Psy - The Korean Pop Sensation

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  1. Just in case any of you have missed out on this song which has gone viral in North America. You have to see this:

  2. I clicked Like.
  3. I... Yeah. Don't read the comments on that on youtube, that's all I'll say. I really can't unhear one of the really awkward phrases I read there.
  4. Yes. Unfortunately many of the opeople who first saw this video mistook the word Open Gagnam for....Something gross.
  5. broken condom style ^_^
    but hey when you look like your riding something and singing about condoms where do you think my mind is going to go. where it always is the gutter my mind has a nice little space next to poe
  6. I know every word to the song and I sing it often. I also know some of his other songs. Really catchy, quirky, and witty. Psy is awesome.
  7. I just love that Psy did all of the stuff for this video. And the comedians are the best part of the video. Every time I watch I crack up at the elevator part xD And as someone who's family live in the Gangnam district I'm pretty proud of this song :D

    and yes I'm kidding. I hate that part of my family xD
  8. I have those moments where I imitate the dance moves whenever I hear the song... Is that bad? I've only heard about it a few weeks ago, and I can openly say that there is something oddly hypnotising about this song. You just want to watch it, drown in it's catchy tune, and basically --- just say, "Oppa Gangnam Style".

  9. Me too! The first time I saw it was in really bad resolution so I thought the dude in the green shirt was wearing cat ears on his head. ><