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    It all started one day when the creature known as Kyubey came to the infamous New York City. Why or how he got there is unknown to all but with him came a new age. Kyubey did not come alone with him came a magical girl veteran who fought with Kyubey against the creatures known as witches. These witches were the source of unhappiness for many of the inhabitants of the city. New York was a place of hope, prosperity but also a place where people got hurt in numerous ways. America after all was the place where you either made it or you didn't. All of the 'witches' were declared a menace that needed to be put down by the magical girl veteran and she set out on her quest to stop them. Over time the singular magical girl was joined by a few others.

    There were many like the girls all over the world and many came before them as well. Not just in America but all over the world. Magical girls were simply...there. However their actions were not known by the general public at large. They did their job without any additional rewards and without complaint. They were driving forces against the witches and now more then ever witch activity has come to an all time high. Where witches come from Kyubey hasn't informed them, He simply said that they exist and need to be eliminated. However fate has a cruel sense of humor...the girls fell one...by one....by one. Things were simply too much for the four of them to handle. Until one was left. Then...then came a wish...a wish to have help from anyone. The wish was a wish born of urgency and despair. 'I wish that there were people I could depend on...anyone...boys...girls...it doesn't matter. I wish I had help.'

    Wishes granted by the Kyubey creature are things that are given in exchange for one's pledge to Kyubey's cause. A promise for a gift. An equivalent exchange. One's wish makes them stronger or weaker depending on the wish they asked for. The wishes Kyubey can grant are something wondrous and can be as simple as food and drink to eternal beauty or even miracles that could baffle the most ingenious of scientists. Kyubey can work miracles...but not without the need for magical girls...

    That is where the wish itself changed things. The wish for help....the wish for someone...anyone to come to their aid. This wish allowed a change...instead of just girls now boys could be transformed if they have enough potential as well. Kyubey unsure but intrigued by the change of events and the inevitable call to arms from a new group that will come to defend this city...and here is where we start our story...

    "Not even Magical Beings can go without rules you know!"

    The Rules:

    1. No God modding, no meta gaming, no power playing, and certainly no mary sues. This goes without saying but I wanted to make this clear.

    2. Your character will need a specific set of weaknesses not just personality weaknesses. Actual physical downsides. Range/Tactics/Physical capabilities. Your character should have a good rounded set of strengths and weaknesses. Granted some physical weaknesses are downplayed due certain aspects of the magi life style and their powers so I'm not expecting too much in terms of weaknesses.

    3. This roleplay is intermediate to adept and my standards will reflect that in OOC and IC.

    4. As GM I reserve the right to deny your character if it does not fit the roleplay. Likewise I have the final word in what happens in this roleplay. I am willing to compromise and or see things differently if you ask for it.

    5. If you join this roleplay or show interest please tell me if you drop out or lose interest. Resulting in not doing so will result in a barring from any of my future roleplays. I have an extreme distaste for any people who lack the simple courtesy of saying "I'm out sorry'.

    6. Veteran Magi will be allowed however only for members of the female gender. This is due to the wish for help only being enacted recently and thus does not allow for veteran male magi.

    7. Only early aged characters allowed around the age range of twelve to seventeen. I may consider otherwise if you make a good case for a character.


    "So you wish to make a contract with me then?"


    Character Sheet:

    Appearance: (Written or picture)
    Weapons/Magical Weapon:
    Items/Gadgets/Other Magical Abilities:
    Finishing Move/Ultimate Attack: (Basically what you use to take out a witch once and for all)
    Your wish:
    Your Soul Gem's Description and Color:
    Magical Girl/Boy outfit:
    Strengths: (Need rounded out strengths that make sense. If you're super close range you'll suffer hard in range. If you're good at strategy you'll suffer in some other category. Note Strategic abilities don't essentially mean you'll be good at adaptability. Things such as that)

    Weaknesses: (Needs rounded out weaknesses not just personality based weaknesses. Physical handicaps are not much of problem once you make a wish. If you've seen the show you know why. If you need help picking out weaknesses talk to me and I'll try and help you figure something out.)
    Other: (anything you need to add that isn't above goes here)


