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    "What is even going on-?"
    Puppy was born in Aetale, however he had been banned to Earth.
    His momories of his childhood in Aetale have been locked away in his mind somewhere.

    On Earth, and after the heart-breaking death of his friend, he wished upon a star to go somewhere else.
    Little did he know that, that star was actually an Aetaleian multi-dimensional demi-god. Who decides that the perfect place is Aetale.

    He is 'protected' by Monster.

    Puppy is very good-natured and kind. He cares a lot about his friends and hates to see them sad.



    Monster is Puppy's Fairy Godfather gone wrong.




    "I'm Heissssssss~ hehe. Man, I'm hungry. =.="

    Heis is a half-snake, and a kleptomaniac. And a big dork/goof.

    The ram-brothers:


    "Hey there... I'm a ram... I can ram you, too."

    The sexy older brother. He's really perverted sometimes.
    He had inherited his father’ features: dark hair, dark, curled horns, and dark eyes.

    Ohiba (Ohi):

    "I-I can be s-sexy too!" *flails awkwardly*
    The awkward younger brother who tries to be just like his older brother and fails terribly at it.
    They were born to a middle class family in a developing port in the south. They lived a normal life until Ohi was about 14 years old, and at that point life changed.
    The two decided to explore the world to look for work. With the company of each other, they seem to be unstoppable in this strange world

    Mello and Bell the bluebird:


    He's just a child. But, he's also a singer with an angelic voice.
    Mello was born and grew up in a high class family in the East. He lived free of trouble until he was about 16 years old, but at that point life took a turn for the worst.
    His best friend-penpal suddenly stopped writing to him, and so Mello then decided to run away from his parents to find the West, where she lived.



    "WOW LOOK AT THIS STUFF. I need this stuff, ok? I need it."
    A friendly human female. Missy's a sucker for expensive, but unnecessary things. She’s bound by a strong sense of determination and especially by her wanting to do something for the greater good of humanity, but she's a huge hot-head.



    "Stop calling me thaaaaaaat."
    Puppy decides to call him John, much to his annoyance.
    He’s mysterious, but when he get to know the character, it’s seen that he had big hopes and dreams for the world. Is appearance is rather dark, he has two big horns on his head, and his feet are large, black talons.
    He can turn into a dragon.

    Jothurus lost his adopted family after a volcanic eruption in the West (which he survived because he is a dragon). He wandered the Badlands, unable to leave his home... But with his perseverance and courage, Joth finally managed to escape the Badlands behind to try to begin a new life.
    Having finally found some stability, he now works as a mercenary for the king. By doing so, he hopes to shed the memories of the past and finally find friends he has never had.



    "H-hey, you should buy my stuff, 'ya know?"
    Blast is a cat-kind, and a tricky character. She’s a sucker for get-rich-quick schemes, so he became a traveling merchant.
    She loves things that go boom, and uses guns and massive cannons to fight. Because screw being realistic and lore-friendly.
    If you steal from her, she will turn into a massive monster and hunt you down. There will be no escape.



    Steam-punk style little nerd. He’s a sucker for happy endings, and won’t let you ruin the chance to get yours, nor his.

  1. None right now~ :3

PuppyPuppy stared fondly at the bright screen before him.

His laptop felt warm in his lap, and it warmed his heart too. He could feel the fan's inside whirring as it processed Kitty's old chat logs. His best friend's profile picture flashed on the screen, and Puppy felt a lump form in his throat.

It's been a week since she left him forever.

She the only person in the world that had gone from stranger to forever-friend in less than a year... In fact, it had only taken her a few weeks to roll into his heart.

The little ball of sweaters and scarves was gone now- leaving a lopsided, fuzzy-edged hole. Puppy yearned for her giggles... her spastic sense of humor. Kitty, with her silly faces, and bold stares, had now fixated his bright, honey eyes on the screen. There she was on her 16th birthday, two years ago- with a group of other people Puppy didn't recognize. He didn't really bother to, anyway. He was here for Kitty.

"hey pups, wacha dooooooin? :3"


"ugh, BOOOORING~ here, let me make your suffering less painful x3


"woah, this is really neat~ (o.o)b"

"hahaha, this song really made me think of you ;3"

Puppy sighed, leaning his head back on the pillows to listen. His eyes scanned the darkness of his room while his fingers tapped out a rhythm against the edges of the laptop.
After a moment, Puppy looked back to the screen.

"yeah? i'll listen to it later since i have something playing already..."

"ooooo what is it?"

"boomboom wub wub wub~



10 swedish fish/10 swedish fish"


He giggled, feeling tears spill down his cheeks. It just wasn't fair.
Puppy abruptly shut the laptop, put it aside, and let himself lie down. It was 11 at night- early for summer vacation- but Puppy didn't feel like doing anything else.

He rolled over on his side, and curled into a fetal position. Puppy could see the night sky outside the window. It seemed static and dead- it had rained earlier in the day, and the clouds were likely covering the stars. But then, a twinkling caught his eyes. Bright blue, a needle-point star sparkled against a black backdrop. He felt something catch in his throat and he sobbed.

