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  1. During the 1950's, the time of the "cold way," the U.S. government initiated a program, program Psyche. Program Psyche was originally made to create psychic super soldiers. The government, trying to keep it classified, gathered a group of willing volunteers and made a front stating it was "medical research." The volunteers were taken to a base when the pills had strakkmkkmnnge "side effects" and kept them in lock down. Main side effect was telekenisis. Others were granted with pyrokenisis and cyrokenisis.

    Those who survived the transition that took place by the "z-pill" went into battle simulations to test their abilities. Some died while the ones who survived were severely hurt. So an initiative was took by two prisoners and escaped. Then others soon escaped afterwards. Now, the government is trying to take them back, to keep the secret.

    Ok. This is the basic idea. It was originally a 1x1 between me and zombiieezzz. We decided to expand, even if we barely started out ourselves. We are the gms, so what we say is law. Basic rules
    *don't be a dick, your character can but not yourself.
    *no godmodding
    *be fair in your character. (Gms must agree to be accepted unless personally invited, even than we both must agree if your character is acceptable)
    *most important, have fun. But also know this is sorta based off of Stephen kings book. (Forgot which one) and it needs to be action packed, creepy, sorta horrifying to a certain degree, and it is first person. All post must be first person.

    Standard sheet
    Name :
    Age : (between 25-35)
    Appearance : (picture or description)
    Personality : (you don't have to put one cause I don't, they usually change for me. But your personality in the RP must be consistent)
    Bio : (before the side effects and after escape)
    Abilities : (maximum of two)

    Your char will be starting out after the break out. Some will be joined together later or some may never see each other at all. Also, in case I forget, we're only accepting 5 people in all. 1 spot is reserved for the 6th person. That's 8 including me and zombies.

    Also, forgot to put time period. The experiments had been going on until 2008, when the president order the immediate disband of the program. The t
    Current time period is 2001, early February
    That means time of escape was around 199 for the earliest, those being 20-30 were the only age limit at the time to be experimented on. which is why your characters age limit is 25-35.

    Another thing. Any holes or bugs or any type of problem, please pm me and I'll fix it.
  2. First of all, can my character die if I make really shitty decisions? If so, I'm all for it.
  3. Yes. The government is after you. But you must discuss with Gms. I am taking one thing back. To make the story progress faster, all characters will meet up eventually.
  4. Name : Luchini Seamoore

    Age : 26

    Appearance : Picture. (With an eye patch covering her right eye)

    Personality : Very Solitary, likes to be alone but willing to join any group/team. Mean is her usual first impression but she can grow to be kind once you get to know her.

    Bio : Luchini was the middle child. The only girl. Her mother had died when she was just a small 4. She had to adapt to a life with two rowdy brothers and a tough father. She would always wrestle with them, train with them in the training simulator they had. They would always pick fights to see her advanced improvement. She could beat them in 15 seconds now if she hadn't killed them. ::: After all the experiments, all the pills, Luchini was stronger mentally, like they had rewired her brain circuitry. She was able to sense everything around her without having to even move her eyes (Like Po from Graceling). She could "feel"movements in another room a certain distance away. Everything was in her head though. She couldn't feel earthquakes or shaking. She could only sense it. :: Her telepathy is weak from the lack of a certain injection. If she had trust with person then she could communicate with them mentally. That is why her telepathy is weak because of her purposely conceived solitary confinement.

    Abilities : Shadow Hand Control & Weak Telepathy.
  5. Two problems. Minor. First, your Bio is strange. I'm confused on the matter of before life in the program and after. Also, all abilities must have something to do with the mind. I.e. casting illusions, telekinesis. As long as it includes the mind. That's why its psychic warfare.
  6. The thing with the bio, I was kinda confused at first. I didn't know I was supposed to put life after the program. I'll fix that right away~

    & I'll fix the whole ability mess too. :x
  7. Better, but keep in mind, simulators back then weren't programs. They were real life things. Also, it wasn't experimentation physically. It was pills. Make sure to read all of the post at the top. Make a few adjustments to fit and you'll be good. This isn't too much fantasy, more classic scifi.
  8. So wait, you want me to fix the training simulator thing? I thought simulators were more like large gymnasiums with punching bags, yoga, meditation (mental stimulation) etc etc?
  9. Sorry. Your fine. I was just confuzled at the wording. In my mind, I'm thinking of holograms when you say it took 15 seconds to beat em. Now I get it. Your character is good. I'm waiting on zombies cause I don't know her characters name. I'll go ahead and post so you could get in.
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