    Accepted Character Roster:
    Peter Grant - VanceXentan
    Jocelyn Althaus - KayKay
    Ambrosia Matildia - Teomessos
    Victor Markov - Leon Corvinus
    Anastasia Knightly -Dreaming
    Suki Riley - Alexander

    NPC Roster:
    Alfred Winterstone - Peter's Butler
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  2. Name: Peter Grant

    Nicknames: None

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Peter is a rather thin boy of average build for his age. He has thick black combed hair with thin bangs that go down to his eye brows. He usually wears his custom tailored clothes made by his mother's fashion company that look like an old nineteen thirties suit. When he isn't wearing that he usually wears a plain white t-shirt with a blue coat and either tan or grey shorts. He has tiny green eyes and short eyelashes. He is primarily white despite his mother being of Asian ancestry and he gets his looks from his father. He is about 5'5 and weighs just about 130 pounds.


    Peter is a very kind young man who carries himself with an air of nobility around him at most times. He is rarely angered and quick to try to find another way around a situation. Peter is normally very calm and very capable of handling pressure that is put on him one way or another. He is not normally very emotional and thinks in a way that is very practical and to the point. He doesn't like to think of it's or what's and deals with what has been given to him.

    While he is not a fan of violence his mother did make sure he knew how to defend himself by having him take classes in self defense which made him willing to fight if he needs to. He views the act of killing another creature disgusting however and is much less likely to take the life of anything unless he has to.

    He is fond of animals, especially dogs for their loyalty and kindness, and tends to be a very trusting person. He is the sort of person who rarely goes back on his word but due to this he can be a very good liar when the need arises for it though. When he says something he means it and only when he intends to lie does he do it. Meaning he doesn't go back on something he meant before unless it specifically was a lie in itself. He also holds what friends he does have in high regard.

    When in arguments he does his best to appease people but doesn't back down from people who demand unreasonable things and sees people who try to force things as brutish people in nature.


    Born into a rather wealth family Peter was the product of a arranged marriage between the Oda and Grant families in order to merge the companies. Peter's mother's name was Haruka Oda and his father's name was Damian Wendell Grant Jr.; and despite the nature of their marriage Haruka and Damian's tale was one of love from first sight. Having nothing to worry about in terms of money it seems luck would be with Peter for the rest of his life. Growing up with various nannies and butlers tending to his needs while his mother and father were busy at work he grew close to one of the butlers in particular named Alfred Copperfield who had lost a son during an unfortunate incident sometime ago.

    Since he was old enough to walk he was taught how to do things from reading to climbing trees with the help of his servants. He even got to help the cooks at times when he managed to get into the kitchen. Due to the nature of his parent's occupation they couldn't afford to spend much time with young Peter but they tried their best to see him. His father was around much more often then his mother who frequently visited Japan and traveled along the eastern coast of the USA. His father Damian simply wanted to spend time with his son and thus went on some small trips with him to the movies and or watched tv with him on the side. His father was more of a big brother or role model than an actual father often teasing or joking with Peter at Alfred's expense.

    His mother was much more of a disciplinarian than his father was and thus drilled into his head how lucky he was to have this life and how he shouldn't look down on others as it was a quick way to learn enemies. Anytime Peter misbehaved he was quickly scolded for it and or talked down to which made him either extremely repentant for his actions or depressed for a couple of days. He made sure to act like a proper young man ever since he and his mother started to train together in a dojo where she taught him techniques her own father taught her in order to defend herself.

    While moving forward with his life Peter was known for his kind and honest demeanor. He hardly told a lie, he was a great friend to everyone, he offered help when it was needed for anything, and he also became very polite and well spoken. For all of this praise however Peter still knew how to lie, having gotten away with it a couple of times, and he wasn't some benevolent angel either as, while rare and far between, he still was able to get extremely angry and or emotional if pushed too far. He also had a habit of thinking less of others internally when they couldn't hold up to his own standards.