"Please... I don't want to be here. I just want to go...

Somewhere else." He wished upon the star.

He didn't know if he meant it or not. He just needed to feel better. It felt like his heart was being ripped out of his chest.

Tired and hurt, he drifted off to sleep just as a bright flash of light engulfed his room.
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  • Name: Mochi

    Age: 15

    Appearance: He looks like a little boy with a turtle shell on his back seriously what did you expect. Oh he likes to wear a leaf on his head don't ask me why. (I might draw him)

    Personality: He moves slowly and sleeps most of the time but trust me looks can be deceiving.


    Likes: Sleeping, swimming in lakes or ponds and sometimes likes to sit in streams.

    Dislikes: Having to actually do anything. Like really he would just rather sleep but don't try and pick on him please you will regret that.

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  • Name: Lily

    Age: 17


    Personality: Very sweet at first but she has a short temper. Don't mess with the sheep girl man. She is very good at baking things and tends to bake things for the people around her quite often. Mmmmmm goodies. She's like a sheep version of little red riding hood. Only more tsundere.

    Likes: Baking, cute things, anything soft because like how could you not love fluffy soft stuff?

    Dislikes: If you somehow fuck up her baking she will stab you. Don't do it.

    ((I've had shit to do today. ;___; and my grandma said I cant stay on the computer so this is all I can send right now.))
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  • Lily"Ugh!!!" She screeched in irritation, her eyebrow twitching at the turtle boy. "You're. Not. HELPING!"

    She had been trying to clean the house for her mother and cook dinner, but with no one's help, Lily has been uh... experiencing some technical difficulties. She kinda forgot. Like REAAAALLY forgot. And now her mother was going to come home soon. Shiet.

    Her only option was to get someone to help her. The only person available was... sigh... Mochi. The slowest and possibly laziest turtle around.

    "Come ooonnnn, Mochi! I really need to get this done... can't you just hurry up a little bit?"

    Mochi just made a grunting sound, seeming to be half asleep.

    Mochi had silver hair and was even shorter than her... which was REALLY short because she was really small herself. He always had a leave on the top of his head for some reason. Where did he even find such big leaves that he could wear as a hat anyways?

    It didn't really matter right now. Lily needed to reach the top of a shelf aligned with tons and tons of flour for baking. Since Mochi wouldn't help, she had to somehow get to the top to clean herself. She started by carefully climbing the shelf, praying for it to not tip over. Lily reached up with a cloth in hand, trying to clean just the top of the shelf.

    "Just a little... further..."

    She tried reaching further, but that was all the shelf needed to come tumbling down.



    Lily groaned as she lay on her back on the ground. She sat up, and looked around her in horror as flour coated the entire room white.

    "My mom is going to KILL me."



    Mochi sneezed and wiggled his, now covered in flour, nose. Cracking open one eye, he could only see white.

    "Wow... I didn't know it was going to snow today."

    "Shut up Mochi."

    ((What have I done. XD))
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  • HeisHeis flung the door open and ran outside of his little shack-house. His bare feet pounded against the floor and kicked up dust from the path as he charged over to Lily's, with his heavy tail bouncing behind him. There was something very important he needed to tell them.


    Heis smashed against the door, forgetting to open it in his excitement. Faint swearing cold be heard, before it clicked open to reveal a frazzled Heis standing awkwardly in the frame. ("Shit, I forgot to open the door again.")

    "YOU GUYS. YOU GUUUYS." He made loud sounds to attract their attention.
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  • LilyLily made a disgruntled sigh. "What is it Heis? Did you blow up something?"

    Mochi did a sleepy little giggle at Lily's remark.

    "AND COULD YOU PLEASE USE THE DOOR FOR ONCE! Don't add to my mess!"



    He breather heavily for a moment, "..." before he noticed the white mess all over everything. "Were you guys trying to make it snow indoors or something?" He stuck his foot out and pressed it into the white powder, giggling as his foot left a print.

  • Lily & MochiLily sighed. "No... We... Or rather I was trying to clean up the house and I... I accidentally knocked over the shelf with all the flour on it..." She got quiet for a moment as Mochi then yawned cutely.

    "A flash? I kinda want to see what that was but... I'm so sleepy..."

    "You're always sleepy Mochi you lazy butt!!" Lily squeaked. She let out another sigh then. "I guess there isn't anything I can do about this... I might as well go see what it was... could be cool... And seeing something nice before your mother murders you for making a mess of the house seems like a good plan right now." She looked at Heis, smiling a bit. "Let's go see what it was then!"

  • Heis and SUDDENLY KAISANHeis could barely contain his excitement, and he chuckled at Lily's comment adorably. "Just keep insisting that it wasn't you. Works with my dad." Probably because Heis's dad is an epic bounty hunter and could barely care any less about anything but being really cool and hot in a muscular, stubble-faced kinda way.

    Heis grinned and immediately pivoted on his heel, his tail flying out behind him...

    And fell flat on his face.

    ... And then gave up on getting up, apparently, as he lay there. "Oh good. Ok, nevermind about the woods, I'll stay here." He hissed, pressing his face against the dirt.

