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  1. 'Ello puppet...
    ** Currently I'm craving two particular stories (with a few extra ideas for other plots below my cravings). One; a dysfunctional modern styled story about a girl who's a sociopathic, compulsive, pathological liar on all accounts. Two; a dark and twisted fantasy story. Please view my second post to see what I will and won't do and what specifics I'm looking for. I am NOT looking for smut. I want a story. Adult themes are welcome, and I'll list out things I will and won't do. But, pure smut kills my soul. I need character development and an epic story. Keep moving if you're just looking for a quick smut fix.**

    Craving #1 - A story about a witty drug addict who's a liar (open)
    For this story, it doesn't really matter what setting we throw it into. If it suits your fancy, we could even give them magical powers and throw them in an alternate universe. But basically my character is a girl with lots of issues. She's slightly bi-polar, but gets herself into a lot of misadventures because of her compulsive lying. While I do expect there to be funny moments because of it, I also want her to be addicted to popping pills and in a shitty relationship with her drug dealer. You'd probably get a better idea of what I'm looking for just by reading her short profile HERE.

    Craving #2 - A dark and twisted fantasy (open)

    So I'm craving one story in particular, based off of a dream I had. I used to have the dream written out, but I think I'll just get right down to what I want. My character, who I already have made and have used in another adult play, is female. She's a guardian, which is something like an angel but much different with the ability to be dark, with the job of killing off supernatural beings who are 'throwing off the balance'. The story starts out with her running from some kind of monster. At the time, she doesn't know she's a guardian for reasons that will be explained in her profile. A vampire, or vampire-like creature comes along and kills the monster, saving her BUT he's not exactly a good guy. In fact, he's really not a good guy at all, taking pleasure in others' misfortunes and pains and killing other beings without remorse.

    He's going to kill my character as well, but for some reason, stops. Perhaps he sees that there's more to her, though he doesn't know what, and is curious to find out. So, in sparing her, he keeps her. He uses her to get his blood fixes, finding that her blood is something like a drug, where they both realize that in his feedings, she can see into his mind and feel his feelings. While he keeps her around and doesn't allow her freedoms, he's also trying to figure out what she is, all the while she's trying to understand him and change his evil ways.

    They become attached to each other in a dark and twisted way and slowly throughout the story, my character's powers begin to develop for various reasons. (They end up in sticky situations, etc.) Eventually her kind, who has been after her since her birth, find her. We learn what she is and what her purpose is. She's then given her mission to kill, none other than, your character. She refuses, and tries to kill them, for which they remove (a painful experience) her wings. Over some time, our characters will realize that she still has her powers.

    The actually story line as to what they do together, be it travel, live in another realm, are on some sort of mission he has, etc. Is totally up for discussion. Most things are up for discussion as this is a story I want to create with you, not have it entirely mine. An additional note; While I want to characters to develop a bond, I don't even really want your character showing mushy romance. I don't like it, and I don't think it fits the story. His idea of showing that he cares about her should be in protecting her, and sometimes not being totally mean to her. I want their relationship to be a little twisted, though somewhat less so as the story progresses, yet, never any overly super sappy corny romantic yuckiness, sorry!

    The other pairings I may be up for (open)
    These are other things that I'd be willing to talk plot over. If I have too many other plays going on, or if I haven't filled my cravings, I may say no unless you're a super awesome partner with great characters and ideas.

    • Something piratey and treasure hunter...y. ^^ Adventure on the salty seas with shiny rewards is a plus. :D

    • Fandoms with story lines like Dragon Ball Z or Inuyasha. I'll also play as non-original characters; Sailor Moon, Kagome, Bulma, and of the Disney princesses or OC's of similar variety for more twisted plots.

    • Twisted Disney-like plots. Particularly Alice in Wonderland style, Beauty and the Beast, etc.

    • Anything sparked or derived from the F-list. Yep, I'll do a smut based story, BUT, will not do pure smut. If there isn't a plot, character development and the smut isn't relevant, I'll drop you like hotcakes.

    The deets;
    I will not accept a partner who doesn't post a few paragraphs minimum. I want an epic story, and awesome character development. Yes, I'm all about those adult concepts. But they need to be relevant to the story, and not constant, or I'll lose interest. For craving #1 I'm not honestly 100% sure what I'm looking for story wise. I feel like it could be pretty complex, but not necessarily some dark and twisted sob story. Either way. I'm totally up for discussion on that one. For craving #2, I'm looking for a dominating partner who will be playing the violent, shut-off, deep seeded issues sort of vampire or vampire-like creature.

    I'm here every day. I can typically post a couple times a day, but do have a life outside of rp and can end up missing for a weekend. I hope to find a partner who can post fairly often as well. I have this story going on on two other sites, and I'm here one, because there isn't quite enough smut in one of them and two, neither of them move more than a post every few days, and it's killing my soul. Also, I do intend on bringing in side characters; old family, friends, enemies, the bum on the corner, etc. My partner needs to be able to do the same; introduce side characters, dispose of them when necessary, etc.

    Lastly, while I seem all business in this thread, I'm super laid back and really easy going. I'm overly friendly and probably a big pushover. With that said, I'm really not looking for out of role-play friendships. I don't really have the time to be here chatting on top of daily life, and really don't want to do it, lol. I'm awkward, so I prefer to leave small talk and personal info. out of my conversations. Being that I've only been here for like 30 whole minutes, I hope I haven't left anything out, though my post looks long enough, I probably haven't.

