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  1. [​IMG]

    The bell of the school rings. It's a sunny day at the Central City High, and a perfect first day.
    The classes are starting to gather in their classrooms, and one after another student comes in.
    After a while, and after some curious looks focused on a certain student, A blue haired young man comes into his class.
    He avoids to speak with anyone, as long as it can be prevented, and takes a seat near the window in the middle row.

    "Hey. Isn't that"
    "Yeah. I heard they call him the Ice prince. I bet he just thinks he is better then us, even though he failed in last years final exam."

    "I heard that he has a criminal past. After all, no one ever saw his parents."

    "Did you know that his hair color is natural? I'm telling you, He is some kind of alien."

    Those and many other gossips are shared among those who are already there. But the one who is talked about doesn't care.
    He just looks out of the window and watches the passing students.
  2. Seriack is rushing through the crowd of students, not wanting to be late to class.

    "Excuse me! Sorry! Coming through!" He shouts as he bumps into students left and right.

    He manages to make it to the class and enters. He looks around, noticing the blue-haired student. He decides to take a seat in front of him, but doesn't say anything. He puts his bags on the ground and opens one to pull out his notebook and pencil. His right cheek is facing Nova and the scar is easily visible.
  3. As a student takes the seat in front of him, Nova can't resist and takes a short look at him. He notices the scar on his right cheek.
    (Another troublemaker. Great.)
    He turns away again.
    It's obvious to those who know him, but now even some of the new students know that he doesn't care for much.
  4. Kyy walks in and sits in the second to last row. He sighs. "To much work." He puts his head down on the desk.
  5. He sits down in his chair and fiddles with his pencil and notebook for a little while. He tries to doodle, but he was never really an artist, and stops after a little while. He turns his head, taking in the whole class, looking over each student. Some obviously looked like bullies and others looked nice. He finally stopped on the student behind him, and grinned. It looked friendly, but the scar made it look less so.

    "Hey, my names Seriack. What's yours?" He asks.
  6. Nova turns back to the classmate in front of him, who's name seems to be seriack
    I'd appreciate it if you would leave me alone until i graduate.
    At least he doesn't seem to be bothered by the scar that goes from his mouth to his ear.

    ((i will wait for each on who signed up to make at least one post before i continue the story))
  7. He frowns a little. Poor guy, he thought to himself, He could use a friend. He sits there for a second, staring at Nova, not really knowing how to continue when he was told to not talk to him, trying to be polite but wanting to become friends. He scratches his head, then says,

    "Well, if you really don't want to talk..." And turns around. Better to be polite then to ruin chances of becoming friends later on.
  8. Vivian rushed to the class. She waited aminute laning on her knees to calm down her breath. `Almost late.` It would be embarassing to be late on the first day of school. She glanced around in the class room. `No people I know that well.` Wthout greeting anyone she quietly sits in last row next to the window. She places her bag next to her chair. Peeking around the class room carefully listing possible troublemakers `Those two sitting next to the window also, at least. Well, nothing that interesting.`She loses interest and starts staring out of the window. The sun is shining brightly, and the birds sing loudly. `Shame we have to be at school at a day like this`she sighes.
  9. Someone who had arrived promptly at class, exactly three minutes before the last bell ring, was one Tamsin Willoughby. She had her books out, more than ready to start the day. Although sometimes she drifted off during hours of schooling, it was never really a problem, seeing as she always made an effort to listen to the teacher, along with others in her class. As they all settled down, the usually quiet girl couldn''t help but hear many of the others being rather rude to the blue haired boy that, although odd, had never done anything to harm anyone. He was just not particularly sociable, which was hardly a crime. "Will you stop being so presumptious? You don't know him." Tamsin spoke with an authority that was surprisingly suitable for a matriarch, rather than a mousy, reclusive high schooler. The girl that had been spoken to did shut up, for all of two minutes, though by this time it seemed class was ready to start.
  10. The latest student managed to get Nova's attention, even if it was just for a moment.
    He wasn't sure what to think of her, but she was different.
    (She'll become like the others anyway.)

