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    So I bit into a taco last night and my mouth exploded with pain, and now my face feels like I went 10 rounds with Mike Tyson in his prime, all swollen and painful. Thinking I might need to get it either pulled or a root canal.​
    Have you ever had a dental procedure other than a simple cavity filling? Tell me about it.​
    Share your stories about the dentist!​
  2. At first, I thought this was about the Metallica song.

    I've had a root canal. It was one of the worst experiences of my whole life. What made it worse was it was done by this Korean guy in a dinky dental building. He barely spoke English; even his secretary barely spoke English! >:[ I'm not racist, honest, but man...

    The tooth that got root canal'd already had a huge cavity in it. My mom neglected to get me an appointment to get it filled because she didn't want to pay the difference that our family insurance wouldn't cover. e__e So, the cavity got worse and one day in my English 102 class, I was eating chex mix. The tooth broke while I was munching. It was horribly painful.

    Worse than that, it hurt really bad.

    I also had a bad experience with Novocaine. Different dentist this time; still crappy. The pain from the needle got so intense that I had a panic attack in the chair (I have an anxiety disorder, plus dentists make me apprehensive). I was pregnant during that time too, so the drama of it all was like 10 times worse than it shoulda been. >>; When I got over the fact that it hurt, I let it be known that the dentist hurt my feelings. lol

    I haven't gone back to the dentist since then, even though I need a couple of my wisdoms pulled. There's decay on them, he said.

    Edit: Super Cat commenting that I ended up with a shitty dentist reminded me of this: the root canal wasn't even done correctly. He said the nerve was killed, but it ain't. I can still feel pain in that tooth. ><
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  3. I think you ended up with a shitty dentist Fluffy.

    I got a root canal after a buddy accidentally kicked me in the face and it killed the nerve in my tooth. Went into the dentist and told him about it and he suggested getting a root canal. So I agreed and while it definitely felt odd it didn't hurt at all. It was just like something was pressing on my tooth and I could smell burned enamel from the drill, but beyond that it wasn't bad at all.

    I have also gotten my wisdom teeth pulled out and that wasn't bad either. Just took my pain pills and went about my business as usual. The only bad part was no good foods right away.
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  4. I had to have my 3 of my back teeths pulled...
    The first thing they did was bill me a craptastic amount of money, just to have me wait in a waiting room then go in and give me a paper on the surgery process.
    Then after a couple days i got put under on anesthesia and had surgery.... i barely remember waking up and leaving, or what else happened that day....
    I had a special mouthwash i had to use twice a day to help keep clean my open gums, which were actually stitched close.
    I ate pudding, jello, soup, and frozen fruit pops for a week which wasnt that bad, just abit tiresome...
    Then i kept playing with the stitches with my tongue, until after a couple weeks i knocked them loose, after they got loose i tried to stop, until i figured they were closed fine enough and removed the thread myself...
    IT WAS ALL VERY.... WEIRD.... Pain killers were the IISH though :D
  5. I have never had anything to do with a dentist ever... My parents never put much point ot it, like they didn't drive it home to me. So yeah! xD On a side note I will never need to get my wisdom teeth removed!
  6. I always heard horror stories about dentists when I grew up, and my mom never took me. >>; So when finally had to go cause one of my wisdom teeth were getting really bad, I was TERRIFIED.

    It turned out to be no big deal. 8D No pain, no anguish, simple proceeded. Had it pulled and had a cavity filled. I still have another tooth to get pulled and a few more cavities to take care of, but I have to wait until we have monies again. D: My other wisdom tooth is starting to give me problems AND NOTHING GETS IN THE WAY OF DIANA AND HER FOOD EATING! D:<

    The only thing I hated was the laughing gas. o___o I just don't like the FEELING. Some people love people high, but I can't stand it. @___@ However, I NEED it or I'd freak the fuck out. So. It's necessary torture.
  7. The medications and such that I took as a kid caused my back molars to erupt with no enamel, so I have crowns on four molars! Those weren't bad, I barely remember them, except that it hurt a bit when they had to file the tooth down. I got a decent amount of painkillers for the whole affair, though, so it wasn't a big deal.

    There was one place, though, that was awful. I went in to have the other molars...coated? There's something on the rest to protect the enamel or something. Anyway, the dentist kept pulling at my mouth to get me to open up wider to the point where it was hurting and he made the corners of my mouth bleed. We did not go back. >:[
  8. I had bad dentist experiences as a kid and when a filling fell out and I got a cavity deep in a tooth I didn't want to deal with it. In fact it got so bad that eventually the tooth shattered while I was eating. I still didn't deal with it. The pain was horrible. I went to a couple dentists but I didn't like them and never went back.

    Until finally money lined up just right and my entire mouth hurt from various things including the fact that I grind my teeth. I have very little enamel on my teeth, possibly from medications as a child and from the fact that I grind.

