Psychopathic Romance

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  1. Hello crazy people. I'm looking for partners who can be the Harley Quinn to my Joker. The Bonnie to my Clyde. But a complete original story with original characters.

    I got inspired from watching a lot of slasher and psychological thrillers where the killer develops a love interest with his next victim, a coworker from his day job, detective trying to catch him and so on. I want my character to develop a love and crazy relationship with a serial killer who is just as crazy as him.

    Send me a message if you are interested
  2. I'm in! I'll be a serial killing, manipulative, sadistic psychopath! (Let's say he's a vampire too! X3 PLOT TWIST!)
    Do we have a deal?

    No, wait, no, sorry, we're not compatible, just checked your resume...
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