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It is the morning of September 3rd and it is just about time where many children are waking up in the morning to head off to school. The school year has kicked off the day before. The hour is 7:40 and school starts in an hour and twenty minutes. Many adults and other children are already awake and heading off to school or work. It is a bright and sunny day with a cool breeze in the air and the temperature was just about the usual for this time of year. The Times Square is filled with people walking back and forth. The Stock Exchanges are busy at work doing what they do best...and as usual life moves on...

The school of Saint Augustus, located in Manhattan, is a school dedicated to the students of tomorrow and those who wish to excel at their studies. With no room for people have no interest in learning the school has a renown teachers dedicated to making sure their students are the best students in all of the districts. Better yet there is no tuition with the exchange being standardized testings that happen every other month or so in order to make sure the teachers and the students are doing as they should. The Principle of the school is a nationally recognized man known as Ford Carson and has boasted his school can teach any student who is open minded and willing to try his or her best to learn. Promising help with finding prospective colleges after school. Ford has also implemented a policy aimed to teach orphaned or children in need of help to have a place at his school as well.


"Master Peter it is time to wake up my good lad." Alfred said as he rubbed Peter's shoulder gently as the young adolescent boy yawned and slowly pulled himself up. "You know Alfred school sucks if you don't mind me saying so." Peter said as he ran his hand through is messy hair and stretched as his butler nodded. "You know your mother wouldn't like to listen to such words young master. Then again I never much cared for school in the first place either." the white haired butler said to Peter as he led him down the hallway. "Mom is a lovely woman but I don't think she ever went to a semi-public school before. She went to a prep-school back in the day didn't she?" Peter asked as Alfred said he didn't know. After all he hadn't been with their family for an especially long time. Peter told him it didn't really matter in the end he'd just need to do well in school and he wouldn't get a long talking to by his dear mother. His father honestly knew his son was a smart young man as it was but had to go along with it.

After taking a bath and getting lunch from Alfred, some pancakes and tea, Peter put on his usual suit and clothes. His mother insisted he wore the clothes but hey they weren't all that bad and he rather liked them. White vest, shirt, khakis...he looked like a young business man...and it made him feel silly and professional at the same time. Then again it wasn't like it wasn't a random thing some schools made kids dress like this. Other countries even exclusively used uniforms like Japan and some Euro countries. "If I may say Master Peter you look like a fine young lad...if somewhat silly." Alfred said with a smile as Peter chuckled and nodded his head. "I do look a bit silly don't I? Well Alfred shall we be off?" Peter asked his butler as the man told him he was ready whenever he was and that he'd just need to lock up the place before they left their luxurious home. Peter couldn't help but wonder how many different things he could experience this school year.
Jocelyn reached around for her phone. Her alarm had gone off, so it was probably about time to be waking up. School had just started yesterday, and it was going to be her second day at the new school. Her foster parents decided to transfer her here at her teachers' request. Not like she would be missing anything from her old school, anyway. She rolled out of bed, walking to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Maybe it would wake her up. Afterwards, she splashed some cold water on her face. She didn't bother combing her brown hair. It was quite short and straight, so there wouldn't be much of a point, aside from maybe the stray hair on top of her head. She put on a short black body suit and a yellow hoodie, her usual attire for just about anything, really. Exiting her room, she moved to wake up her brother. He needed to go to his own school as well. "Hey, Zach, wake up," she shook him gently. Apparently, he wasn't actually asleep as he hopped out of bed at her. "BOO!" he shouted, laughing as a shocked look crossed Jocelyn's face while she stepped back. "Geez, don't surprise me like that," she said, lightly hitting him on the head. "Aw, c'mon, lighten up, Joce," Zach smiled back at her. Sighing, she walked out of his room and went to get herself some breakfast. She looked to see if her new parents were around. Gone for work as usual. Sighing, she poured herself some cereal and milk.

Once breakfast was finished, she threw the bowl and spoon in the sink, grabbed her bag, and headed out of her single-story house. She was somewhat looking forward to school. New school, new people. She was a different person now, not the shy, nervous wreck she was before. Perhaps her diligent, strict attitude would be better taken here than her last school. Yes, surely it would be. The school of Saint Augustus was a school just for that, after all. Confidently, she began the walk to school.

Thundered a voice through the large apartment, an irate Father trying to wake up his husband as Rosalyn ate her waffles with an arched brow. She couldn't help but giggle, her fathers seemed to always be at each other in the morning, it came with the one being a morning person and the other not so much. One got up to fix Rose and her brother a good breakfast for school and the other struggled to wake himself up to go to work. Rosalyn woke herself up with a Pikachu shaped alarm clock every morning and went into her brother's room to shake him awake (once having pushed him off the bed).

