind of place had he landed in?

She had then wrapped up the wound and he felt her hand on his head, and couldn't resist to lean into the small motion. Then she talked a little more and he was amazed to find that she had jumped ships. She wasn't saying "Master" anymore..... had he talked? Did he say something and not notice? If that was the case, why the heck wasn't this girl screaming bloody murder about a talking dog? she then cleaned up the apartment even MORE, even cleaning the box cutter.

He watched as she wrote a note and then turned and spoke to him again, almost brushing off what she had done. Hell, if this was a normal situation, and he found out that she had done this for a dog and its owner, he'd be more than grateful.

And she was about to leave.

He finally decided to take a chance.

"Thank you." He stated, possibly a little louder than he should have. His light blue eyes focused on her and his tail started to wag. Thumping on the ground a couple times.

He waited for her reaction, and he wouldn't blame her if she ran screaming.
"You're welco-" She started to say before stopping and turning to look back down at the dog.

She couldn't believe it, she must have heard wrong...Yeah, she just heard wrong. Dogs could not talk, they only barked and whines and panted just like any other animal that went around of four legs and had fur. She leaned back a bit to peak into the hallway, but there was no one there, it was barren of any life or sound, except for the buzzing of the light. She started to scratch her head for a moment as she looked at the dog once more intently. Maybe it had just barked, and it sounded like talking. She had heard of animals that could actually do that. She smiled and started to laugh to herself before shaking her head.

"I've been working so much on cakes that I'm starting to hear things...For a minute I thought you talked, HA! Oh man, that would have been crazy!" She said, talking more to herself than the actual animal.
Fido had grinned as he watched the girl respond, watching her reaction. It felt almost cruel in a sense, like he was screwing with her, but at this point, it was unlikely that he'd be able to change back in time to go to work. What else could he do with his time? So he laid there for a while while he waited for her to come to a bright conclusion, but that never happened.

After he heard her blather that she couldn't have possibly heard him talk, he had had enough.

Fido raised himself up and walked past the girl to the door, leaning against it to shut it before turning back to the girl, sitting in front of her.

He wagged his tail and his tongue lolled out the side of his mouth for a moment before he seemed to start laughing.

"No, I assure you, I can talk. You're not crazy, though. I'm the crazy one..... Would you care for an explanation, or are you going to try and escape?" Fido asked simply before wagging his tail again, tilting his head a little.
Cassie watched the dog approach her and then head past to only shut the door behind. For a minute she thought that maybe it was a trained dog that was taught to do that and smiled a bit as she looked down at him....Until he started to speak.

Her mouth fell open as she watched the dog start to talk and speak porper sentences. Her eyes became wide as she continued to stare, her mouth starting to open and close like a fish who was trying to breath above water. For a moment she even tried to speak but it only came out as a jumble of sounds and constant restarts as she tried to figure out what to say, not sure if she should say anything at all.

After a bit of random babbling she finially put a hand up to her mouth to close it and shut herself up. She was so speechless and her face had become red as she realized that she had been making a fool of herself. She raised a shaky hand and lifted her finger to show she'd like the first option, knowing she wouldn't be able to properly ask for it with her voice.
Fido grinned at the girl's continued reactions.

This was probably the first time he had ever shown anyone what he hid from the world, let alone talk about it. It felt good to be able to explain himself to someone.

And then he realized.

He had no idea how to explain himself! He had never thought to how he might start to explain his situation should he need to! He had never thought that this could happen.... and he didn't know where to even start.

Finally he walked back to where she had set down the cookies and gently took one away from the mass with his jaws before chewing on it. His tail immediately started to wag before he turned back around to face the girl. With crumbs still on his face, he started.

"You see.... I'm a werewolf" He stated and then tilted his head. "I'm not exactly sure how to explain this... I've never had to before..." He admitted after a moment, looking up at the girl, then leaned over and ate another of her cookies. "These are seriously delicious though." He wagged his tail.
Cassie watched him walk over to the cookies and eat one, seeming to enjoy it very much. It was strange seeing a dog eat one of her cookies but it was nothing compared to the fact that the dog just spoke to her. She looked at him confused as she heard him use the word werewolf. Seriously? A werewolf? It was almost like one of those back preteen books that had been showing up in book stores all over the place...it was rather creepy. She leaned back against the door as she nodded her head alittle, showing that she understood what he was saying and wanted him to continue.

When he complimented her cookies though she smiled slightly and slowly pulled the hand on her mouth away.

"I'm glad....they are...Never been complimented by...a werewolf...." She stumbled out clumsily as she tried to think of what was coming out and avoid anything that could possibly offend him.
Fido contemplated what he wanted to say carefully, but wagged his tail as he heard her response to his compliment and nodded.

Then he finally came up with a proper way to explain it. Enough for a story, at least, so he grabbed another cookie, chewing on it before he looked up at her, the crumbs standing out on his black muzzle. He licked his lips before he started.

"Well... to start... I don't know who my parents are... I was put into an adopted family when I was younger.... and.... I don't remember how it started... I just started going from one foster family to another... Then.... one night... I just.... turned into this.... so I had to start hiding myself during these times. I'd get moved to another family because that one thought I had been sneaking out to do drugs.... Or something... I don't really know... or care..." He began, and then paused to snatch up another cookie, this time getting a little more playful, breaking it apart and pouncing on the pieces before eating it all up.

