Public Service Announcement: Don't Lie About Your Age!

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  1. Just a friendly neighborhood PSA from Iwaku!

    We've recently had more than one incident and cases of "I'm REALLY ___. I just lied to get access to ____."

    Please do not do this. That is an asshole and irresponsible thing to do.

    WHY: We have age restrictions not only to protect younger members from content but to PROTECT ADULTS FROM LEGAL AND PERV TROUBLE.

    Did you know that any adult caught doing smutty roleplays with someone under 18 could be convicted as a child predator if a parent/guardian/police officer found out and pressed charges? It DOES happen. I have even personally had a site staked out by officers and known people to be arrested for this. These rules exist to protect everyone in this community. If you lie about your age to try and circumvent this rule, or try to find loopholes - YOU ARE BEING A RECKLESS DOUCHEBAG.

    Did you also know that children under the age of 13 are not allowed on interactive social websites with out written consent from a guardian, and that the website you participate on is at risk of being sued if they allow you to participate? Iwaku does not allow people under 13 on this site period. The content of this website is not appropriate for children.

    Things to Remember:

    --> People under 13 are not allowed on this site. Period. If you are caught lying about being over 13, your account will be banned until you turn 13. If you try to circumvent this by registering new accounts, you will be perma-banned. There are no exceptions, no matter how much we like you or how mature you are. :(

    --> People under 18 are not allowed to do sexual roleplays with people 18+. Teens and Adults have their own special Mature sections where they can play with people they are legally allowed to play with. There is NO reason to lie about your age. If caught trying to get through loopholes or lying about your age you will only get one warning.

    --> If you made a MISTAKE with your birthday (this does happen!) all you have to do is message Diana to have it fixed.

    So while you are interacting on Iwaku, please respect the policies that are here for your safety!
  2. As a Teen Iwakuan I approve of this message.
  3. Sad that this even has to be put up.

    Really sad.
  4. I quite agree. I always make sure i know who im roleplaying with and have certain details first.
  5. I like the fact she had mentioned that not only are they trying to protect those who are too young but also the ones who are unaware of those members that had lied about their age. It should be common since not to lie about your age and although it is sad that it has to be mentioned at least now there really is no excuse for it. *Outlaw approves* :geeky:
  6. I'm one of those that doesn't think about who my rp partner is age wise. I've always been so honest that I don't think about people lying to get permission to play in those.

    Thanks for the reminder and protecting people like me
  7. I'm not surprised that this occurred.

    The mods only split the Mature area into two parts relatively recently, and while this is going on- there doesn't seem to be many hiccups at all, or they're catching them quick without our notice. Either way- YAY STAFF MEMBERS!
  8. Oh no, now I'm freaked out. :x

    Thank God I'm 18 for reals ;-;

    I didn't know all this stuff could happen!
  9. Uhhh, not to be the caterpillar int he buttermilk but...does this also apply to men pretending to be women to get into the girl's club and visa versa?
  10. Yes, Envy.
    You can come out and tell everyone you're a girl.
    We'll be angry, but as long as you're up front and honest with us, we'll fix the errors wrought by your lie.
  11. Just remember children, role play is like sex. Always know who youre getting involved with and protect yourselves at all times.

  12. Um, no. o__o If you lie to get in to girls club or guys club you'll just get a slap and kicked out. It's not a big deal, it's just dumb. XD

    Unless you're TRYING to be an asshole... >>
  13. *has his finger poised over join the girls club*
  14. *has a scalpel poised above hunter's genitals*
  15. *backs away from Envy and the girls club*
  16. ONLY way that youll get in my friend. lol
    And if it aint the doctor's way itll be their way.
  17. Sometimes the price isn't worth the prize.
  18. Last time someone tried to spy on the leige of women, they were torn apart like a wild beast and were feasted upon...women thought they killed a lion with their bare hands...
  19. Can you two go flirt in another thread already? Jeebus.
  20. awww, someone's jealous. Dont worry princess, Ill come see you soon enough ;)
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