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  1. /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ Contract?

    Welcome to the world of Puella Magi, where Witches and Warlocks run rampant, and Magical Girls and Boys are our only salvation- as well as our demise.

    Join this roleplay if you enjoy magical girl, psychological horror, slice of life, and sadness. Though some times may be fun, only one this is for certain-

    If your wish is granted, you will become a Magical Girl or Boy.

    This roleplay is based on Puella Magi, but with boys being eligible candidates to become a Magical Girl- only a Magical Boy.



    1. There are minimal restrictions to wishes- No wishing people back to life, no wishing for someone to love you, and no wishing harm on any Magical Girl/Boy.

    2. Death, sadness and horrific sights await. If you are squeamish or do not like horror elements or graphic violence, please do not join.

    3. Be polite- we do not judge others by their wish, no matter what it may be. At least, not in OOC. In the roleplay, your characters may judge other's but if I see anyone dissing someone for their wish in the OOC thread (this one right here!) then you will be booted from the roleplay.

    4. Have Fun!


    Character Bios:





    Appearance: (you can add a picture too if you want)


    Wish: (What did you wish for?)

    Powers: (Usually associated with what you wished for.)

    Weapon: (Also related to your wish.)

    Witch Form/Name: (Only added onto your character when your character's soul gem evolves into a grief seed.)


    Witches/Warlocks Bio





    Current News

    There have been mass disappearances of children in the Southern Sector of the City. No connections between the disappearances. There is a few abandoned buildings in the Southern Sector, including an old Mall and an Elementary School.
  2. Am I allowed to app more than one character? :3
  3. Silly. What one person's character wishes does not even necessarily reflect what that person might want. To "diss someone for their wish" in the ooc would hardly even be a personal attack since the nature of the matter pertains specifically to the character to begin with, no more personal than me making a joke at someone who happened to choose a magical girl with a Hitler mustache. So to make such a comment personal is completely nonsensical, nevermind manners.

    If a few others are interested, I'll take 15 mins to toss a sheet up.
  4. *bounces eyebrows* Let's do this rp! *w*