    When in school he joined the student council for a time before moving to the fencing club where he excelled at and became co-captain for a time before retiring this year having decided fencing wasn't his cup of tea and that he'd prefer to spend time elsewhere and go for new hobbies though he wished his team mates luck.
    Weapons/Magical Weapon: A very fine steel sword he calls Excalibur and a white shield

    Items/Gadgets/Other Magical Abilities: the ability of unassisted flight and some minor amounts of energy manipulation to form small walls and objects

    Finishing Move/Ultimate Attack: Grasping his sword in his hands he concentrates a great amount of energy into the sword turning it into a massive blade of pure white light which he uses to overpower and slay the witch or enemy.
    Your wish: "I wish to have a endearing, long, and happy life."

    Soul Gem: Light Grey and has four small bands of gold coming up around to the top covered with small diamonds. Around the middle also has a slightly larger ring of golden and the the rest is white.

    Magical Boy Outfit: In his magical boy form Peter wears what resembles a King's garbs from the middle ages. His outfit is primarily white with some grey stripes on the arms and the chest area. He wears a golden crown on the top of his head that is studded with diamonds just like his soul gem. However his soul gem is not located on his crown and is located on the top of his right hand. Both his hands are covered by white gloves with a golden trim and he wears fancy but not cumbersome shoes with buckles on them. He wears a short cape that goes down to his posterior but can be removed if it get's stuck by a simple gesture of his hand which undoes the strap connecting it around his neck. His chest is covered by a fancy white shirt that covers his whole torso minus the grey stripes on the sides.
    • Talented in self defense without weapons or magic
    • Cunning and devious when the need arises
    • Strong sense of justification in his actions
    • Formidable defensive fighter
    • Self confidences assures he doesn't back down from a fight

    • Lacks power blows
    • His sense of justification keeps him from asking questions
    • Overtly trusting of people
    • Lacks the ability to come up with complex strategy without help or a period of time to think
    • Not especially agile or athletic
    Other: (anything you need to add that isn't above goes here)
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  3. Name: Rosalyn Peterson
    Nicknames: Rose, Rosy
    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Rosalyn is a fairly happy, somewhat preppy girl. She's known for her unbreakable smile and kind disposition. She's extremely charitable to those she deems less fortunate than most, an she understands that due to her past jumping around in foster care. Inside she's a little arrogant but it doesn't show through the mask she puts on for everyone. Even though her happiness is seemingly unending, she has a few issues with anger consuming her when certain buttons are pushed. Rosalyn views herself as a knowledgeable person on how to be happy, despite the fact her own joy is kind of a cheat.

    Rosalyn's father died tragically in a car accident before she was born, and her mother died at childbirth, with no other family willing to take her she went into the foster system of New York and was raised in a home for several years, remaining unadopted until she was around the age of 8. Once Rosalyn celebrated her 8th birthday at the home she was adopted by a sweet couple who had been married for twenty years but had been unable to conceive a child, taking it as a sign they should adopt.

    Rosalyn lived with this couple and adopted their name, Peterson, for 3 years. On the New Years Eve a man took it upon himself to take advantage of the massive festivities in New York to rob the home in which Rosalyn and her adopted parents were residing. Rosalyn was outside looking up at fireworks that were being let off while inside the house her parents were murdered, their throats slit open at the dinner table were leftover dinner was being put away. Rosalyn went inside to see the place ransacked and the blood in the kitchen before being seen by the crook and promptly hit hard enough on the head to knock her out.

    After that incident, she was pulled back into the foster system and subjected to a therapist so her mind didn't suffer anything perverse from the trauma that had to have been caused. When she was finally adopted out again she didn't want to be, feeling that nobody could ever replace those she lost, the happiness she once had. Because she was so depressed, many foster parents didn't want to keep her and sent her back only to go to a new home.

    When she became 13 she was adopted into the Grey family, with a set of Dads and an African American brother (having actually been adopted out of Africa, he's currently 7). She was in slight culture shock, but welcomes their loving arms with hope that this time she could be happy enough to stay.