    So I went to the dentist. First off he wanted to take care of that night and I hadn't ate because I was nervous and I had a total freak out. I cried and everything. But the nurses and the dentist were so totally understanding and amazing and they got Kehv for me and we made an appointment for later.

    So now I have two wonderful dentist type people and I can't praise them enough. I am mouth painfree for the first time in so many years and it's wonderful. My dentists and their nurses have me on a special list for people with people-problems and treat me with kid gloves but still treat me like a person who can make their own choices.

    Find a good dentist. There are good ones out there. They make all the difference in the world.
  9. When I was little kid I hate dentists, and I still do. The dentist I had as a kid weren't that great. For one, my parents wanted dentists who could speak Vietnamese, but seeing as how I can't speak Vietnamese it made me extremely nervous when they started talking. I never knew what sort of thing I was going in for, whether it was for a cleaning or a cavity or even a tooth being pulled. (Yes that would have also been my parents' fault for not letting me know.) Also I had a humongous sweet tooth so when I was little I had a lot of cavities. I still have another cavity that needs to be filled shortly.

    But anyways the dentist I had as a kid wasn't awesome... I think they would have given me more painkillers if I wasn't a kid; overdosing would be bad. I remember having to squeeze the dentist's assistant hand because I was in so much pain. My current dentist is awesome. If I feel any pain, he will stop and make sure the area is numbed completely before proceeding with the operation.

    I've had a ton of cavities filled... More than I should have to be honest. >.> I've also had a root canal done which wasn't too bad. You will smell something burning. There was a lot of guilt when I saw the xray. (It's crazy actually seeing the filling go down into your root.)
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  11. I've had really good teeth all my life, so my dentist visits have been mostly for cleaning. However, I recently had my two wisdom teeth pulled (only born with 2.) I wasn't put under for the procedure, but they did give me something to relax me. The dentist here try their best to dissuade people from going under.

    There's always the initial pain of the freezing, but it numbs pretty quick. The only real painful part was the one tooth hadn't emerged fully, and was surrounded by my gums. Even then, very little pain. The whole experience wasn't so bad.

    But make sure you go to a good dentist. And if they don't do it themselves, make them check that your tooth is really frozen.
  12. I had horrible teeth as a child... really don't know why, other than having "deep" teeth. I think I had five or six of my baby teeth pulled, and I hated and cried during every single one. They gave you a bit of freezing (via a nice needle) and no laughing gas. It was just an overall bad experience and I have tons of teeth with deep roots that I kept. Just thinking about him wiggling it out makes me absolutely cringe... ouch.

    Luckily, my teeth are a lot better now. I have one filling in my adult teeth and have had no problems.

    My dentist is great and I go for regular cleanings... I really don't mind them! I did have my wisdom teeth out a few years ago, but they had yet to come in (they were causing jaw problems) so I had to have surgery at the hospital. That was a bad experience because I swelled up big time and had an impacted socket, meaning that I swelled up even more. I actually remember asking my sister two or three days after the surgery to make me bacon and cut it up in super teeny tiny pieces so I would not have to chew. I guess I had a craving for salt or something!

    Now, I DID have braces... which is a little different, but still teeth. Actually, I have them TWICE (yeah, I know). The bar broke in the back of my mouth and my teeth moved after the first set. Those hurt really bad, especially when they were tightened and first put on. Of course, the results were amazing I don't regret a bit of it. I did lose a few brackets eating gummies though, and hated when they had to change the elastics and pushed on my teeth. But it's all good, if it means a happy and healthy smile!
  13. I've had braces on my teeth, but besides that issue with my teeth having been so far apart I could stick a fork tine between my front teeth, I've never had any tooth problems involving nerves or cavities, knock on wood.

    I did have to get all four wisdom teeth removed, and after weighing the options, my and my mom decided to get them all taken out at once. I think I got an IV anesthetic for that, so I don't really remember much between talking to the surgeon about why I liked Spiderman and waking up in my mom's car when we were three quarters of the way home. I did spend several days unable to bite on anything with wads of gauze stuffed into the cracks of my mouth like a chipmunk though.
  14. My mouth is weird.
    The very very back bottom tooth on my right side has never been there.
    So, I have had my upper back tooth above that smoothed down, so that the wisdom teeth in my bones when they push won't force that tooth into my gums. But, I know that I'll have to eventually get it pulled or get a false tooth down below because it has potential of just going into the gums over a long time.
    Also, I have a slight overbite, always have. Not bad at all.
    But eventually will have to wear like a plastic guard at night in the far future, to keep the teeth from shoving into my mouth in my sleep.
    8D Love when dentists tell me these things.
    Other than that, which is stuff I can't really help, no cavities ever. Or anything bad.

    I just had a dream last night
    about my teeth falling out one at a time. And pulling out a whole group with my fingers, watching the little pieces of skin that keep them together tearing apart..
    It was.. weird. D: