Public Service Announcement: Respect for Authority and the Community!

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  1. It's time once again for a public service announcement, here to inform YOU the members of super important stuff we don't want to have to punch you in the bladder for! 8D

    As Iwaku grows and the amount of active members increase, it is more important than ever to follow the Site Policies of our community to help keep things organized, friendly and fun for everyone here.

    Thankfully, we do not have a lot of issues with people breaking major rules with wild abandon and being overall assholes. However, recently we have had more than one incident where Staff have asked a member to stop doing something, only to have that member blow off the Staffer either by refusing to listen and/or ignoring them or complaining about what they were asked to stop doing. Over stupid things that shouldn't have even been an issue to stop doing. Especially in the cbox, where the environment is live and more difficult to manage.

    Thus, your Administration would like to say: Stop acting like a belligerent jackass when a Staffer tells you to cut something out. >:[

    The Staff Members have a job to do, and that job means enforcing the policies of Iwaku so ALL OF US can have a good environment to roleplay and chat in. Some of these rules are obvious, major common sense rules. Ones that we strictly enforce, like not attacking members or posting abusive content. Others, are small are not a big deal and can be bent so long as they are not becoming a problem. Like spamming roleplay links, or flirting too much. Every incident is always judged on a case by case basis to decide whether or not something needs to be said.

    When a Staffer asks you to stop doing something, they are not trying to push their weight around. They are not picking on you. They are not making up shit off the top of their head to get mad about. They are enforcing rules of Iwaku. They are trying to subvert something they feel might become a problem if you continue doing it. They are trying to HELP YOU and HELP THE COMMUNITY. They are doing a job they were hired to do, to protect your safety and enjoyment of our site.

    So please, please, please remember to respect and listen to your Staffers. There are 500+ active members in our community. That is a LOT of people to manage. Staffers are online 24/7 dealing with problems, providing content, and maintaining the site. It is MUCH easier to do when members help by following the policies and not pitching temper tantrums when they're reminded about them. We would not HAVE a community at all, if members did not respect our rules and the Staff who need to enforce them.

    Should you ever have a problem with a Staff Member - we now have a Report Staff Dispute form.
    We understand that sometimes uncool shit goes down. All Staffers are held accountable for their decisions and behavior in this community, and when they make mistakes they suffer consequences just like everyone else. Should you feel you are being treated wrongly, Report it to the Administration. The link is now in the "Community 101" menu. An Admin will get back to you asap. We will review the situation and decide the appropriate course of action.

    If you absolutely cannot respect our rules and our community, then by all means go somewhere else. We have a wonderful list of Affiliates in the footer, filled with other great and active roleplay sites. Find a community you DO care about. Stop making me post these damn PSAs. >:[

    Now lovelies, get out there and play. Remember even the little rules are important and treat ALL members with respect! <3
  2. Diana, you are amazing. <3 That is all. XD
  3. ​True on this, Diiana.
  4. Yes... please help us to stop Diana posting all these goddam PSAs.

    I miss the top of the Cbox. It's my favourite part.
  5. ....i miss the good old days of banhammers slammed down with reckless abandon! etc. etc. kids of today, etc.
  6. respect-my-authority.jpeg

    >.> even though I'm not a Staffer or Admin myself.... <.<
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