Once everyone was awake was when Rosalyn commanded control over the second bathroom, her face needing painted every morning so she could feel extra chipper about her already beautiful natural appearance. She was a minimalist, but only in appearance. She liked the natural look, just sculpted to look like Michelangelo himself did her facial features. It took thirty minutes every morning to get it absolutely right before she combed her hair and put the pins and bows in it the right way, running her fingers through it to make sure it was extra soft and extra fabulous.

After beauty time was breakfast, were she was now, shaking her head in laughter, not entirely for sure how her family functioned correctly. But hey, it was a family, and they loved each other, even if they were mismatched and sideways and everything else. Kinda like her waffles, stacked together, sloppy with syrup, and spilling out the sides. That's how love and family worked right? A wonderful, sweet, buttery mess.
When Peter stepped outside he rubbed his eyes and looked up at the bright sky that usually appeared in the morning. He couldn't help but wonder how this city came to be exactly. He heard it was a small city initially and turned into this once the Eyre Canal was built. Interesting stuff really but things like history didn't exactly make a young boy like Peter jump out of his pants in excitement. It was more of listening to a story unfold that interested him. Now as he drove (Alfred driving not him a fifteen young old boy driving would be absurd) in his car towards his school, better early than late his father had always told him, and he couldn't help but wonder what other students were doing at this time of day. It was still early so he couldn't help but think a lot of them would be late after all summer had just ended. "Alfred what do you think about life in general? Is it boring, or is it something to cherish?" Peter asked idly as he watched the limo passed through a lane and down the street. "Life is something one can only think about in after one has lived a long life. There is no need to think of what life is but what life makes you do Master Peter." Alfred said as Peter tried to understand just what exactly his butler meant before dropping it unceremoniously. He didn't expect a deep philosophical answer out of Alfred. It really wasn't something he was all too keen on asking anyway it was just an idle question born out of an attempt to forget about school.
Jocelyn heard a shout from inside the house. "Where's breakfast??" She froze for a second. Lost in thought, she'd forgotten to grab her brother breakfast. She really needed to show him how to just poor cereal sometime, though he'd probably be too lazy to do it. Sighing, she quickly ran back inside and got it for him. "Look, it's just cereal. You grab the box, and pour it into the bowl. You're already 10, you can do that," she lectured him. He just nodded as he ate his cereal, not really paying attention to her. She was quite used to this though and just walked back out. He probably knew how to do it, he just wanted her to do it for him.

What a lazy kid.

The walk to school was fairly uneventful. Since it was just the second day of class, she didn't know anyone yet and had nobody to talk to on the way to school. Of course, she hadn't had anyone to talk with for two years now, so that wasn't much different. That didn't change the fact it was a bit lonely, though. It was fortunate she lived so close to the school. Her foster parents both had work in the mornings and she would be too young to drive for the next two years. It didn't take too long before she arrived at the school.
Another day has come and the Corvinus house was still. Lucian and Lilly Corvinus, Leon's parents, were half way around the world in Tibet with several members of their church and Leon washome alone again. He had been up since four in the morning preparing his breakfast and lunch before he practiced throwing his knives again all before school began for the day. Today he had prepared home made waffles with a side of eggs and coffee for breakfast and a batch of chicken Caesar pasta salad for lunch, opting to take a root beer for his drink and an apple and a. orange for his snacks. He had set up a dart board a few weeks ago to practice throwing knives, but before Leon knew it, it was time to go to school. After He grabbed his bag and checked himself for any knives, he got his bike out and started on his way to school. Usually he'd meet up with Victor somewhere along the way, but Victor was gone and he was never coming back. The memory stung him worse than any bee or wasp ever could. But he was getting better. At least he thought so. He put his headphones on and started a song he enjoyed a lot for the ride to school.
As Peter arrived at the school yard he looked around and took in the landscape. And he looked around at the kids heading off too the school's main halls and to where they were supposed to head for homeroom.



