Puppy Bowl

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  1. This was already posted in the super bowl thread.
    But I felt this is too cute to be a side thread topic, this needs a thread of it's own. <3
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  2. [​IMG]
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    But my favorite is Kitty Half time. ^o^
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  4. I usually watch the kitten bowl. Either one though, I want to be a referee for. How do I get that job?

    I wish I could adopt one... or two... or all of the little furbabies. I want them!
  6. I think I remember seeing this once, and hardly being able to watch it for 5 seconds. I could be mistaken, but I remember this being one of the reasons why I used to dislike, "dog people."
  7. Cute must make your stomach hurt. >.<
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  8. Indeed this is amazing
  9. I really want to watch it this year. Hopefully they will have it on another TV at the party i'm going to :)
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