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    Marilyn Smith was doing what she did every day- drowse around on the couch- her bed- until she mustered up enough motivation to get herself something to eat. Only, in every passing moment, something seemed vaguely wrong. Where was her couch? and... where exactly was she? In reality, she was curled up in a musty brown blanket, which barely concealed the hardness of the floor she was on, which seemed to be concrete. The only light came from a crack in what appeared to be a doorway.

    Scrambling from the blanket, she ran to the door, only to freeze when she realized something even more disturbing.

    She was naked, save for a small band around her right wrist, it felt like the kinds that they would use at hospitals. Aside from that, she felt something heavy on her neck. She walked, slower, towards the light of the door and examined her wrist, only to find that on this band was one word.


    A chill crept down her spine as she timidly reached for the door, hoping that it would be unlocked- only to find nothing, merely a metal plate where the nob should have been.

    Marilyn's eyes widened in shock and fear, searching the rest of the door, just to make sure, but there was nothing. nothing at all for her to use to get out of this room. In that moment, she ran back into the dark, trying to find another exit, anything to escape. Was this a joke? A prank? Maybe it was one of her friends trying to scare her- but this was a pretty ornate plan...

    Surely... this was a bad dream, right?

    She wandered in the dark, starting to hyperventilate, when she found herself tripping over something soft. With a vicious thud and a crunch, Marilyn screamed in pain, warmth trickling from her chin, where her skin had split. Tears mixed with the blood as she sobbed, feeling around with her hands, searching for what she had tripped over- a body.... a body with a blanket over it.... Please be alive. "H...hello... Wake up, please... this is a joke, right.... this has to be a joke...." She rambled as she shook the body, finding it to be warm, so it was either alive or recently dead- the fact that she had worried about something like that scared her even more. She moved her hands over the body, trying to figure out if it was a male or female, trying to find if the chest was moving, she prayed that it was.

    "Wake UP!" She finally shouted, giving what she found to be a male body a shove. She knelt there, blood dripping from her chin, and the ache from it was enough to keep her centered and focused. She started to shake and cry, frightened more than ever, yanking the blanket from the man, trying to cover herself up, and stem the bleeding from her chin. He didn't need it anyways, it would just make him sleep more, right? Right.... Because this... this couldn't be a joke... so... they had to get out of here. Was anyone else in here, she wondered? She was too afraid to raise her voice anymore.

    Suddenly there was light- but it was red, like in a dark room, and she could see that there were five other figures in the room, all in blankets like she had been...

    She could see a glimmer in a puddle... a small puddle of what must have been her blood- it was enough to make her dizzy.

    "Hello?" She choked out, her breathing becoming uneven again.


    In the city, police were still trying to figure out even the most basic information, like who in the city could have been abducted- sure, people were missing, but people were always missing.

    It had been a long day of interviewing friends and families of recently missing persons, though nothing was coming of it, no clues at all. It was looking to be an all-nighter for the officers in this city. They only hoped that they could find these victims and quickly, before any of them were hurt.

  2. It felt to Marcus as though he'd gotten a massive hangover, in part because he couldn't remember having done anything to earn himself that hangover. Marcus's mouth was dry, his head was pounding, and to top it all off, he must have had some sort of one night stand again. First, he'd been kicked in the back and his blanket had been tugged away from him. Not that this was an uncommon event, but how the hell had he put up with a girl that whined as much as this one? Not only did she not have the decorum to just get her things and leave, she was trying to wake him up. He was on the verge of telling her angrily that it wasn't going to get her any extra points for making him coffee if she woke him up like this, but he realized after a few moments that he was not reclining on his cushiony bed.

    Sitting up groggily and placing his hand to his head, which was positively thundering with pain, Marcus blinked his eyes and tried to focus on the girl in the dim red light. She looked oddly purple and he blinked again, wondering if she'd given him roofies or something. She seemed the panicky sort - had she kidnapped him? He was not thrilled at being woken up this way, but if she'd wanted something from him, she should have just asked. She looked pretty enough, a little punkish and maybe a bit more curvy than his usual type... he liked them to look fragile, as though he could break them in half. She didn't look so much like that.

    "Look, lady... Whatever you did, it's all right. I'm not going to tell the cops or anything, but I definitely wasn't wearing a, you know, helmet on my soldier. So don't be whining to me if you get knocked up or something. I'm not paying child support or whatever though..." Marcus was trying to get to his feet, though his footing was a little unsteady. The woman didn't seem like the sort of have kidnapped him but, more compelling than that, there were more blankety lumps in the room. Other people here? Did that make her a kidnap victim as well? Had they been drinking together and she'd gotten him into this?

    He didn't feel like redacting his questions of her and instead narrowed her eyes at him a little. All at once, the mildly chilly air hit Marcus and he realized that he was nude. Instead of moving in a self-conscious manner, which he didn't feel the need to do in front of just a woman, he felt around for the blanket he'd had. He made no real move to shield himself, instead flexing his muscles a little while he did so, a grin on his face.
  3. A cuffed arm locked around Marcus's throat, hauling him backwards. Another man had him in a headlock. The two naked shadows stumbled, then hit the opposite wall, the grunts of exertion and suffocation resounding through the room. In the red light it was easier to see the attacker than it was to see Markus. The choker was dark-skinned, well toned and a little taller than Markus. On the band of his wrist-cuff, the word "GLUTTONY" was in plain sight.

    Seconds passed as Marilyn watched the two men lock strength to strength and the white man try in vain to prize the black man's arm and keep his airway open.

    "Open the door." The voice of Kyle Lennox was deep and deliberately levelled, wavering as he tried to stay calm. He had his other wrist pulled against his first, keeping the headlock on Markus tight. The arms were only slighty trembling with the strain.

    "Open it now."

  4. Seemingly from nowhere, another figure approached. Marcus, arrogant as usual and lazily searching for his blanket, did not notice the approach of the other man until it was too late to be helped. The red light shone off the skin of his attacker, a man more strongly built than Marcus himself whose lean muscle lent him strength but was clearly not as powerful as the muscles of his attacker, a man who clearly spent time in the gym. A struggle between the two of them ensued, Marcus fighting with the other man to free his throat. Breathing was difficult with the arm clamped around his neck.

    "What the hell, you..." Marcus's statement was cut off by a rough jostle from the choker. Digging his nails into the skin of the other man's arm in an attempt to pry it away, Marcus was finding it hard to speak with the little air the grip afforded him. Torn between fighting back and trying to speak, Marcus gasped for breath while attempting to drive his elbow into the other man's face. The movement brought his own wrist to eye level and he noticed, though only in passing, the flash of a bracelet with the word 'PRIDE' inscribed on it.

    "I don't... know. Ask... that bitch" Marcus wheezed, jamming his elbow into the other man's jaw. If he had been able to aim, he might have tried to break Kyle's nose but as it was, he was grateful for even the opportunity to cause pain. It was painfully obvious that they were all confused, but as long as the dumb brute let him go, Marcus was fine with him going after the woman, even if she didn't know anything either. Marcus only questioned the reason that Kyle had attacked him for a moment before deciding that it was without doubt because Marcus looked in charge wherever he went. That must be the reason he'd been singled out.