PULSAR: Lost Colony

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  1. Ok, so some disclosure upfront this a game I've been Alpha Testing since Day 1 and over said time have made a number of bonds in the community including constant interaction with the Dev's, so this is a bias recommendation. This is also meant to be a usual discussion thread on the game, but personally with it being Beta I doubt anyone else here has it yet.

    In a nutshell though this is a game that just made the transition over to Beta Testing and already it's done amazing.
    It's a game where you and up to four friends can form a Crew composing of five roles (Captain, Weapons, Pilot, Engineering & Scientist) and you essentially go out to explore space, planets, fight other ships, complete quest etc. Essentially if you wanted a game that made you feel like you were a Star Trek Enterprise Crew this would be one of the games to go to.

    Essentially imagine it's FTL meet's Artemis, and already in Beta alone I say it surpasses both of those games by miles. And it serve's as a great way to get some friends together for those of you who might have fellow Iwakuians you interact with often through Skype, Teamspeak, OOC's, Cbox etc.
  2. Things this cool shouldn't be allowed. It's not legal. Goodbye, money. You were nice while you lasted.
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  3. Steam ID: addictx360

    We can play sometime if you want. :)
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  4. So.. FTL meets Guns of Icarus hooks up with Into the Stars for a one-night stand without protection.. Might be kinda cool.

    Admittedly the hardest part would be getting four other cooperative people who want the roles and are willing to play. Could make the length of the game a little short though.

    Adding to my watch list.

    Edit: Space Station 13 showed up to the party a bit but no one remembered their name.
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  5. This... does kinda look like my kinda shit, I'm gonna admit. I'm sure I've seen a couple chaps playing an early version of this at one point.
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  6. They have a Teamspeak to help with that: tsgb1.vilayer.com:10076
    On top of which there's their forums.
    And lastly if enough Iwaku people grab it we could organize something ourselves.
    +Empty roles can be filled in by bots/AI, so it is possible to play with less than 5 people.
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