"Sorry.... Instincts.... " He grinned for a moment and then continued his story.

"I just kept getting tossed around foster families and trying to hide... this... and it never really got any better... Then, I didn't really know what to do when I turned 18.... the system kinda failed me... So.... I kinda depended on odd jobs and whatnot and got myself holed up in some place above a bar... Finally managed to get an office job, and was finally able to afford a place like this... But.... This... happens at the worst times... I should be going to work right now... but as you can see... I can't go like this.... and... when I change... I never know how long it might be for... It could last only an hour, or the whole night.... when I was fifteen there was a whole day I was stuck like this..." He recalled before nibbling on another cookie.

"I hate to ask this of you.... I'm sure you're scared to death... but can you please keep this to yourself and not tell anyone else about what I just explained?" He asked gently, his voice was light-hearted though.
Cassie listen to him adn couldn't help but feel a little bad for him, It must have been so hard to be moving all the time. She herself had spent her early childhood moving from one place to another. However, he also had the whole werewolf thing as well, that must have made it even harder on him. She smiled a little again as his instincts took over fo a moment, he really did have some dog like qualities.

When he asked her to not speak about his condition she quickly nodded her head.

"O-of course!....I mean, I certainly won't, it's not my place to say...Besides, I think people would call me crazy before they took me seriously..." She stuttered out as she nodded her head. "I do have one question though...when you change back...I mean, well...are you indecent? Not that I'm trying at hint at anything it's just I-I don't want to be surprised suddenly if you change back into a naked man! I-I mean, I'd probably faint....I'm not all that good with those kind o-of things..."
Fido grinned as the girl agreed to keep her mouth shut about his certain odd quality. He was somewhat thankful to have someone to finally tell about what he had to deal with when he was growing up... It felt nice... like a little of the weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

And then she asked about when he was going to change back.... Which made him think of two things....

1. By saying that, was she inferring that she was going to stay that long? What if it was going to be a couple hours or more?

2. He was going to have to think of a way to say this as gently as possible so that he wouldn't frighten her.

He would REALLY hate for her to run at that point. Or faint. Or scream.

"Well, I wish it was as easy as that..... I wish the clothes would just disappear and reappear when I morphed back.... but.... as it is... I hate to say it, but that mess of shredded slacks and white collar shirt and a 30 dollar tie on the floor over there?.... Yeah.... That's what I was wearing." He admitted, and sighed a little, he had really wanted to make sure that the tie had lasted more than a couple days... But he had pushed it...

"I usually get out of my clothes when I feel like I'm coming close.... but I had really just wanted to set up..... I wanted to just be able to rest when I came home from work today... I wasn't thinking straight... Don't worry, if I feel like I'm about to turn back, I'll just walk away for a bit and change..... Uh.... here!" He explained before going over to one of the boxes, tipping it over and scratching it open, then gently pulled out a shirt and a pair of sweatpants, and walked away with them, setting them down in the bathroom. He then came back and sat in front of her, tail wagging again.

"So.... My name's Fido Parker..... What's yours?" He asked, laying down, his front legs crossed over each other before laying his head down on them, his ears twitching.

His leg still ached a little from the wound, but he really appreciated the help he had gotten already.
Cassie smiled with a bit of relief as he said he would leave if he felt like he was gonna change, she didn't think she be able to handle seeing a naked man, she could barely handle looking at a man with his shirt off.

"Okay, that's good...I'm not trying to be nosey or anything I'm kind of shy when it comes to those things and I usually pass out out of nervousness....I'd hate to be trouble if it happened.

She watched him pull out the clothing and drag it off somewhere before coming back, still as a dog. She assumed that he was just getting ready for the change if it did happen soon. She knelt down in front of him as he laid down, making it a bit easier to look at him as she spoke, it was also started to hurt her neck to keep looking down at him. She giggled a bit at his name, it was quite fitting for him.

"Well, I'm Cassie McCarton...I live down that hall, with my mother." She said as she smiled a bit at him.
Fido grinned as the girl responded and nodded as she explained what would happen if he changed in front of her. It.... almost made him laugh a little. Poor girl, this must have been a bit of a shock to her to find out that her new neighbor was a werewolf, and the impending moment where he'd have to change back must have held her on edge a little.

When he laid down and she knelt down in front of him, he felt a little bad that this was how he'd meet his neighbor. It wasn't too tactful. He hoped he was making a good impression, despite the weird circumstances of the situation. When she introduced herself, he nodded and then suddenly felt the itch under his skin again.

"Ah.... uh.... excuse me..." He stated quickly

Not wanting to take a chance, he immediately got up and started for the hallway, and he was almost out of view when he changed. If she had been looking, he would have only seen a quick glimpse of his back and butt before he turned into one of the rooms and got dressed, found a comb and fixed his hair a little and then exited the room, coming back to face Cassie.

Only a hair over six feet, he stood in front of her, wearing a shirt that pretty much spoke of the situation.


"Ah... Ex-girlfriend got me a shirt a long time ago... her shitzu hated me..." He explained quietly, grinning slightly.

"Well, I'm now..." Fido paused to check the time, looking at the digital clock he had set on the wall. "Two hours late.... I probably would get there right when everyone was leaving if I left now." He chuckled quietly and then looked at the girl.

"Now... I'm Fido.... You're Cassie, we're neighbors. I see this turning out well." He grinned, flashing a set of gleaming-white teeth while he extended a hand for a handshake.