There were smaller buildings here and there but for the most part the building itself was a delight to see. He looked over to Alfred who reached over and handed him his books and backpack. "Thank you very much Alfred have a nice day and I'll see you around three." Peter said to his butler as the boy jumped out of the limo. Alfred said goodbye and have a great day before leaving the car park area and headed off down the main entrance. Peter stopped for a moment to adjust his backpack after noticing the thing had a zipper stuck. "Of all the lousy things to happen...bloody hell. I thought buying an expensive backpack would mean this WOULDN'T happen. Do people even take pride in their work now of days?" Peter grumbled as he struggled with the zipper. Peter's eyes filled with annoyance before he remembered where he was and promptly calmed himself down returning to his usual demeanor. He couldn't let himself be seen like that after all it wouldn't be good for his family's image to see him cranky and unreasonable now would it? "I just hope the day goes better than this..." Peter said sighing in resignation as he was about to give up on the darn thing as people were starting to stare at him.
Rosalyn walked to school like the "Filthy commoner" she was, humming a little diddy to herself all the way. The school wasn't even really much more than a block or two away from her house, so the great exercise wasn't necessarily a bad thing. The hustle and bustle of the city around her tended to drown her out in all the noise, causing her to become just another pedestrian walking along, unnoticed by many, loving how happy she was. She skipped every other step as if she was a little girl, taking only about 15 minutes to get to the front doors of the school.

A few other kids were arriving as she was, most noticably the boy from the limosine having issues with his rather expensive looking backpack, having all the bells and whistles (whoop-di-frikkin'-doo kid). She gave a happy smile his direction as she carried her books close to her chest and skipped closer to the school, earning some weird glances from the other students. She was an anomaly of a teenager in a town like this. New Yorkers barely had a reason to smile of a morning. But Rosalyn did! She never had to stop smiling. Years from now the only thing people would remember about her would be her weird, never-ending smile that didn't disappear no matter how many times she ate lunch alone.

The sound of the alarm clock practically stabbed right into her eardrums, causing her to flinch and jolt up at the sudden shock. "Eep!" She squeaked, waking up only to find it were her alarm clock that was ringing on, and on, and on, and on, and... Well, point taken. She picked up the alarm clock, turning the alarm off, and resisting the urge to crawl back into the bed. Oh the soft, warm blankets looked oh so tempting-- Wait, no, today is a school day, so you have to go to school. Oh the joy...

The teenager grabbed her school uniform, quickly putting it on herself and rushing downstairs, only to be greeted by her mother. Well, adopted mother per say. She was reading the news paper, yes the new paper, whilst sipping a mug of coffee. It wasn't dark coffee, so she assumed that it was the coffee that she had taught her mother how to make. "Ah, good morning, Ambrosia." She greeted her with a smile, and Ambrosia greeted her with an equally bright smile. She was slowly learning how to love again, actually feeling family affection towards her own mother. Her mother pointed at a plate of bacon, eggs, and a toasted bagel with nutella spread over it. Her favourite~

She took her time eating it, and savouring each and every bite of her meal, nodding her head. "Thank you for the meal~" She chimed, getting up and walking over to the door to pick up her bag. She had left it there a night before, so she wouldn't have to pack in the morning and rush to school. She waved good bye to her mother, walking out and watching the cherry blossoms fall. "Hey, daisy? can you go and check if there are people at the school?" She whispered, to a nearby daisy, and it slowly retreated into the soil into the ground, and popping back up somewhere on the school grounds. It returned to the ground, popping up again to find Ambrosia walking by a park.

She listened to it carefully, and then smiled. "Thank you." She whispered, continuing on her route to the school. It was pretty compact, with the elementary school being close by, she went into the high school. She had noticed a couple of people in the yard, paying no mind to them. After all, the first day of school was suppose to be the day where you meet new people, no?
Leon lived seven blocks away from the school and he always made it with time to spare despite his morning routine. He noticed a few students had already arrived. Some old faces from previous years and some fresh faces. He remembered Peter clear as day and Rosalyn walking up and offered both a friendly wave "Hey guys. Long time no see. How's it going?" Leon asked as he came to a stop and got off his bike. He honestly hoped they wouldn't ask how he was holding up with Victor being gone. They were thick as thieves. Leon memorized everything he could in order to try to keep from thinking about Victor and the way he died. He felt like there was no need to open old wounds. He might just dodge the question like he always did if it ever came up. Truth was he was still working his way through the pain and didn't know how long it would take to get through the pain, but that he was still getting through it. Hard to get over something like what he went through that day.
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Mirabel picked up her bag, sighing with irritation. She had no desire to attend her new school. Making friends would hardly be a problem, considering her pretty face, intelligent conversation and lovely voice, that so many people loved to praise. She was already a day late for the start of school, but she just couldn't stand being a new student. People, she assumed, would belittle her for being younger than other students, and of course being among the youngest, compared to the superiority of the older students embarrassed her. She most certainly didn't need to be shown around the school, and she could find her own locker! From being in a charming little cottage in the country, her parents had moved to the city for a new job. Ah, and altogether forgetting Mirabel's interests! Still, she could hardly refuse to go, could she? Brushing her long, hazelnut coloured ringlets until they glistened in the light of the sun, she set off for school. Her normally pleasant face was wearing a scowl. She arrived at the school gates. Her bag was positively brimming with her books especially those relating to poetry, literature and science. She noticed groups of students, a lot older and bigger than her. She huffed, and continued walking into the main building.
Jocelyn arrived at school, noticing some rich kid arriving, fancy backpack and all. Well, none of her business. There was a crowd of people making their way into the school. She thought about trying to speak with some of them, one of them even, but decided against it. What would she even say? 'Hello I'm Jocelyn, mind if I talk to you?' ...Actually, that wasn't too bad. She could work with that. She approached Rosalyn and Leon, though that rich kid seemed to be there too. "Hey, uh, hi. I'm Jocelyn. Mind if...uh, what are your names?" she asked. That didn't quite go as planned. Maybe now would be a good time to just run off into the school.