    One evening she was having a break down inside her room after waking up from a nightmare of that night a few years earlier when Kyuube was at her window, looking at her with an expressionless but adorable face. He promised her that in exchange for her soul, he could make nearly anything happen for her, that whatever she wished would come true. In a moment, without thinking and speaking purely out of emotion, she agreed, wishing rather violently that her happiness could never be taken away again like it had been before.

    Since then, for three years, she's been fighting Witches with an unbreakable smile that drives her to become stronger and help preserve the happiness of all those she protected. In the back of her mind is always the men of her family now, and the smiles of the Peterson's from the past. Magical girls in her area know of her experience and often seek her out when a difficult Witch has reared its head, despite the fact she typically doesn't associate with anyone but her family and maybe one or two people from school.

    Weapons/Magical Weapon: Lance
    Items/Gadgets/Other Magical Abilities: Control of Electricy
    Finishing Move/Ultimate Attack: Camelot - Rosalyn summons a ring of lances parallel to the ground and arcs electricity between them before forcing it into a powerful blast by ejecting the lances all at once.

    Your wish: "I wish nobody could ever steal my happiness way from me, ever again!"
    Your Soul Gem's Description and Color: A dark reddish orange.
    Magical Girl/Boy outfit: You've seen this

    - Highly unlikely to form a curse under normal circumstances due to her wish
    > Makes her very formidable
    - Practically bursting with raw power, able to fight close range with her lances and long range with her electrical attacks
    - Sure of herself, isn't easily stopped in her tracks, ruthless toward her goals

    - Not always completely aware of what's going on, constantly off in her own little world
    - Often disregards her own safety and other's when she's on the war-path
    - Has a hard time empathizing with people due to her near unbreakable state of happiness
    Other: (anything you need to add that isn't above goes here)
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  4. So your character is starting off as a veteran magical girl? Because I'm ok with it if that's the case but I would like if the bio could be a bit more detailed. Also I'd like to say Peter is not going to be starting out as a magical boy and I don't know what Kay has in mind.
  5. ALRIGHT, I'll work on the bio today, probably going to rework it.
  6. Alright do as you please.
  7. I'm making some progress with Peter I just hope we get more people and I hope Kay does stay because the minimum for this roleplay is three.
  8. Name: Jocelyn Althaus
    Nicknames: Joce
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Jocelyn is a fairly reserved person. She values honesty above all else, detesting deceit and lies, though with her wish it's not like it happens to her often. However, she still hates it when people lie to anyone. She used to be very strict about this, even for simple things like surprise parties, but has lightened up about it somewhat. Due to this she comes off as strict, but isn't actually concerned about breaking rules. She just doesn't lie when asked whether she did it or not.

    Her honesty can be brutal, as she doesn't mince words and tells it how she sees it. She likes learning and facts, as in her opinion these do not lie. When nervous or otherwise pressed, her more reserved and harsh demeanor reverts to her shy and quiet one. Though she can usually keep it in check during combat, she's not as good at handling interpersonal relations. Ironically, she's bad at expressing her feelings. Despite her usual honesty, she tends to clam up if anyone asks something very personal to her. Due to this she doesn't like nosy people.

    Jocelyn grew up in a middle-class family, but in a poor neighborhood. She had one younger brother, 4 years her junior. When she was younger, she was the typical shy girl, stuttering often and failing to talk with people a whole lot. This made her an easy target for bullying, which happened quite often. Both unable and unwilling to do anything back, she kept her feelings inside, trying to not let her parents worry about it. One day, another girl stood up for her. Joce was extremely thankful, quickly forming a close bond with her. She shared the relatively high amount of money she had with the poorer girl, helping her buy clothes, CD's, and other small luxuries.

