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  1. The Foreboding Opening (open)
    The day was clear, as any fine spring day would have it. I remember the sun beginning its decent across the plains, that great ball of fire creating the illusion of absence through the tricks of the eyes. When I was young, I would imagine the ball setting upon the plains and the world would briefly catch fire, as if it were a mischievous spell cast by some unseen being, so that it may laugh at the inhabitants who would bear witness. But through mature eyes I looked upon the great star with many years weighed upon those same eyes; I'd begun to feel the pressure of age accumulate upon my shoulders and slowly push me to my knees until death had waited long enough and offered me solace in that deep sleep, that transition to another life.
    But the day was clear, as any fine spring day. Yet this day I bore witness to something which was not a trick of the eye 'nor the trickery of false magic. To this day I know not if it was magic or something deeper in this universe which caused it, but it happened and there was surely no other way it could've happened in this world. It was that day I saw a portal open in the sky, stretching across the sky in the same manner water would spread across a flat surface 'till there was no more to add to the new puddle. It shined with great intensity for but a moment and became what I could only call a void. As if a hole had been made in the very fabric of reality and I looked deep within it for but a moment. My life had taken a great turn with what I saw slip through that great hole in the sky. At first it seemed rain began pouring through, it quickly became a torrent of water surging through. This torrent was followed by rock, ore and death. The hole expanded to an unforeseen magnitude to reveal an entire world plunging toward my own world.
    I wished to scream but fear clouded my throat and held my eyes in place, to finish watching this horror 'till death or some other circumstance. It was then, as quickly as it appeared, the portal shrunk into nothingness leaving the plains before me a new land, chunks of earth the size of mountains had crashed into the world and enough water had soaked the ground for hundreds, if not a thousand miles. It was then my hearing came to and I heard nothing but the throbbing of a groaning earth beneath my feet, in shock within the same level as I.


    A Brief History (WOP) (open)
    This is the opening scene to Pulchra Portals. The year is 2605, nearly two hundred years after the second nuclear world war, AKA "The Final War", which left much of the world as we know it burnt, destroyed and taken back by the mother earth. Humanity still walks the earth in a state caught somewhere between pure survivalism and very small hubs of revived technology from ages past. One of the few barely standing cities on the planet, located in the heartland of the Old America's, which used to be the United States, is a small revived hub known as the Kansas City Gate, AKA "The KCG", considering its a destination and must stop route for those who travel between the many villages deep within the two great mountain ranges. It was said a fine river once had a flow through the center of this city hundreds of years ago, this river with the help of time and human development had become a small canyon. Its edges flat, capped with old rusted metal and what at one point were great complexes where homes hung within the canyon, supporting what used to be a population beyond count before the Final War. Otherwise, much of the land had revived it self with time as radiation dispersed and wildlife began breeding and wandering the lands.

    Plot/Start/Story Arch (open)
    It was specifically April ninth, according to the records of the Gregorian calender of the year 2605 when something not recorded by man appeared miles high and opened up to reveal a world crashing towards Earth. Massive chunks of crust pounded into the earth while an incredible amount of water and other flora/fauna on the other world fell through as well. It changed the landscape between the Kansas City Gate what were still known as the Appalachian Mountains. A city located many days journey East is thought to be lost and the disturbance has caused extreme panic by the already destitute citizens of the rusting KCG.
    This, is where you come in fellow traveler and explorer. You have been hired onto a small band of mercenaries to travel East in an attempt to both map the new terrain and locate the known settlement of Hannibal. The journey normally takes but four days travel, but considering the recent events which have struck the Earth, it may be longer. As for the mercenary group, they are specifically hired as "armed cartographers". This same group has re-mapped the southern edge of the continent and discovered the remains of a ship in a foreign language filled with shoes and clothing. The land trapped ship is one of the few known settlements in the South, since the writing on the ship was foreign, many began calling the new settlement "Metal Nose", as when you spot the ship in the distance, it resembles a nose pocking out of the soil. Otherwise, this same group has been called on to defend the citizens of the KCG from animal threats and the massive beasts which roam the plains.
    There are many who believe, after the discovery of a museum on a hill in the North KCG, that these were once smaller animals but the radiation which once lingered on the planet has morphed many of them into entirely different beasts. Only but a handful of animals still resembled some of the articles in this museum, all domesticated and even since humanity began to repopulate, we have even domesticated some of these new beasts, though even through finding articles on other animals, none of them resembled what used to walk this planet.
    Finally, there is what we call "Sub-tropolis", an extensive underground cave system made by man many centuries ago below the area of the North KCG. This is where many fled when the bombs dropped from the last war and so far as many have found, it was one of the last places to have had human life. It is a hub of everything we hold dear that is left of our nearly destroyed society. Though many were ordinary residence of the city who spent nearly one-hundred years underground before we opened the doors and began exploring again. Very little technology was in the cave at the time of the bombs. A number of eco-farms had functioned in the caves, built during what the elders said to be the starvation of 2450, when the world food supply was no longer enough to sustain the population of over twenty billion. Though not much else was available in these cave system other than some abandoned warehouses with goods useless for long term survival. Many died, but humanity somehow pushed through.
    But enough of our brief history lesson, for you stand at the doors of Sub-tropolis, ready to make your final journey through the KCG and head East with what is now being dubbed the "Falling Sky Expedition".

    Roster (OPEN) (open)


    • Meta-gaming and god-mode are not tolerated.
    • Sexual acts and the such, fade to black.
    • 'Curse' words are fine, but to make use of your broad spectrum of other words.
    • A modest level of literacy, basics such as punctuation and decent grammar.
    • Make strong posts, at least a few paragraphs, though in some situations if chat is required for quick character interactions, the chat will be edited afterward to add to the RP.
    • If you've any ideas or need to knows about the world, technology before the great cataclysm from the sky, technology and life as it is now and other elements of the world, hit the OOC up with your questions or ideas.
    • Character development is strongly encouraged! Make an interesting story in place of your bio if you'd like, adding to the depth that is your other persona.

    Thanks for reading, hope we can get this off the ground and going soon!
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