    Anyway, let's make devious plots together!
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  2. The Simple Survey;

    How often can you post?
    Usually multiple times a day. Sometimes once a day. I can be busy from time to time though.

    How often do you need your partner to post?
    Once a day would be the bomb. But a couple of times a week is cool, too. And for a great partner who won't just up and poof one day, I'd even take once a week.

    What is your posting style?
    Minimum of three paragraphs. Usually about 5 or more. But I'm adaptable. I can make smaller or larger posts depending on the scene and depending on what my partner wants/is able to do.

    What gender do you play?
    I play female. I will play male side characters, but ONLY side characters. I will not play your male love interest. My main character is always female.

    What is your sexual preference?
    I will only play MxF pairings.

    Are sexual themes okay?
    Of course. So long as you're 18. I'm an adult, looking for adult stories.

    What do you like then?
    It really depends on the story, but I'm up for just about anything. Rape, bondage, hardcore, monsters/tentacles, toys, exhibitionism, drug use, breast/nipple play, abuse, I mean really, I'm up for most anything. (Update: View my F-List; 18+ only!)

    What don't you like?
    While I'm up for just about anything, there are some things that can turn me off of a story. Any sexual torture, anal, vore/unbirth, worship, foot play, incest, child-like characters, feminine males, inflation/growth/shrinking of breasts, or watersports/scat. (Update: View my F-List; 18+ only!)

    Where do you want to play your stories?
    I prefer threads, but will do PMs as well. E-mail is something I'll only do if I've known you for a while, and like you. No I don't do chat or have Skype or anything else.

    How should I contact you?
    Post here or PM me. ^^ Either is fine.

    Specific to Craving #2
    What are you looking for in your partner's character?
    He needs to be male, vampire or vampire-like who does bite and drink Marin's blood. He needs to be the sort of guy who obviously has issues, but who doesn't think he does. Someone who maybe doesn't even understand himself all the time. He needs to be aggressive and rough with my character, but learn to care for her even though not being able to show it very well.

    What things do you not want?
    I don't want him to be sweet or kind, whatsoever. If he ever is, it needs to be out of false reassurance, or because he's confused by Marin. While I want him to become protective and tolerant of her, I never want him to be a mushy romantic. I also don't want him to look like a weird old decrepit vampire either. Attractive would be nice, lol.
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  3. Looking for something to start asap! ♥
  4. Just added a new craving for Alexa Jane McGregor!
  5. Updated ♥
  6. I am absolutely in love with your dark fantasy theme and can start asap.
  7. :D Well hot damn, lol. Do you prefer to play in threads or PM? Do you have a character idea in mind? Anything you want to discuss before we set up shop?
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  8. Either is fine with me, i can find one if you want to write the beginning post, and i like to set the scene and time before we start but that can come in your post as welln since you have so much detail in the plot already. As far as missions and things, we can discuss as they come up.
  9. Alright, well I'll look around the threads. The few RP's I've had here so far have been in PM. I wouldn't mind setting up one in a thread, I just need to figure out where to do that at. In there, I'll put my first post, and link you. I have to warn that my first posts are always pretty long, because I'm setting the scene and such. As far as anything left out, in case there is, I always imagined Marin living in a sort of alternative reality of sorts. Obviously, since she's supernatural. But in her Earth, they're still unknown. But, since her kind is meant to traverse dimensions, there's obviously an endless amount of places they could end up. We can really let our imaginations run wild there.
  10. Great. I love long posts. I usually try to give back what i am given to work with. Also i know everyone has their version of vampires, but mine dont sparkle.. if you have seen the new dracula movie, that is usually what i base mine off of. Speed, strength, etc. But no bats. Are you okay with that?
  11. Lol I'm perfectly fine without a sparkle. That's so random. XD I haven't seen the new Dracula though, so I couldn't say for sure. But speed and strength and such all make perfect sense. So long as he doesn't look uber creepy and decrepit, we're all good. What kind of content ratings do you think I should mark it with?
  12. Definatly romance and sexual incase it reaches that point. Maybe dark, fantasy
  13. I'll just do 18+ only and call it a day, lol.

    I just copied and pasted my intro from a different time I tried to set this up. Like I said, it's LONG. None of my other posts will be that long. I usually match my partner in length. It's just those first posts, always having to set the scene. Sorry for the novel!

    Check it out here.
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  14. No problem! I am finding a good picture now and will try and reply back tonight.
  15. No worries! I'm hopping in the bath and will check on it later before I go to bed.
  16. Are you up to play a double of one of your RP's? I'm really into the dark "monster" that you're lookin' for to play with plot # 2.
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  17. I'm down for a double. Anything to pass the time. ^^ Do you prefer threads or PM? And is there anything you want to hash out before we start?
  18. I wouldn't mind RPin' in a thread, with some chatting in a PM for the OOC.

    (Btw -- I LOVE your Chara, she it brilliant!)
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  19. Sounds good to me. ^^ And thank you! I created her after a dream I had a couple of years ago. So I've developed her a little over the years, lol. Do you have a charrie in mind?
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