Public Service Announcement! :D

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Hello everybody, this is a PSA from your caring and loving staff about... PUBLIC CONDUCT!

Iwaku is a Roleplay Community, but because we ARE a community, we're often in the forums, cbox, and elsewhere chatting casually with our friends. We'd like to take a moment to remind you that when you are posting on the forums or in the cbox you are in public and should use your "in public manners".

You remember your manners, right? Be polite. Be Appropriate. You're interacting with a large group of people, so make sure your interactions are considerate of the people around you. ;D

When chatting with others in public; Keep these things in mind:

Personal quarrels with other members belong elsewhere!
Work out those issues in private. We don't need to be in your business. If you need a mediator or the problem is affecting many members of Iwaku, contact any one of our Staff and they'll be happy to help you out.

Sexual conduct needs to be reigned in.
Remember that you're in a public place and not everyone is comfortable with that kind of behavior. Light playing around and jokes are cool, but try not to cross the lines. Sorry guys, there's no such thing as "after hours" as we're a GLOBAL community. ^~ Try not to disturb people.

Don't attention hog, beg or smother!
We're so glad you love someone, have your sweetie on the site, or really want everyone to give you attention. But try not to flaunt it in the faces of the single or demand attention of group when there's a conversation going. We want everyone to feel comfortable and get time with each other. :D

Finally: Please don't terrorize the newbies!
Yeah, we're a community of wild, crazy, slightly perverted, and wonderful members. But lets not mob our poor newbies with it all at once, okay? XD Let them have a chance to breathe and get to know us first.

If you haven't read Iwaku rules recently or at all, give them a look over in the GUIDE. Just in case!

Thanks everybody for being AWESOME! <3
I especially like the part :Please do not be an attention grabbing emo butt face..... well. ok my terminology may be a bit skewed...... hi diananan! : )
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