However, she'd already decided to try to make conversation, so she figured she might as well run with it, wherever it took her. Leon seemed friendly enough, at least, so it couldn't be too bad.
"Nice too meet you, Jocelyn. My name is Leon." Leo said with a smile as he extended his hand for the young, nervous girl to shake. He didn't know why she was so nervous. Must be her first day at this school. He thought to himself can't exactly blame her for being nervous. Takes courage talk to someone you don't know. He knew had been there before and knew what it was like being the new kid. Nobody knew he, for all intents and purposes, lived alone and he kept that to himself. Didn't need anyone trying to figure out why he was alone at home. Perhaps I can be her friend here. I bet that would make her life that much easier here at the school. The young man mused to himself.
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As Peter finally managed to zip up and get his things ready he looked around him to make sure he didn't make too much of a fool out of himself. He smiled and chuckled to himself wondering if this would get mentioned later or if it were just the generic 'rich kid can't do shit' stigma that he had held with him since coming to this school. Not that it mattered as Peter had thoroughly proven himself the adept fencer in the club since he came to Saint Augustus.

Thankfully the kids here were too busy getting their own things together and preparing for their own classes to pick on Peter. Not that he especially cared but hey it was always nice to not get picked on. But hey why was he muddling about here when he could be heading to homeroom? His classroom was in G Wing of the school which would usually be used for Math and Social studies. It was a small area but it was ok for it's purpose. However before he could get moving he was waved at by the boy he recalled was named 'Leon' or something along those lines. Maybe it was Louie. He didn't know the boy all too well but he did nod at him and wave hello before he moved along.
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"Ah. Uh, nice to meet you Leon," Jocelyn said back to him. It was actually her second day at the school, though it wasn't like that made a big difference from the first day. She checked the time quickly, and it was about time for class. "It's about time for class, I think. Nice to meet you, Leon," she told him hurriedly before running off to her first class in the G-Wing. It seemed the rich boy from earlier had his class here as well, but since he hadn't introduced himself like Leon, she just took her seat in her homeroom. Maybe she'd manage to talk with more people today. After all, it hadn't gone so bad just now. She took out a notebook and pencil as she waited for class to start.
The various children heard the school bell ring as a warning to get to class as soon as possible. It seemed the time was later than everyone has thought. Peter had just arrived in class after putting his stuff in the locker and getting his books for first period out. He'd have math and then science, and then he'd go to gym. He has 4th period lunch time luckily enough. Things simply were right in his life. He just wished he could spend more time with his family. Maybe get some new friends or something. Regardless his life was better than most. Especially considering where he was and how shitty New York can be at times. People were in gangs and didn't even get to go to school. Being rich had it's ups and downs but it kept him off the streets and he wasn't some crack smoking drug addict in the middle of time's square. The class home room teacher he had for his room was Mr. Thompson. Thompson was a pretty ok guy by his standards. He had known him for a year now as he was also the fencing club's instructor. Peter sat by himself kicking his legs back and forth as he prepared for the announcements to come on and for the inevitable pledge of allegiance to the flag to come on before it. It was going to be sooo...boring the in the morning. He just hoped school would prove more interesting as the year went on.
"I should be going soon."

The female nodded to herself, walking in quick strides down to the entrance of her building. She was probably late, but she didn't seem to care far too much. Just before she entered, she looked down at a little flower who grew next to her, and she whispered. "Keep an eye out for Kyubey." She giggled, walking into the building as the flower had begun carrying out it's mission. She had arrived to her class right on time, in fact, as others had greeted her with smiles and chimes as she walked by. Ambrosia replied with an equally cheery attitude, seating herself down eventually in her own seat.

