Puella Magi Madoka Magica - When Life Gives You Lemons... (Characters of both genders allowed)

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Where shall we be playing? (multiple choice poll)

  1. USA - New York

  2. USA - Los Angles

  3. Germany - Berlin

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  4. Japan - Tokyo

  5. Japan - Osaka

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  6. Mitakihara City - Canon City (Japan)

  7. Asunaro City - Canon City (Japan)

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  8. UK - England

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  9. Ireland - Dublin

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  1. It all started one day when the creature known as Kyubey came to the city. With him came a magical girl veteran who fought with Kyubey against the creatures known as witches. These witches were the source of unhappiness for many of the inhabitants of the city. All of them a menace that needed to be put down. According to Kyubey they were the cause for crime, disaster, and various other pains and woes of humanity. These magical girls formed a group in the city in an attempt to stop these creatures...these beings from spreading their tendrils all over the world.

    There were many like them and many came before them as well not to the city but all over the world. Magical girls were simply...there. They were driving forces against the witches and now more then ever witch activity has come to an all time high. Where witches come from Kyubey hasn't informed them simply that they exist and need to be eliminated. However...the girls fell one...by one....by one. Things were simply too much for the four of them to handle. Until one was left. Then...then came a wish...a wish to have help from anyone.

    Wishes are things that are given in exchange for one's pledge to Kyubey's cause. A promise for a gift. An equivalent exchange. One's wish makes them stronger or weaker depending on the wish they asked for. The wish Kyubey can grant is something as simple as food and drink to eternal beauty or even miracles that could baffle the most ingenious of scientists. Kyubey can work miracles...but not without the need for magical girls...

    That is where the wish itself changed things. The wish for help....the wish for someone...anyone to come to their aid. This wish allowed a change...instead of just girls now boys could be transformed if they have enough potential as well. Kyubey unsure but intrigued by the change of events and the inevitable call to arms from a new group that will come to defend this city...


    1. No God modding, no meta gaming, no power playing, and certainly no mary sues. This goes without saying but I wanted to make this clear.
    2. Your character will need a specific set of weaknesses not just personality weaknesses. Actual physical downsides. Range/Tactics/Physical capabilities. Your character should have a good rounded set of strengths and weaknesses. Granted some physical weaknesses are downplayed due certain aspects of the magi life style and their powers so I'm not expecting too much in terms of weaknesses.
    3. This roleplay is intermediate to adept and my standards will reflect that in OOC and IC.
    4. As GM I reserve the right to deny your character if it does not fit the roleplay. Likewise I have the final word in what happens in this roleplay. I am willing to compromise and or see things differently if you ask for it.
    5. If you join this roleplay or show interest please tell me if you drop out or lose interest. Resulting in not doing so will result in a barring from any of my future roleplays. I have an extreme distaste for any people who lack the simple courtesy of saying "I'm out sorry'
    6. Veteran Magi will be allowed however only for members of the female gender. This is due to the wish for help only being enacted recently and thus does not allow for veteran male magi.
    7. Only early aged characters allowed around the age range of twelve to seventeen. I may consider otherwise if you make a good case for a character.
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  2. I'd like a PMMM RP. Interested.
  3. Alright well I would like at least one or two more people. Since Fox hasn't posted in the interest check itself and just the poll I won't assume he/she is in it until he/she does so.
    I just got done watching Rebellion ;w;
  5. Oh, a rewatch or for the first time?
  6. First time :3
    I'm still in the "Mindfucked" stage
  7. Homura did nothing wrong.

    Regardless of what Homura did or didn't do I would like one more person but I can start it with two people if need be.

    Also Ironically I just watched Rebellion for the first time two days ago (technically yesterday but it's just over twelve here)
  8. Right.
    Homura did nothing wrong ._.

    Well you could always just get ready for starting, everyone create characters and whatnot, ironing things out, wait for the next peep
  9. "Good thing you agree."

    Anyway joking aside anything major will need to be left out until tomorrow. I'm tired and it's late where I live at the moment. The most I can say is throw out ideas on what you'd like to see or talk about character concepts for the next day or so.
  10. Haha, nice.

    Well anyway to get people, making a banner is probably a good idea.
  11. I'll do that once I get up an OOC. Making a banner for a interest check seems a bit premature.
  12. Also it's worth mentioning I may have missed some stuff on the sheet so tell me if I did or just put it in the 'other' part of the CS.
  13. Well, provided it's okay that I don't know what "Rebellion" is, or if this is based off something particular, I'm interested. ^^
  14. It's based off an anime called Madoka Magica. Rebellion is the name of a movie made for it.

    Probably nothing you need to know from it though besides what's in the first post. And you have what's called a soul gem. Magical girl's bodies are practically indestructible, but when their soul gem is taken off their person for too long or destroyed, they die.
  15. Rebellion is the third madoka magical girl movie and it's not needed to join the roleplay. It does however serve as a base breaker for the madoka fanbase due to Homura's questionable actions in the movie.

    However this roleplay IS based off this thread's title series. It is heavily recommended you at least look at the wiki however it is not required. There are certain things in this roleplay that will spoil some parts of the anime.
  16. I'm fine with spoilers and checking out the wiki. If you're fine with me joining. I'll probably check it out even if I don't join, it sounds interesting.
  17. Alright then feel free to go ahead to the OOC Link above and join then after looking through the wiki.
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