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  1. The weather, typical of the area, was overcast and decidedly gloomy – though not raining, the sky looked as though it could ease itself into a light drizzle at any given moment. The building of our focus seemed inconspicuous, at first glance – much like the other facilities, it had a painted wooden door, the sign attached above it, to the brick wall constituting one side of the building. The sign, a pale blue in tone, read “Mind Mappers Psychiatric Clinic.” A deceiving name indeed – the mental medicine practised in this clinic was far more different than any would dare to describe it. The people performing the procedure had no prior training in psychology, but they had no need for it – their psychic and combative abilities more than compensated for such a minor inconvenience.

    These “Mind Mappers” project themselves into their patient’s psyche, and by literally beating the troubles out of the patient’s head, their job is performed. The form their troubles take and the environment in which they dwell can vary greatly – the average human being uses less than one percent of their mind. With such a vast amount of one’s brain left untapped, anything is possible in the land of the subconscious. Whether this is to a Mind Mapper’s advantage is yet to be seen.

    Mind Mappers- these psychics, born with the ability to utilise more of their brain than the average human being, are scattered throughout the globe. A select few have come together to a common purpose, and that purpose is a simple one - money. For the right price, a patient can consult the team of five, and they will project themselves into the afflicted's mind. There, they will be tasked with beating out the troubles plaguing the mind - these troubles take the forms of beasts, and the big problems? Big beasts.


    • Control of characters is to be only taken from the original controller when they say so on this topic - I may, however, take control temporarily to move the story along
    • Just because you're in somebody's mind, doesn't mean you're invincible
    • You can't die, but if you "die" in somebody's mind, you're kicked out of their brain - fail twice, and you're kicked out of the organisation
    • Try to balance the types of weapons used - not a rule, as such, but highly encouraged
    • Take your arguments or disputes up with me, or the person you have a problem with - in PMs


    Name: Nothing silly, now.
    Age: You must be at least three years older than the age you legally become n adult in your country.
    Appearance: Pictures are allowed, but not encouraged. Let me see your writing prowess.
    Personality: No scatterbrains, psychics must be able to focus.
    Weaponry: If you're wielding a firearm, nothing more powerful than an sub machine-gun. Otherwise, if you're using a melee weapon, use what you like.
    Special Skill: Kind of like character's "super attack" in a fighting game. Usable once per mission, this is an insanely powerful attack that will either severely injure or one-shot most mid-tier enemies. More powerful or durable foes, however, will be able to resist these attacks, though will still take damage. "Boss" enemies will be able to resist these attacks outright.

    My Form

    Name: Lee Browning
    Age: 25
    Appearance: Standing at a height that is deemed considerably average, Lee is built fairly athletically, with his muscles toned quite well, though not quite noticeable under his clothing. His hair is a sandy brown in hue, cut to a medium length, combed smartly, though one or two strands may stick out at unwanted intervals. His eyes are a soft green in colour, and though they are constantly half-closed, that does not necessitate tiredness. His clothing is fairly simple, yet quite manoeuvrable - his torso is adorned with a coal-grey polo shirt, one that fits snugly - not so tight that it's impractical, but not baggy enough to be a hindrance. His trousers, black jogging pants, follow the same rule of how well they fit him, and the ensemble is rounded off by a pair of lace-up trainers, similar in tone to his trousers.

    Personality: Able to keep a level head when faced with a problem requiring logic, Lee is well-suited to traversing simple minds and thoughts. Though he appears to have an acid tongue, and though one would think he is simply rude and outright obnoxious, he is simply a man of business. He tolerates who he needs to, he gets the job done he gets the cash. Money is his best friend, as it always has been, and though he will offer you a smile when you joke, he is secretly wishing you would go and do your job so he could do his. Despite this, he can show a wit of sort at times, and if you catch him in a good mood, he may even hold some sort of conversation with you. On the whole, however, he's part of the team, and nothing more.



    Special Skill: His axe's true power is activated, allowing him to set enemies alight by hitting them with it. Any hits on enemies already on fire cause increased damage.