    The teacher arrives and the class starts.
    After introducing himself, he starts with math.
    ((timeskip since there is not much to do for us during lessons))
    During the class, nova was quiet and wrote anything the teacher said down.

    The bell rings and the break begins.

    Most students walk out to the cafeteria, speak with others, or remain on their seats.
    Nova leaves his bag in the classroom and walks out. He probably heads to the toilet.
  11. During the class, Tamsin made plenty of notes in a neat hand, paying careful attention to the key points - rather than the mess of students around her. So many of them were more involved in one another, rather than investing in their future. It was perhaps an unnecessarily serious stance on life, but it was just the way this girl happened to be.

    Once the break rolled around, Tamsin headed outside, even if it was just for a few minutes. The redhead was not a city person, nor an indoor person. And so she liked to get out in the open air as much as possible. It seemed to keep headaches at bay too, which could only be a bonus. The only drawback was the inevitablegroup of smokers hiding out somewhere, not that Tamsin tended to frequent these places.
  12. ((Hehe, that's the class I'm in now.))

    Seriack had taken his own notes, although his hand was no where as neat as most of the others. He knew he had to pay attention, but his mind would wander when it got to a really boring part.

    He stayed in his seat when the bell rang, pulling out a small snack bar he always had on him. It helped keep him going. He sat in silence, enjoying his snack.
  13. Nova comes back into the classroom and is watched by some students again.
    He ignores them and sits down on his seat. He takes his phone and writes something in it.
    Beside his cold attitude he seems to be a normal student.
  14. For 15 year old Taka, who was playing on her laptop for her break, it seemed liked a everyday school, except, everyone seems to not like the kid with blue hair. (What is so bad about him?) She thought. She watched him for a few seconds but then pushed the subject out of head and continue typing away at her keyboard. She was typing a letter to both of her old best friends. She sat at the front because she was so short.
  15. Seriack had finished his snack bar by the time Nova returned. He looked over at him as he entered the classroom and thought for a second. After Nova put his phone away, he turned around again and tried talking to the quiet, blue-haired student once more.

    "I know you told me to not talk to you... But I'd like to get to know you... You remind me of someone I knew..." As he says the last part, his voice trails off, and barely constrained sorrow can be heard in his tone.
  16. Nova looks at seriack while he speaks. At least he knows that eye contact is important if someone talks with him.
    Considering how you sound you shouldn't talk to me in the first place. Enjoy your live instead of remembering something that hurt you.
    He turns to his bag and starts to search for something in it.
    Something is not right. Whatever he is looking for, he is not finding it.
    (They took it again)
    He gets up from his seat and is about to leave the classroom. A bad idea considering that break is almost over.
  17. As usual, her timing was impecable. It wasn't a particularly impressive skill, but Tamsin was damn good at timekeeping, and had never once been late to any appointments due to any fault of her own. Maybe that was a little bit anorakish, but at least it made life pretty damn easy. It was as a result of this that none of Tamsin's time was wasted, as she entered the classroom in time to get herself in order, just before proceedings began again. She subconsciously made note of the younger girl absorbed in typing something on a laptop, as well as the blue haired one everyone seemed to have beef with, aside from the guy who was apparently trying to make conversation. He didn't seem to be getting anywhere.
  18. "Or maybe I should talk to you..." He says in reply while Nova stands and heads to leave the classroom.
  19. As nova leaves the classroom, some classmates giggle. 3 of them gathered at one seat near the other side of the windows.
    They are whispering with each other.
    "You really got it?"
    "Yeah. And i bet he doesn't know anything"
    "Come on. Open it."
    "I'm trying. That damn zipper seems to be broken"
  20. Seriack looks over at the three kids, suspicious of what they are doing. He couldn't hear what they said, but he was going to find out what they were doing. He stood up and casually walked over to them.

    "What do you three have there?" He asks, putting his hands on his waist, trying to look like he had authority he didn't.
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