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    According to a rumor there is some secret society that gathers those who are sick of the lands problems and leads them to "Paradise".

    Somehow, large numbers of people mysteriously go missing all over the country. Police all over the nation can't figure out why. And at the same time, a urban myth came up. It begun in the net.

    During all of this, a rumor is spreading that this society is to blame for the missed people. Their Leader is the mysterious "Nemesis Q".
    In your school, the occult club seems to know more.

    You are a high school student. Beside the usual classmates, there is one that behaves strange.
    Not only that he rarely comes to school, he is also nicknamed, ice prince because of his cold attitude and unnatural blue hair.
    His name is Nova. He doesn't have a single friend and avoids to speak with his classmates. His cold attitude prevents at least half of the class to even talk to him.
    At the beginning of the year, a group tried to talk with him but he simply answered "Could you leave me alone until graduation please?"
    Those where his first, and last words with his classmates.
    But what makes him really strange is that he tends to vanish in school. As he goes around a corner, he is gone. As he closes a door behind him, he is gone. Few noticed it and even fever care about it.

    What is psyren? Who is Nemesis Q? What's wrong with that classmate?
    Dive into this Rp and find it out.

    1. No Godmodding and Metagaming
    2. No one liners. Make at least 2 or 4 sentences.
    3. Respect the other players
    4. If you want to post OOC in the RP do not only post OOC. Combine it with your usual post or post it here to begin with.

    Rules for Powers (open)
    At the beginning of the rp, you will have no special powers. As the story progresses you will unlock them.
    Your powers will be called "PSI Abilities".
    -Powers are categorized in 3 categories: Burst, Trance and Rise. You can have one main power, and a weak secondary power.
    Burst (open)
    In essence, a person is able to channel and manipulate energy or matter in the surrounding environment. Burst has a number of forms it can take, ranging from the ability to move objects with only your mind, the power to command fire or lightning or even the ability to manifest as solid objects.

    Trance (open)
    At its most basic form, it is the ability to manipulate the minds of others. So far, it has been used to read minds, "dive" into memories and force the target to see illusions. However, the possibilities for Trance go far beyond just what has been displayed so far, for instance, it is theoretically possible to completely control a target. However, there are less dangerous uses of Trance, such as being able to locate the enhanced minds of others using PSI or communicate with another PSI user/users.

    Rise (open)
    Rise is used to manipulate any of the user's senses. Rise powers can be further subdivided into three types: Sense, Strength and Healing.
    • Sense-type Rise: This type increases either any one of the 5 senses or all of the 5 senses of the user (sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch) to extraordinary levels and also increases the user's reflexes.

    • Strength-type Rise: This type focuses on the user's physical body, increasing the body's physical strength, speed and endurance. It can simply be referred to as Super Human Strength.

    • Healing-type Rise: This type ties into Strength-type but focuses more towards the body's endurance. Basic healing is used by each PSI user, even though they don't know it. This increases the Body's regeneration and healing. When trained properly, the user can reduce the amount of damage being taken and how long it will take for their body to recover from damage such as a large cut or bruise. There are also other types of people who can "share their rise to another person and heal their body instead of their own".

    Sign up sheet
    Age: (13-19. If older there must be a reason. Teacher, voluntary worker, ect)
    Appearance: (You can ether add a picture or describe him/her)
    What Skills/Abilities will you have:
    Don't write them here. Send me a pm if you want to surprise everyone else.
    All i will do is to ether set a category for it, or limit it if it is OP. But you are free to share it here if you want.

    I'll start by signing my own character in:
    Name: Lusterless Nova
    Age: 19
    History: Not much is know about him. In his youth he was different though. Cheerful, talk active, a person who's company was welcome.
    Something happened before he entered High school that made him change drastically. Because of his sudden leaves, his grades sunk down and he didn't graduate.
    He got the chance to repeat the year and took it.

    Personality: He has a cold personality, always avoiding a conversation and not caring much for school activities. He does clean up the classroom without being asked for it though and even taking care of some flowers is usual for him.
    Sometimes his Classmates take away his stuff and hide it, or throwing small things at him during class, but he simply ignores them and finds his stuff after some searching.
    He ignores everything around him, but calls a teacher if students have problems that go over their heads.

    Appearance: View attachment 19943
    What Skills/Abilities will you have:
    -Main: Burst: Chaos force. Nova will have the ability to concentrate energy and channel it into mid range attacks
    -Second: burst: Teleport: Short range teleportation.

    ((you don't have to make it colorful. I was just bored))

    ~Small update~
    I noticed that the category was wrong. This will be modern/sci-fi rp. But the powers remain.
    Story spoiler. Only open if you think they will really find a paradise (open)

    They will not get into a paradise. It will be... Bad. Some fighting will be involved, as well as some parts where you or your comrades will have to use your/their brain. Sorry but i don't want to spoil the whole story.
  2. I know this CS is crap, and I've not thought of a second ability yet, so please don't hate me.