    Cast List

    The Mumbling Cremator - Lee Browning
    LuluRS - Illian Jiles
    Boone - Danielle Boone
    Larerani - September Van Deutch
    Ninjakittee - Janxx Evans
  2. Name: Illian Jiles
    Age: 22

    Appearance: A true waif, built thin and bony. Long limbed and angular, Illian has a bit of a strange gait to his walk. His skin is fair, though that would be a bit of an understatement, as the man rarely gets the recommended amount of sunlight. Illian seems to be somewhat vertically challenged, falling shorter, usually, than even most females. Dark rings sit around his jade eyes, and not all of it is caused by lack of sleep. Illian's bangs are in need of a cut, the uneven edges of red hair falling into his face, having to be irritably brushed aside in an almost constant attempt to see. His hair is normally left to do as it wishes, so layered that it would be difficult not to fall back into normal alignment. If buffed by the wind, you might catch sight of the single piece of jewelry he wears; a single eating, small and gold, pierced through the top cartilage of his ear. He appears to be fond of stripes, wearing a 3/4 sleeve boat neck shirt that is printed with black and white stripes running horizontally. However, Illian doesn't appear to be fond of colour, the black and white theme prevailing over his black jeans, form fitting yet not overtly tight, and his sneakers.

    Personality: Illian is the expert on things one might call unusual, able to solve problems and dissipate obstacles creatively. The man keeps up an indifferent exterior to the world, able to apply this practice when facing the demons found inside the human mind, making him invaluable to the group. While he does engage in conversation that is not strictly business, Illian suffers from an innate shyness that causes him to withdraw and keep quiet, especially if his own thoughts do not follow the same as those around him, as oftentimes, his own opinions on a subject go unheard anyway. Illian, while able to act socially in small groups, finds himself at a loss when in large groups of people, and only willingly goes out when he absolutely has to.

    Show Spoiler

    Special Skill: Psychic claws manifest infront of his arms, extending his reach, and allowing him to attack enemies without the need to move in close.
  3. It's been a few years since I've role played so please excuse me if I've skipped over any role playing courtesies.

    Name: Danielle Boone
    Age: 25
    Appearance: Standing at a minor five foot two inches, this young woman yields a petite yet athletic build with petite measurements to match. She has a youthful rounded face with slate blue almond shaped eyes accented by a mask of freckles that coat her upper cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Her medium auburn hair falls just below her collar bone in the front and just below her shoulder blades in the back. Her athletic build comes from being an athlete, obviously, she runs on a daily basis and can usually be seen in fitted black running shorts and a blue sports bra. When she's not active or if the weather is cold out she covers herself with a black active jacket to match her shorts. When she's casually dressed she typically wears a simple blue jean t-shirt combo with a black fitted jacket to keep warm in harsher weather conditions.
    Personality:Danielle Boone, known simply as Boone by most, is a typical work-a-holic. She spends every chance she can on a dive and enjoys the rush of adrenaline she feels on a dive. Boone takes her time to figure out problems but can work swiftly and easily when an urgency arises. She always scans a problem to its fullest extent in order to attack from the problems weakest angle. Although the Mind Mappers is a somewhat teamwork related organization, Boone does not make a real effort to engage her co-workers in any kind of friendly manner. She yields a great sense of leadership and has the typical A type personality that makes her out to be a leader, however, when placed in a subordinate position Boone finds it difficult to trust her leaders fully, and almost always expects utter defeat of the team.
    Weaponry: Brass knuckles. Her brass knuckles also have a simple blade that extends parallel to her pinky, making for an easy stabbing motion if necessary.
    Special Skill: When backed into a corner Boone builds up a rush of adrenaline and attacks in a melee fashion. A mass of punches and kicks in such a fast repetition that the opponent has little to no chance of landing an attack until after Boone's special attack has been completed, which by then the opponent has no ablility to attack left.
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    Name: September Van Deutch

    Age: 23

    Appearance: Standing at 5'4", September has always been average, especially where it comes to what matters most to her, in the chest area. She isn't too thin or too large, and has dull dark brown hair, that hangs lifelessly about her shoulders. Her skin is what some would call a perfect ivory hue, but what many call pasty. Upon her right hand, she wears a plain silver ring, which she fiddles with constantly. She has piercing stormy gray eyes, that make her look as if she is looking into your mind and examining the pieces. She wears her hair long, placing it into exotic braids most of the time. Her heart shaped face gives her a look of sweet-heartedness, yet the sweet exterior covers a hard interior.

