Public Service Announcement - Do Unto Iwaku :D

  • So many newbies lately! Here is a very important PSA about one of our most vital content policies! Read it even if you are an ancient member!
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Time for your irregularly scheduled PSA! Bringing you tiny tidbits that have been a bother lately with friendly reminders from your neighbor staffers.

Keep your Siggies under 10 lines and don't use big pictures!
Big siggies are annoying and obnoxious! Try to keep any images in your siggy smaller than 600 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall. The entire siggy shouldn't take up more than 10 lines. If you HAVE to use a hugeass siggy, use a spoiler tag and hide it.

Cut back on the WOE, EMO, EVERYBODY HATES ME, and RANTING in the cbox.
We all need to get stuff off our chest sometimes, so we don't mind when people let off steam in the cbox. What we DO mine is the "chronic whiners". Those people that do nothing -but- sulk about people hating them, or complain about their crappy life. When you do that, you make the cbox awkward and uncomfortable, then no one wants to talk to you. D: So if you're having regular ranting issues, please do that in Counseling and reserve your cbox time for a FUN distraction instead.

Leave your attitude at the door when dropping by Iwaku!
Iwaku is a friendly fun place and we wanna keep it that way. If you're in a bad mood, please don't take it out on Iwaku or it's members. D: We're here to get you OUT of the bad mood in a fun way, not give you poor civilians to beat up. If you're having an actual problem with a member, please report it to the Staffers.

...And that is all. :D BACK TO ROLEPLAYING!
*sets Diana's hair on fire*
*saves Danana's hair and puts Asmu in time-out*

Thank you Dananchan! ^^
*Falls into the puddle so Danana doesn't get wet*

Noted. =P
We're here to get you OUT of the bad mood in a fun way, not give you poor civilians to beat up.

What we DO mine is the "chronic whiners".

Do we mine just the chronic whiners or do we mine gold and silver as well? : D

-Runs from Diana cackling-
Jeez, Corvus, don't be so pedantic.
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