    Suddenly, boots appeared in front of him. Heir craned his neck up to see who it was...

    "Kaisan!" He exclaimed, immediately flailing to get up. The older ram-brother chuckled, and stuck his hands into his leather pant's pockets. His grey-black jacket was open all the way down the front, exposing a perfectly muscular, yet lean, chest. Heis self-consciously pulled up the neck of his shirt, and blushed. hetotallydidn'thaveaman-crushonkaisanpfffff.

    "Hehe, I figured you'd be here, you massive dork." The larger, consequentially sexier male ruffled Heis's hair. At this, the younger, lankier boy hissed and fumed. "Gah!... I'm not a dork!"

    "You have dirt stuck to your face."

    Heis grumbled and rubbed the back of his arm on his cheeks, aggressively. "stupidlosersayswhat."

    "What?-" Heis immediately brightened and hissed in self-satisfied laughter. Kaisan shook his head. "-Anyway, there's weird stuff happening with the woods, so I figured you guys might wanna check it out. Ohiba's too chicken to go up there, and I don't wanna go alone. You know, angry forest sprites and everything."
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  • Lily & MochiLily had been standing there, practically drooling over Kaisan while Mochi tugged at her skirt, whining out "come onnnnn~". She then was snapped out of her daze at the mention of sprites. "A-Angy... s-sprites? U-Uh... I don't know Heis... Maybe Mochi and I should just stay home and clean up before my mother gets home..."

    This caused Mochi to whine more and cling to Lily's leg.


    Lily sighed. "Mochi, get off please..."

    ((I feel like I want to enter in more characters but I don't know who yet XD))
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  • Heis and KaisanKaisan gave a cool-sounding laugh. Heis felt a shiver go down his spine.

    "Yeah, forest sprites. Lately they've been particularly bad. Don't worry though, as long as we stick together, we should be fine." He gave her a confident smirk.

    Heis grinned ear-to-ear. "We're going on an adventure!? Come on guys!" And per usual, he took off running.

    "Don't worry Lily- I can get Ohiba to clean for you." Kaisan chuckled evilly, and slowly turned and walked after Heis.


    Puppy and Ohiba

    He blinked slowly at the head of blonde hair leaning over him. Above whoever it was (maybe it was Barry- he probably came over to get notes from the math class he keeps missing) Puppy could see a green canopy of leaves.

    LEAVES?! He shot up, bashing his head into the stranger's and immediately falling back down, clutching his face. "Owowow..."

    Ohiba was unfazed (being a ram and all, he had a really tough skull), but worried. "Hey, are you alright? Why're you out here?" Puppy stopped whimpering and uncovered his eyes so that he could peek out at the person that had woken him up. "I don't know... Where am I?"

    Ohiba gave the boy a strange look. "You're... Full human... Why are you out here, with the Tribes?"

    In reply, Puppy gave the boy a bewildered expression. "What're you talking about? What...? Oh God, you have horns!?"

    "Oh man, that headbutt must have given you amnesia! Nooooo, I'm sorry!" Ohiba covered his face with his hands and looked like he was utterly devastated. Puppy shot up and reached out, "H-hey, I'm fine, don't worry! I know my name: it's Puppy."

    "Ohhhh no, you only know your name!..."

    "I live in America..."

    "Ahhh, and now you're making up weird places just to make me feel better about giving you amnesia..."

    A sweat-drop appeared on Puppy's forehead. "N-no... that's a real place... Argh! Stopppp~ Just look! Tell me where I am!" Puppy was starting to get frustrated.

    "Ok, ok..." The boy appeared to be trying to calm himself down. "You're on the Southern Islands, where the Wilde Tribes are. Your just outside of the Ram Tribe village."

    "What... the heck? Ok, this has to be some kind of joke."
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  • Lily & MochiLily sighed and headed out after them with Mochi who's tiny hand she held as he walked next to her. They started to make their way through the forest towards... well whatever it was. Lily didn't like going into the forest... especially after the mention of those sprites. Every little sound made her jump, and even one time she ended up latching onto Kaisan before letting go quickly and blushing, trying to pretend that didn't just happen. Mochi would then giggle behind her. Surprisingly, he wasn't afraid at all. In fact... a lot of the time he would let go of her hand to skip about and run ahead of the group, just to come back and hold Lily's hand again and whisper 'don't worry, you're safe with me.~"... which was funny since he was younger AND shorter than Lily was.

    Mochi now let out a yawn, rubbing his eyes sleepily. "Are we there yet guys? I think I might take a nap soon..."

    "Mochi you ALWAYS take naps..!" Lily huffed in annoyance. Then Mochi stepped in front of her, stopping her. She raised an eyebrow at him, wondering what he wanted. Mochi raised his hands up to her, flexing his fingers in a grabby manner. "Carry meeeeee.~"

    "W-Wha? N-No! You have legs... you can walk!"

    "But I'm tiiirrrreeeeddd.~"

    "You're ALWAYS tired!"

    ... even though Lily kept denying Mochi to be carried, in the end she gave him a piggy back ride the rest of the way.
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