    Personality: September is...odd. She enjoys numbers, the solidity of one plus one equals two, and thinks of the mind as a complex computer, a machine she can program to do her whim. Among people she deems as "unimportants", she is cold, calculating, but when she is around "importants", she is funny, outgoing, and clever. She tends to overanalyze situations, occasionally thinking back on long-past conversations and wondering if she did anything wrong. In every sort of situation, she absolutely absolves anything pertaining to bugs. She hates them, to put it simply. Some people would call it a fatal flaw and use it against her, but it her most well-guarded secret she has.

    Weaponry: _pocketwatch_gun.jpg This is her secondary, used in emergencies. It holds one tiny bullet. I couldn't fine a good picture of her main hand, so I'll describe it to the best of my abilities. It is a semi-automatic .45 caliber rifle, can hold a magazine of nine bullets at a time. The body is all black, save for an inscription on the side, written in unintelligible French, as if a child had tried to write it. It has a scope protruding from the top, with a neon orange lens cap.

    Special Skill: December can summon 17 ghostly .50 caliber bullets sending them at nearly the speed of sound towards her enemies. Once inside a target, she can still command them, for a time, and moves them about her target's insides for a few seconds. After firing, the bullets remain for exactly five seconds, before her energies run out.

    Funny story about her last name...There was this loan shark where I used to live, and her last name was Van Deutch, and she said it so strangely. She said it like DEUtch. It always made me laugh, every time I saw the commercial... Teehee ^^
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    Name: Janxx Evans
    Age: 27
    Appearance: Standing on the taller side of average, Janxx is somewhat qualified for the term 'elvish', with high-angled cheekbones and slightly angled eyes.. Her skin is nut brown, and smooth as silk both to the touch and the eye. She regularly attends the local firing range to practice with her bow and arrow, mainly to keep her skill up, but also because it helps keep her body lithe, and flexible. Most mornings, she can be seen on her balcony rocking out to the radio, dancing until she works up a decent sweat. Janxx's hair is a dark mahogany colour, with red highlights in the sun, and she keeps it cut short and jagged; if it starts getting past her jaw, it's too long for her, as she prefers to keep it out of the way. Her eyes, the only real curiosity about her, are pale leaf green, almost always dancing with mirth. Janxx's typical attire consists of a pair of black trackpants (the kind that are full of pockets, not the fatpants kind), with all sorts of small useful items in the pockets, and an ice blue shirt that clings to her figure and reaches all the way down to her wrists on the sleeves. On colder days, she also wears a midnight blue, moulded jacket. For footwear, Janxx prefers the functionality of her white and blue laceup sneakers. Finally, no matter her attire or the day, Janxx will wear a mottled green-brown hooded cloak over her clothes that clasps at her throat with a small, sky blue pin shaped like a teardrop.
    Personality: Janxx, while not quite hitting hyperactive, is very energetic, and is usually known for her cutting humour. When faced with tough situations - such as fighting mental projections of a person's woes - Janxx will make snap decisions based ont he information immediately available to her and run with them. Whenever new information is presented, she will make another, and another. Her planning skills are not the best, but her quick-thinking logic is usually quite accurate, and very rarely will she get herself into a situation that she cannot get out of; Janxx is not too proud to flee if that's the best chance of survival. In teamfights, she's quite happy to go along with preprepared plans that her teammates have devised for her, but if she sees them going wrong, she won't hesitate to take control and start issuing orders based on her snap calculations. Outside of work, Janxx is quick-witted and sharp-tongued; her humour is hard, fast and often deadly, but she means it in the best possible way. Her sharp mind and tongue often contribute (along with her habit of making snap decisions) to her blurting out things that come to mind about who she's talking to, and usually - granted her 'psychic' ability - these are not thing that most people are fond of her broadcasting.
    Weaponry: [​IMG]
    She carries a quiver of nineteen arrows on her back.
    Special Attack: When faced with the necessity, Janxx can charge her bow with the electrical energy from her body, delivering a bolt of lightning to the target upon impact, but it leaves her drained and weak.
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