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Pulse. The rhythmic recurrence of strokes, vibrations, or undulations. It's what sings to those vampires that feed on it. It surges strong with the shifters that it supports. It swims in the blood that opens a gateway for the use of magic. The day is heated with it, and the nights are brought alive with it.

In the end, it is life.

Denver, one city of many. Set a mile above sea level, considered by some to be the gem of the Rocky Mountains. Four shifter groups have emerged as being the most prominent. Wolves, Rats, Lions, and Bears. All have varying customs and etiquette, but all have one common bond. The pulse of the moon.

Vampires own the night, even with some set backs and the loss of the wolves for control, thanks to an unwise master. The kiss is now hard pressed to find a diplomatic solution. Finding a common ground between Kiss and Pack is difficult for the violation of trust that had occurred. This coming on the heels that the members of the Council have vanished without a trace.

A strong community of gifted humans has also emerged. Blooming in a community that may not trust them completely, but is more tolerant than most. Witches, Kinetics, and Psi humans all have their little slice of natural, or supernatural, powers.

Be it vampire, shifter, or gifted human, the members of the preternatural community must find a place within the boundaries of human society. Remember, legal does not always mean accepted. Where will you fit in the Mile-High City?

Pulse. A role play site for advanced writers, loosely based upon the LKH book series, Anita Blake. The site is brand new, and several leadership positions are available. With a decent member-base and friendly staff, we would love to welcome you to Pulse.

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