Publisher Atlus pushing the envelope with new game "Catherine"?


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Okay, I'm not gonna lie. Some of the stuff I'm about to say might sound weird, but all the same, I suggest you at least look at the links at the end of this message on the game because this game sounds so different to me that I can't help but want to play it. I always appreciate a game trying something new or edging into territory it might not want to.

For those of you who don't know about Atlus' pedigree, they're mostly known for the Persona series of RPG games. They're about to do their first little expedition in to HD, and much to many people's surprise, its no with Persona 5.

Its a game called Catherine, which still holds Atlus' sort of bizarre vibe.

The idea is you play an insomniac salesman name Vincent. The game play itself...well, I wanted to find articles and videos to describe this but I don't even know where to begin.

When Vincent falls asleep he basically ends up in this nightmare world where he has to evade stuff like Cyborg Babies with chainsaws and hooks for hands. I wish I could make that shit up. I haven't looked into the gameplay enough to know exactly what the objective is, but i can only assume its some version of "Survive to the next day".

When he's awake, he can go around town and interact with the various townspeople and such. The hook here is that the two to interact with are his childhood friend Katherine, and another beautiful woman by the name of Catherine. Then I found this article giving you a quick crash course in the story.

Atlus has said this game will be a bit more adult than their other games, and have even said that there will be scenes that are more adult-oriented, but to what degree they're keeping a lid on it. Only that they will be adult oriented, and somewhat erotic.

This game sounds so bizarre, different, and creeping into areas that get the panties of concerned mothers in a twist that when I read the article in Game Informer, it had me hooked. The information I discuss up here is from various sources. Atlus has a habit of release games that become cult hits. If this keeps as interesting as it is right now, then there's a damn good chance I'll be looking into this when it comes out.

I just want to see what some of my fellow gamers have to say about this.

Here's just a few articles I found on the game.
Definately sounds interesting.... what's the mental state of it's creator?
I dunno. Whatever it is he should stay on it, because the man is brilliant.
Hey, often times the difference between insanity and genius is success.

Now where's my gaming crowd at!? D:<
Whilst I normally detest JRPGs for their padding, fucktarded characters and ridiculous dialogue and setpieces, Atlus is the one developer of such games that stands out amongst the rest. Their grounded, gritty and very dark games are particularly endearing to me, it's gotta be said. Fucking loved Persona 4, too.

So, yeah, I'm rather looking forward to this.
I really wanna see more info on this!