    In middle school, Jocelyn's house burned down in a freak accident. Both of her parents were killed, leaving her and her brother in the care of a foster family in the same neighborhood. Swallowed in depression, Jocelyn skipped school for a while, but called out to her only friend. She never answered. When she finally returned to school, she immediately went to see her friend, asking why she hadn't answered. "Who are you? Don't talk to me," was the only response she got. The girl was consumed with rage and sadness, but didn't let it show. "Sorry, wrong person." Crying herself to sleep that night, Jocelyn dreaded her supposed friend. Had she only stood up for her to make use of her money? Was that all she was to her? Her friend had lied to her. They weren't friends at all. Jocelyn was just a tool. A wallet.

    Despite this, somewhere deep in her mind, she still wanted to make a friend. A real friend. This caused her to straighten up. She wouldn't have any more lies, not after being lied to for so long. And she wouldn't cause that kind of pain on anyone else, either. Her shy nature retreated in favor of a more harsh quietness. She'd snap at people for lying, even if it had nothing to do with her. She became popular among teachers for her attitude and studiousness, but continued to struggle to deal with her peers.
    Weapons/Magical Weapon: A book called Zaubuch. Pages can extend from it to form a barrier, rope, or other utilities.
    Items/Gadgets/Other Magical Abilities: Control over light.
    Finishing Move/Ultimate Attack: Zerstrung Funken: The pages of Zaubuch turn into a scope. Light is manipulated through the scope and amplified, creating a powerful, multicolor laser that obliterates the enemy.
    Your wish: "I wish no one would ever lie to me again!"
    Your Soul Gem's Description and Color: A bluish green
    Magical Girl/Boy outfit:
    -Adaptable thanks to Zaubuch
    -Tricky thanks to light manipulation
    -Highly destructive finishing move/ougi/ultimate
    -Cannot be lied to
    -Little fighting capability outside Zaubuch and her power.
    -Has a habit of rejecting help
    -Doesn't lie

    -Has literally no friends, aside from her brother.
    -She's good with animals. Likely because she feels no pressure from them.
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  9. Well I'm running about six different roleplays at the moment so I understand that feel.
  10. By the way guys how do you want to start off our little journey? I suspect that we will be starting in the morning and going to school while veteran magical girls have the option of meeting the NPC who's wish will get us all together. But the thing is my guy is kind of rich so I'm not sure what to do with him unless the school we go to is either preppy or rather well off.
  11. That would work, though I didn't plan for my character to be very rich at all. They could just meet somewhere else for, like, something.
  12. The other alternative I can think of is simply a school with renown teachers in the district.
  13. My character is an orphan remember? xD
  14. I meant that the teachers are in public schools and that they're renown for being really effective at teaching kids.
  15. It really just a matter of trying to fan dangle Peter into the setting and have him be able to interact with everyone regularly. Wouldn't be much of a roleplay if the GM's character was a background character.
  16. (W.I.P not done yet.)
    Name: Hi there I'm Oliver Cage
    Nicknames: I truly don't like being called Olly but people do it anyway
    Age: turned 16 this April
    Gender: ughhh, male could you not tell
    Appearance: (Written or picture)
    Wow that's a depressing picture, here is a happier one.
    I'm the one to the right. I'll talk about the other guy later.
    Personality: I try to stay positive but self-doubt has always been a big part of my life. It is hard for me to believe I'm worth a shit, I've always thought of myself as unnecessary. With this also comes my strive to become a better person and my skill to understand. I'll do my best to help anyone with worse depression then me, I also can't stand to see people hurt.

    Beyond my depression lays my want to be noticed, I was never bullied or praised I was invisible and still tend to be to the most part. I want to be seen, I want to be worth a damn I want to be cared for. I want to be treated as a person not a shadow. Wow I think I'm gonna stop talking about this now !
    I was born midnight of April second, my father wanted an abort but my mom couldn't do it. My dad took no time to hold me or name me after my birth and left that all to my mom. Oliver was what she came up with. As long as I can remember my dad said I looked like a girl and acted like one two. All their kindergarten to third grade I truly believed I was a girl. This made me a social outcast. The worst part was people outside of school like strangers would also call me a girl.

    I remember shortly after summer break began in third grade my mom took me out to have ice cream. As we bought the ice cream the cashier said "have a good day young man." Those words hit my heart, I began to cry of joy. Someone other then those who bullied me at school actually beloved I was a guy. Later that day I decided to make myself as manly as possible and ignore my dad.