    Name: Tamsin Willoughby
    Age: 18
    History: She's led a pretty normal life so far. She's an only child, born in the middle of the english countryside - the only real difficulty in her life was moving away from the middle of nowhere and into the city when she was twelve. Of course, by now she's settled in and is doing very well indeed.
    Personality: Altruistic to the point of fault. She doesn't like to cause anyone problems, even though this often causes herself issue. Often quite shy, the only time Tamsin becomes more outgoing, is when she's trying to help or defend someone else. She's got a strong sense of justice, and is what you'd call lawful good.
    What Skills/Abilities will you have:
    -Main: Healing Rise - Will be able to heal others.
    -Second: Burst - Will be able to 'pick up' existing flames (up to a certain size and heat) and use it hand to hand.
  3. No need to be worried.
    You are accepted. When you can think of a second ability just let me know and edit it into that post.
  4. I'm thinking I'm going to go with fire. Fire is always good.
  5. Sounds interesting. I recommend that your character gets a lighter.
    The change is accepted.

    And also: We will need at least 3 characters to start.

    One more thing:

    The sign ups will be opened even when the rp began. The story will allow newcomers to join on certain points.
  6. Name: Vivian Stykes
    Age: 17
    History: She ¨has lived a normal life so far. Her parents divorced peacfully when she was 12, and now she switches houses every other week. Her parents are still friends, even though her father has a new girlfriend. That new girlfriend is quite fond of occultims and such, and even though Vivian hasn't really spent too much time with her, they have celebrated things like the new moon together.
    Personality: She's pretty quiet and observant type. She's smart and has good grades, but she's not so good at sports. She has very good friends, but she doesn't like big cowds or noisy people. She can stare at one point for hours just thinkng about something. She doesn't speak too often, only when shes comfortable with the people around her she gets more talkative. Doesn't make friends easily, and doesn't talk to people she doesn't know unless it's absolutely necessary. Likes food very much.
    Appearance: Long dark brown hair and sky blue eyes. She looks younger than she really is, maybe because she's so short, the shortest in her class.
    What Skills/Abilities will you have:
    -Main: Trance- she can make others believe her and read their mind and dive into some of their memories. She can control people to a certain point, she can't make them do something they don't really want to do. -Second: Sense-type Rise- makes one of her senses stronger when she focuses on it. Also makes her reflexes better.
  7. You are taking a bit too much. Your main trance is too strong.

    Reading the opponents mind and their memories is possible, but some of the opponents will have informations that shouldn't be known by you or the other players. Without knowing, you would spoil a lot of the story.

    You: But it's written in the explanation that it is possible. Does it mean we can't have everything you write there?
    Me: All i do is to list some examples. Keep in mind that you are not limited to my examples. You can think of anything you want as long as it is not OP.
    If you are not satisfied with my idea you can think of something else. I will gladly accept any ability that is creative and not OP.
  8. Lighter makes sense. Thanks for accepting her.
  9. Is it ok if I remove the reading minds part? Or just make it that she can only read the minds of some people, and only what's currently on top at their mind?
  10. So like: The opponent prepares a attack and you read what it is? If you want i allow you to step it up and look into the next few seconds of the future. (Or my next post to be more exact). It would be the same and acceptable for me.
    I like it. Accepted. Welcome to psyren.

    We could start now if you guys want, but we could also wait for one more member. I'll let you decide.
  11. Name: Kyy Namos

    Age: 18

    History: Was orphaned when he was 6. His parents died in a bank robbery. Was adopted at the age of 11 but ran away because he felt they weren't his family. When they found him they sat next to him and just let him be. After realizing they did care he finally went home, and was at ease with them.

    Personality: Hyper, outgoing, laid back

    Appearance: A little above average height, long black hair with red highlights, bangs cover his left eye.

    -Main Burst: Manifestation: Able to form either a spear or blade to attack close range.

    -Second Burst: Smoke: able to create a remote smokescreen if there is smoke of some kind nearby.
  12. And there is our third player. A interesting second burst. But how will YOU fight? You are free to surprise me or change it later.

