Pumpkin witch Bounty (Starkson & Rina Stark)

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    Name: Starkson Lothbrok
    Age: 22
    Race: Human
    Profession: Bounty hunter
    Skin Color: lightly tanned
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Facial hair: 5 0'clock shadow
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 200lbs
    Scars: various ones all over his body
    Body shape: Built like a bear
    Muscle tone: Broad muscular frame
    Clothes: Steel armor of the legion soldiers, red legion cloth hanging from his waist, Brown straps and green leather tunic
    Casual Clothes: standard ordinary tunics made from wool, linen and animal skins in either brown, green or both.
    Most Prized Possessions: His black bear cloak that Commander Godfrey gave to him and his Long sword that he had been training with since the age of 12.

    A young rugged man sat upon a cushioned oak wood made stool within the Hobgolbin Tavern on the southern border in the realm. His dirt covered fingers clasped round a iron tankard that was full to the brim with Shadowstone Ale as he leaned upon the taverns counter which was masked with scratches and stains of only god knows what. A young elf light red hair, her body standing around 4'5 in height stood behind the bar. She slung a plate of steak down in front of Starkson. she bowed her head and nodded before serving another customer.

    Starkson tilted the plate up to reveal a folded up piece of ragged paper. Pressing his index finger down onto it, sliding the paper towards him. He opened it up to find:


    Pumpkin witch

    Not much is known of her or her where bouts but i know that wont stop you from getting that reward money. its 5000 gold pieces.~

    Starkson folded the paper up again and slid it into his pouch that rested upon his waist before guzzling his ale in one and strolling out of the bar.
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    Name: Meyra
    Age: 200
    Race: Witch
    Skin Color: Pale
    Hair: Silver
    Eyes: Orange
    Most Prized Possessions: Pumpkin Companions

    She lived in a quite remote place inside the dark woods,in a small wooden cottage which she left rarely.
    It was that time of the year again when people went all crazy about finding and killing witches but even though scaring off humans amused her she had grown tired over the years as noone that challenged her was really worth much of her time.That didnt stop her however from feeling hopeful everytime she heard a bounty was issued for her,always waiting for something interesting to finally happen.
  3. Slipping a few gold pieces into the dingy corrupt hands of some knights and couriers. They whispered of a forbidden place known only as the Dark Woods. No one dared to wander there, not even the realms knights, as myths exists of dangerous creatures that lurk within. One of the couriers told tale that it was only 5 miles away from this town.

    Starkson flipped a gold piece to a wagon driver and lifted his burly body frame into the back. The wagon shook and rattled upon the uneven paths of the countryside. a few hours passed and his body jerked forward as the wagon came to an abrupt stop. He was there. the opening of the Dark Woods lay before him. He could hear weird hissing and growls from within. He clutched the hilt of his long sword and marched on in.
  4. As the sun begun to set down and another day was at its closing she heard the forest spirits whispering the arrival of a stranger close to the first part of the density,a human with a long,heavy weapon on his back.
    She became interested very quickly and so she sent one of her pumpkin familiars to deliver her a clearer image of the stranger so she could determine whether he was worthy of her time or if he was just another silly villager trying to impress.
    The forest afterall provided many challenges itself should he troubled himself into wandering further inside.
  5. Starkson took a deep breath in, his chest lifting up a few cm before slowly exhaling. He cautiously stepped his thick leather hunting boots into the dangerous and creepy forest entrance. Inside the forest floor had some kind of thick, musky fog constantly flowing and clinging to the bottom of the trees. The oak trees were twisted, branches weaving in and out of each other so barely any day light could seep through. Starkson's rough hands grasped at the hilt of his long sword as he marched through the forest, trying to not let his surroundings faze him.
  6. She observed him from her crystal sfere noticing how determined he seemed,his face handsome yet very rough at the same time.
    Playing with some simple magic she commanded the shadows of the dead trees to capture and lead him to her,without making a big fuss if possible.She wasnt in the mood for any silly peasants interfering with her games or even more so any pity creatures of the forest who occasionaly tried to spoil her fun.
  7. His eyes were wary, they never stopped scanning the surrounding area within the forest. He was 100% on his guard. His knees bent a little so he could easy dash and dodge if anything was to suddenly attack him. He kept pacing forward. The fallen leafs crunched under his leather hunting boots as he marched further into the depths of the forest. His eyes snapped to the far right. Starkson paused and slowed his breathing. Something was there. His eyes narrowed trying to get a better look. When suddenly something brushed passed his back. a brief thought ran through his head. nothings there, only the...... His thought stopped and his eyes widened. "the trees" he mumbled. suddenly a branch swooped down and struck him on his head and everything turned black
  8. After half an hour or so she felt the presence of the spirits approaching and so she moved close to her window to witness their arrival,just outside her house,swiftly placing the unconsious man on her porch and lurking back in the shadows of the forest.
    The man was then moved inside the house by her pumpkin companions who dragged him at the lower level of the house where her small 'dungion' laid.
    Well,she did call it a dungion but in truth it was just a mere cell she had prepared many years ago out of a whim for a future use.
    She chained the mans hands on the wall with her magic and sat at a big velvet armchair that her pets had brought her just in front of him waiting for him to wake up patiently.
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