At this point, she was in the higher classes due to her age and her intellect, and she usually sat at the back of the class by the window; one of the best seats for herself at least. Hopefully, classes would start, and she would be able to gather information from her dear flowers.
Yaaawwwnn... Oh crap, I'm almost late!

With a spring in her step, Faye rushed to get ready. As she rushed down the stairs to her house her two lovely parents greeted her with an enthusiastic good morning. But Faye did not stop to wish them a wonderful morning in return. "Guuuyyyys, I'm going to be late! You should have woken me up when I pressed the snooze button!" she complained, grabbing the plain tan school bag that rested near the front door. "I'll see you guys in a little bit! Much love! Deepest regards!" And then, the door was shut behind her. She didn't even have time to eat breakfast! Her parents were shouting so many things at once it was very hard to concentrate on one thing so she left her parents be as she headed for the school in a rush. She wasn't so far away from school, so a sprint walk was all it would take to reach her class in time.

That was not the case, at all.

By the time she stepped foot on campus, the loud school bell rang throughout the hall, echoing out into the world. A loud sigh mixed with a whimper escaped Faye's lips as her feet picked up the pace, now running to reach her first class of the day which was located in the G-Wing. Made it. She opened the doors of the classroom while she brushed her caramel brown hair with her fingers, her hair messy from the sprint. Deep breath in. Deep breath out. In through the nose, out through the mouth. She placed her thumb near her lip and began to bite on it nervously, walking awkwardly toward the seat located in the far back. She hasn't met anyone in this class and that made her even more nervous, she stopped biting her nails to look at the teacher who was a good distance away from her seat. What was the name? Th-Thompson? She shrugged, becoming more relaxed with her surroundings.
Not getting any reply out of the smiling girl, Leon shrugged and went to chain his bike up before the bell rang. He carried a good segment of a very thick chain and he always carried all his books even though he read them already. Once his bike was secured he walked off to class. Now who do I have this morning? Thompson? Tepis? Whistler? Why are my thoughts getting jumbled? Meh I'll go to Thompson's class. Leo thought as he walked to the classroom in the G- wing and then found himself an empty chair at the back along the wall by the door. Looking around the classroom after he found a seat, he spotted Peter and someone else he didn't recognize, but he left them alone. He could always talk to them later on. Perhaps at lunch. Who knows with schedules and all.
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Anastasia felt her body being softly shaken as she slowly awakened. Mistress, it's time to get up. You have school today." Said a soft and sweet voice. Remembering the voice to be her personal maids, Anastasia sat up and rubbed her eyes. After a quick stretch, she turned to look at the maid. "Thank you, Ava." Anastasia said, glad she had Ava to wake her up. Ava smiled and started picking out Anastasia's outfit. "It's my pleasure. We are best friends after all." She maid chuckled and Anastasia smiled. "How could I ever forget." She sighed as she got out of bed. Ava walked over and handed her the outfit she thought would be fitting. After saying a quick thanks, Ava left to make breakfast. While she did that, Anastasia dressed out of her pajamas and got dressed in the outfit that had been chosen for her. Once done, Anastasia left her room and disappeared into the bathroom a little ways down the hallway. Closing the door, she got right to work on her hair and what little makeup she wore.

Sitting down at the table, Anastasia ate her biscuts and gravy in silence. Her mother was still sleeping in her room which was no surprise seeing that she had probably stayed up all night working on her new book. After finishing her biscuits and gravy, Ana moved onto her Chicken Cesar Salad. Her favorite. Happily digging in, Anastasia would sometimes drink some milk from thirst. After a mere five minutes, Ana had finished her salad and drank the rest of her milk. Standing up from the table, Anastasia walked over to the door and grabbed her backpack.
"See ya at school, Ava." Anastasia called before running out of the house to her black Lamborghini.

Ava was the same age as Anastasia which is why they get along so well. People may call it strange that her maid is also her maid is also her BFF but she didn't care. Parking her car in the school's parking lot, Anastasia climbed out and locked the doors. Running, Anastasia hurried into the school and bolted up the stairs. Rushing to her locker, Ana put in her pin and opened it. After grabbing her things for Math she closed her locker and fast walked to her class.

Anastasia walked into the classroom just in time. The bell rang and she walked over to her seat in the middle row near the left. After sitting down, Anastasia got herself situated and listened to the teacher.
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