Public Service Announcement: Just say NO to Hijacking and God-Moding!

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  1. Hello Members! It's time for another friendly Public Service Announcement!


    Hijacking and God-Modding is the act of writing for someone else's character. Whether it be for the smallest of actions like a glance or movement, spoken dialog, damage in a fight, or anything else.

    When you write for someone else's character you are taking their chance to play away. You never know when they might have wanted to react differently than the way you made them react. Or if they wanted to say something different. In many cases, people who hijack end up writing the character totally wrong, leaving their playing partners miffed and annoyed.

    The ONLY acceptable forms of Hijacking is when you ask permission from your partners first OR when you are a Game Master forced to get a scene moving forward to keep a roleplay going.

    For more details about Hijacking Read This Workshop!

    Are you someone that hijacks only because you want to make your posts look longer or have more detail? Try this workshop about adding details to posts.

    Are you someone that hijacks because you are a control freak and want to force other characters to react the way you want them to? Stop being a jerk!

    If you need characters to notice something specific, use tricks like bolding or coloring important details you want to stand out. OR using phrases like "Soandso might notice ____ if they looked over yonder." or something similar, so that a player can choose how their character notices and responds.
  2. *sounds of rattling, thumping and muffled cries from the cupboard behind Diana*
  3. Against this thread.
  4. *Hijacks this thread*
  5. You're all banned! D:<
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  6. *Diana stabs EVERYONE with a filet knife, laughing like someone has told a hilarious joke and then she goes off skipping to the ice cream store*

    Congrats, you've been hijacked!

    It's true that even the smallest details, the act of having another person's character smile, could be detrimental to the way you are viewed in their eyes. And plus, you might get scorned/ reprimanded/ tattled on/ murdered with toothpicks if you pull that crap here. Seriously. I generally ignore it if it only happens once and the action was teensy and mostly inline with my character's nature, but after that... watch your tail, Homes, because I'm coming after it.
  7. Personally I'm a fan of the Asmojack.

    He actually understands the characters at hand.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.