    Early highschool I obviously looked like a guy and people saw me as one, but everything from the past had put me in a mindset that wanted me to stay hidden so I did. I went unnoticed by every one but Christopher. He noticed me and we became the best of friends. This friendship sparked into something more and at his house one day we got drunk on his parents alcohol. It went weird from there, I gave him a lap dance, he liked it. We made out. Next day after a horrible hangover he called me and asked me to go out on a real date with him. Short story we became boyfriends.

    He died though, it was on his 16th birthday, he had gotten shot at a gas station, bye some petty thief. It broke my heart, it still dose. I tried to commit suicide three times after that two attempts failed third landed me in the hospital. I remember my moms worried look and my fathers disappointed one. I promised never to do it again, I was sent to generals anyway and stayed there for a weak.

    The classes helped and soon I actually beloved my life had some meaning. I wanted to noticed, I joined school clubs and talked to more people. But I still didn't stand out. My attempts at standing out did get my noticed by bullies who figured out about my like for men. This got me sent to generals again.

    My 16th birthday was a happy day. My dad hung out with me for a while. It was the best thing ever. We actually began to bond after that. Still I wanted to be noticed at school, I dreamt of becoming a hero, that dream became a wish, that wish a contract. I became a magic boy.

    I kept it a secret, but mabey because my new optimism or side effects of the wish. My dad opened up to me. My mom got a new and better job, I started to get bullied less and made new friends. I've been a magic boy for about a year now, I'm happier then I ever was before.

    Weapons/Magical Weapon:
    Items/Gadgets/Other Magical Abilities: (I can't think of any so none)
    Finishing Move/Ultimate Attack: Wrath of god: I create a blast of light energy, it moves outwards from my body and can't harm people with pure souls, but it purges all evil.
    Your wish: I wished to be noticed, I wished to be a hero.
    Your Soul Gem's Description and Color: His soul is a swirl of purple and gold, it spins at a constant pace. His purple representing his doubt and gold his light.
    Magical Girl/Boy outfit: (pretend Oliver is in that outfit)[​IMG]
    .Spiritual: Any magic that pertaining to religion and holyness comes to him easily. This makes him a powefull healer.
    Is a gift that stems from the gods, it allows a man to see souls, the future, past, and all things hidden
    He is adept at summoning creatures, fairy's, and even magic he cast in the future or past.
    Weapon enchanting:
    He can enchant his weapon with different element's each having its own effect.
    Lighting: Is the divine element of gods, as such he can create lighting bolts, enchant his arms and legs with it as well as his weapon.

    He is a weak person, he can take a few physical hits but not many and can't hit hard back.
    .immoral magic:
    Any magic that doesn't stem from fairy's, light, or a pure god tends to blow up in his face.
    His aim is poor, so pinpointing things is hard. This makes it so he can't use bows, or guns or ranged weapons and some of his magic must be used in a closer range to guaranty a hit.
    Water: Lighting and water never mix well, thus he can't use his best power with to much water around.
    Other: (I just realized how hard its gonna be to make this third so I'm gonna have to do that later. But I will be roleplaying In third)
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  17. I would prefer the CS be in third person but it's alright how it is at the moment, aside from a few misspelled words here and there you may want to fix when completing the CS.

    However to be clear the IC will be in a third person not a first person sort of roleplaying style.
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  18. I would happily change it to first, well accept for the bio. That would take a re-right. Ill fix my misspells. (I use a smart tablet and that doesn't help when it comes to spelling.)

    Anyway do you have any other input??
    I want my character to be as well done as possible.??
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  19. He seems to have a darker tone to his childhood so red or purple or some other dark shade of a color would be optimal for his soul gem. His weapon would probably be some sort of longer to medium range weapon as he keeps people from a distance from himself. His outfit would probably be something a bit bulkier than the average magical girl clothes but not by that much since it would be odd after all the girls in the show usually wear light clothes but that's up to you.
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