Puke! Toss your cookies! Vom! Ralf!

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  1. What's your favourite way to refer to throwing up, throwing a sidewalk pizza, paying tribute to the porcelain god!

    Also, what would you do if you did it in public, on a sidewalk or in a parking lot or something? Leave it? Tell someone in a building? Cover it up? Mini is puzzled what the ettiquette is for that :/
  2. I have always said Spew, I went to a horse show when I was about 6 years old, right outside of Philadelphia. I was so sick, but I wanted to see those horses so much, I battled the nausea for a good hour as they raced. Once we were able to go walk around and see the horses up close I was really feeling on edge and, I swear, I projectile Spewed chicken noodles everywhere. :|

    We left it there, because Horses were pooping around us left and right.

    I have gotten sick at friends houses and those times I had always made it to the bathroom. I do remember one time I had a friend that did not make it to the bathroom and she was absolutely gone. So I had cleaned it up for her and even ran to my house to get spare clothes for her.

    I say, If your are outside, leave it, it will take care of itself, but in the home the one who is sick usually can't do anything about it. Oh yea...and the car.

    I had a friend, Amber. One of her theater friends Blew chunks in her car, ALL over the passenger door. So I offered to clean it for her because she was puking from trying to clean it herself. She offered to pay me and I said no, but I did beg her for some Tacos lol, I'll do almost anything for food.

    Somethings you have to clean Right away and some places you just have to worry more for the person than the actual mess.

    While on the topic, I was 11 when my sister came around, with an 11 year age gap I was old enough to help care for my younger sibling in LOTS of ways. Well I learned very quickly never to lift a baby over your head after you've fed them. I did this, Victoria laughed and giggled and I was of course laughing and giggling along with her and it hit me everywhere. Eyes, Mouth, down my shirt, my hair....and Victoria only 8 months old, continues to laugh XD

    at that point I just jumped in the shower and through my clothes in the sink to quickly get the smell out of them.

    I guess it always depends on the situation, all I know is if you are going to clean it, you have to do it right away. Do not let it sit. :|
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  3. I'm the queen of vomit 'cause I have chronic nausea. I've left puke behind in several different cities, states, and people's cars. 8D

    I use all kinds of synonyms and phrases for vomit, but I find myself mostly saying "throw up" the most. The worst experience I've ever had was when I was abandoned in Portland for a while (because the bus was delayed), all the while beiiiiing...5 months pregnant? I was pregnant, that's all I remember. Peter's relatives found the time to pick us up, then I asked her to stop, and I stepped outside to throw up all over the sidewalk in front of a restaurant. I just...left it there. >>; If I wasn't in such an ill condition, I would have alerted the employees, because that seems like the right thing to do. It was late too, though. I don't think anyone was even inside.

    I'm just so glad that the people who I've thrown up in front have are usually cool and helpful. I'm always quick to apologize a hundred times before they can even take care of me, because of how bad I feel. v_v I'm always carrying around mints and motion sickness meds, plus all the weed I smoke, so I can avoid these things.
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  4. Puke, throw up, vomit. Oral diarrhea (or word diarrhea, if you're explosively projecting words).

    I only puke in things. Never once have I puked outside of a trash can, or a toilet. I'm a gentlewoman even when I'm sick.

    *sips from wine glass*
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  5. Upchuck :P As much as I don't use that term for throwing up that much, I still think it's the most entertaining way to refer to it XD
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  6. "Oh guys, I think I'm gonna ralph."
    "Oh crap, I'm gonna spew!"

    As for a sidewalk pizza, I've never heard that once before.

    There was this one time I'd gone shopping for some groceries and didn't realize one of my shoes was becoming untied. Well, halfway through shopping I step on one of my laces, fall forward and slam my throat right into the hand rail of my shopping cart and I just spewed on the spot. Must've somehow kicked my gag reflex and lost my waffles and orange juice. Probably no need for excess commentary but no, it does not taste nearly as good coming back up.

    Otherwise, always been good about it though, rarely sick to begin with and I'm pretty sure out of my twenty-five years of walking around (not counting early childhood though) I make it to a trash can, a toilet and in one case a lake.
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  7. "Losing lunch", "showing off my last meal", and just plain "vomiting". xP

    Haven't vomited in years, but I'd probably look around and ask where I can get a mop or tissue to clean all of it up. Then walk walk walk away until none of the witnesses can see my face anymore.
  8. I wish my vom was as light as yours that you could clean it up with a tissue. Folks got to get a mop and bucket for that shit.
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  9. BARF!

    I have never thrown up in a place outside of my bedroom or the bathroom. Except for twice when I had a bad migraine and barfed in someone's car. O___O Car + migraine is a bad mix for me. Luckily in both cases there was a bag in there, so I threw up in the bag.
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  10. Hurl. Regurgitate.

    "What's Mad doing outside?"

    "Oh, he's making bird-food."

    "Making bird-food?"

    "Yeah. You know, mommy birds... just nevermind."
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  11. "Upchuck" "Cthulu's messaging me" "Zombie spit"

    I take upchucking roughly. I cry, groan, fall to my knees, and yeah... So when in public because I make a scene, people help me && usually try to get someone to clean it if possible. So I guess I leave it there?
  12. I actually haven't vomited in years, but the last time I vomited. I say vomit.

    I was sitting on my couch, playing my Gameboy Color (Yes :3) and I was playing Pokemon Red. I was in the middle of winning the championship, you know, you can't pause that shit. So I didn't feel well, but I was like "No, I'm beating Gary" and just as I was about to win, I just vomited all over my Gameboy >:[. The story does end happily, my Gameboy still worked, just smelled for a bit.
  13. ... hy didnt you just set the GBC to the side lol? Not doing anything for a long time on your turn was always how i "paused" during battles && stuff
  14. Well, I just say "Throw up".

    I, myself, never got sick or threw up in years.

    The only time I did throw up was when I took iron supplements. I happened to throw up all over my sink, but I was lucky that it was just black, iron-y liquid. The other times I threw up were in the toilet, next to the toilet, and hey!

    In my sleep--but I was about five years old back then, when I had a weak stomach.

    My beloved Yorkie, on the other hand... is a different story. I gave the dog everything he wants, and he had no other complications.
    I remember one time when he caught a stomach bug from something he ate. He was throwing up so much, he was afraid to eat, or drink.

    But I have had people in my family and outside of that who got sick.
  15. Best euphemisms I've seen are "technicolor yawn" and "park a tiger". I usually just say vomit, though.

    Can't say I've been sick enough to vomit lately, and can't remember when the last time such a thing happened was, so no fun stories from me. Plenty of times cleaning up after dogs, though.

    As for what to do if one does vomit in public or other places, I think the polite thing to do would be to notify someone and clean it up if you can (and if you can't, well, you tell someone who works wherever this happened about it so they can get someone to do it).
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