Public Service Announcement: Siggy Sizes and Staying On Topic in OOC Areas

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  1. Hello Guys and Gals! We have another short Public Service Announcement! This isn't something serious, but it IS something that drives people a little crazy. So check yo' selves!

    Please do not roleplay or hijack threads in areas like GENERAL, BOARD GAMES, NEW ARRIVALS, ETC.
    These areas have a specific topic for discussion outside of roleplay. Hijacking the thread with randomness or roleplaying is a little rude. So don't do that! We hate to have to hit you with a stick.

    If you want to do random spamming, sillyness, or unofficial roleplaying, we have the ASYLUM forum. Have at it! :D

    Avoid having SUPER LARGE signatures! Siggy sizes are requested to be no more than 10 lines tall.
    We are pretty lenient about siggy sizes, but sometimes people get out of hand with giant ass siggies. We want to see your POST content and not scroll through huge siggies. Keep those siggies reasonable!

    Ten Lines looks like:

    Remember, a little bigger is okay, but a LOT bigger and a Staffer might ask you to trim it down. If you need help resizing images, you can make a request in the SHOWCASE Museum and one of the graphics people might give you a hand. :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.