Public Restrooms

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The first job I ever had (at a restaurant) one of my jobs was cleaning the restrooms. I don't know what it is about Men, not all but seemingly most, once they get in that bathroom they are like graffiti monsters with NO AIM WHATSOEVER. Do they wake up in the morning and think "Today I'm gonna go out to eat, then use the restroom, piss all over the floor and then draw on the walls" I mean, c'mon, most urinals are a pretty big it really that hard NOT to pee on the floor? Used to drive me nuts. I also had the job of cleaning the Ladies restroom and it was nearly always clean. Not once in 6 months did I see any graffiti.
I've tagged plenty of public toilets with a little signature. But if I'm there for awhile I'll try to draw something nice, not just any ol' vulgar doodle.
I try to make as many bubbles show up in the toilet bowl as I can. I kinda swing around a bit to spread out the bubbles.
lololol ewww.

Women's restrooms can be pretty filthy sometimes. Not as bad as men's rooms, but can still get pretty bad messes... Such as girls who try to flush their used tampons and pads... *facepalm*
The one thing that always gets me is...Why do they like drawing dicks on the walls?

Though the best one I've seen so far: "Here I sit all broken hearted. I came to shit but only farted."