    I will start the rp today. And to make it easier for all of you to prepare: It will be the beginning of the school year, Summer, and the first class will be about to start. The teacher will be late though so you have some time to ether talk with your classmates or do whatever comes to your mind.
    We will all be in the same class.
  13. I thought that out. Hehe... I'll surprise ya lol
  14. Name: Seriack Sontomaro
    Age: 18
    History: He has always lived in the city. He grew up there, with his younger brother and parents. For the most part, he was a good kid, always looking out for his younger brother(Who will remain unnamed, you may ask him later and he may tell you... It was a hard part of his life) and keeping him safe from harm. (And now the cliche part) Until one day when a group of troublemakers decided to pick on them while they were walking home from school. They beat up both Seriack and his younger brother, and both had to be hospitalized. Seriack was able to recover, but his brother wasn't so fortunate. Seriack watched him die while he was in perfect health, and it really cut deep. He now sticks up for anyone that is bullied.
    Personality: Closed until you get to know him better, although he is fiercely loyal, to a fault even. Realist, but tends to be more optimistic.
    Appearance: 5'9", he has sandy-blond hair that normally gets darker in the winter and lighter in the summer. His eyes are normally gray, but can change depending on his mood when he woke up. He has a scar from his encounter with the troublemakers(bullies) that is on his right cheek and is between his mouth and ear. Wear jeans and a sweatshirt with a tee underneath most days.
    What Skills/Abilities will you have:
    -Main: Burst: Using the energy of electronics around him, he can focus it into a ball of lightning, which he can handle. He can either throw the ball, and let it be an AoE attack or stretch it into a bolt for a more focused single-target shot.
    -Secondary: Trance: He feels if there are other PSY users nearby, but it's very faulty, since he can't tell who they are, just they are nearby. When he focuses enough energy, he can mesmerize a target, effectively stunning them. This takes a lot out of him and he will some time before he can use his abilities again.

    Okay Nova, here ya are!
  15. Wow, even a 3rd one. Now we are for since you are accepted.
    Only one little change though. Don't just use electric energy around you. It's your main burst, so create them at your very fingers.

    Anyway. Now i am motivated. I will write the actual rp thread now. Give me a while and prepare yourselves.
  16. Interesting. Alright, but I still will need electricity around me, but instead of making it at the source, I will have it "pulled" to me so I can have the bolts and such right there.
  17. Name: Phillip Coté (Pip)
    Age: 19
    History: A high school graduate, he returned to take extra classes and study up on cults, and how they are successful. He is mostly refered to as the weird guy, Pony boy, and Spess Mehren
    (Captain Borial reference from dawn of war soulstorm) due to his hobbies and likes. he also runs a club for bronies to meet up and discuss episodes and all that. in his earlier years he studied and practiced witchcraft wanting to know as much as he can. But in the most part he's just a Nerd to the core.
    Personality: Sarcastic, witty, know it all, funny, random, explosive when pushed too far, very imagionative, easy to get along with if you don't mess with his head, Massive Brony
    Appearance: 5'8", Tan skin, Huskey build, short dark brown hair, two tattoos (on on each arm), glasses, black cowboy boots, and black leather jacket
    What Skills/Abilities will you have: Knowledge: Occult, religion
    -Main Burst: Manifestation: Due to his highly creative imagination, he is able to manifest weapons, items, and even fantasy characters/creatures that will aide him
    -Second Harmonize: Phil is able to connect with other Psy users and transfer energy to them, effectivly boosting their own abilites. if using all his focus, he can even transfer his own to the other(s) he is connected to, temporarily giving them his abilites, although it will take alot out of him, and even have him end up in a comma for days, when he's most dangerous.
  18. Main burst: The ability that is similar to manifest weapons is already taken, but you are free to manifest mythical creatures.
    Second burst: Psi users have the advantage that their brain regenerates faster then that of a average human. Passing out in combat is more then okay so no need for a coma.

    You are accepted
  19. Name- Taka Monichi
    Age- 15
    History- A school girl who is too smart for her own good, she studies in school and is well ahead than most in her age group. When she was only 9, when she was in the 5th grade. She slowed down her pace when she became friends with 2 people, Kululu Liven and Bane Suilki. However, they both have moved away from Taka, but because of them, she decided to take a slower pace to meet new people. She has just recently moved to this neighborhood, with a big smile of what she learned. She loves to play in the water because of her ability.
    Personality- She tries her best to be nice, and understanding. Somewhat carefree when she has free time. She is easily scared, which doesn't help in some situations. She isn't very funny, even though she tries it to start a conversation.
    Appearance- 4'10, she has a little tan to her, she doesn't have any kind muscles, she has dark red hair that is usually in a ponytail with somewhat of her hair over her left eye, she wears black frame glasses with no make up, mostly wears a black long sleeve shirt with designs of white roses on her arms with her blue jeans and purple shoes, usually with a bag that holds her laptop.
    What skills/abilities you have:
    Main Burst- Cold fear: She must have constant eye contact in order for this to work. If she does, she makes you live your worst fear. However, because she is easily scared, she doesn't do this very often.
    Secondary- Waterflow: If she touches water, she can redirect the water, even go up instead of down. She mostly uses this entertain herself or to fight back against enemies.
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