Public Service Announcement: Creepin' & Dating

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It's time once again for a well timed PSA about community issues!

The mark of a REAL community is when people can make connections with each other. Real connections like friendship and romance. We LOVE this! It makes us feel warm and fuzzy to know we bring people together. :D


Some people take this TOO FAR.

Recently we've had a lot of issues with people flirting way too much and trekking in to CREEPY territory.

Please remember that Iwaku IS NOT A DATING OR SEX SITE. Members come here for roleplaying first. If you happen to make connections as a result, that is awesome. But a lot of members are going from innocent flirting, to being full on creepy and that's making people uncomfortable.

When you're interacting on the site, remember these things.

- If you wouldn't do it or say it in real life, don't do it on Iwaku. Overly sexual flirting, grabby hands, rapin' times. Use your common sense and your manners. Okay with well known friends, not okay with strangers.

- If someone is hitting on you and you don't like it, TELL THEM YOU DON'T LIKE IT. Too many people are just giggling and encouraging bad behavior, then turning around to complain about it.

- Do not hit on underaged members. That shit is just wrong. D:<

We don't have to punish people for doing what comes natural, so PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE SENSE. The last thing you want to be labeled as is a sexual predator. :D We ban those.
If someone is hitting on you and you don't like it, TELL THEM YOU DON'T LIKE IT. Too many people are just giggling and encouraging bad behavior, then turning around to complain about it.

This, above all.

As a staff team it's almost impossible to police this kind of behaviour, because of the thin line between joking and abuse. It's a matter of perspective and I know all too well how easily a persona can spiral from "daring-jokester" to "online-bully".


The interplay of attention-seeking behaviour and creeper behaviour is inevitable on the internet. But as a community we have a chance to draw a line in this particular corner of the web.

Well not in those words... they make it sounds like a good thing >_>;;
This isn't something that can be taken as a joke...

Despite that people may not be stating that they are uncomfortable, That doesn't mean they aren't. How do you think it looks upon us, as a community, if someone purposefully went out of their way to ignore the requests of the people who are being creeped on? Not only does it make the community look bad when said person goes talking to their friends who may potentially join Iwaku... but, how does it make the person in said situation feel?

Do you think that it would make them feel safe staying here, thinking that there is a *potential predator* on a forum? If someone had repeatedly gone out of their way to act in ways I felt uncomfortable, I don't think I could stay in a community that said person haunted around.

*I use the phrase potential predator lightly in that I do not believe anyone on this forum fits said category. It is the internet, and even though we are a relatively safe community... you honestly do not know who is behind that computer screen.
Simply put, you need to establish your lines with people. Everyone here needs to feel empowered enough to draw their lines with the people who feel empowered to creep and/or flirt when they wouldn't in person and real life.

The odds of someone being an actual predator is close to nothing. The people that "creep", odds are, they're peasantry. Nothing to worry over! So why worry over them? Carry out your day-to-day. If you see someone being the victim of their advances, and it's obvious they're having issues and unable to speak them, feel free to speak to that person and tell them they have the right to speak up. However, do not feel that it's your right to start a confrontation.

That said, none of these confrontations will be tolerated. There's no reason for them, and they're wholly disrupting. Please leave drama and baggage at the door, and enjoy the community for what it is and what it can offer.
Remember the Jailbait Hunters group and activities in 2007? We even had a contest/gameshow.

It only became creepy when actual creepers joined in and ruined the fun.

Cut that shit out, assholes.

*grumbles about the solicitation sub-forum idea that got shot-down*
Yes, we can tolerate anything as long as it's ironic.
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