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  2. Name singular: Woen (WHOA – EH – “N”)

    Name plural: Woen

    Short Description: Woen are mages who can commune with all existence—living and nonliving, objects, and elements—in the universe. Through partnerships, Woen can command these allies to do anything they can imagine.

    Same as the average age of whatever species the Woen is, be it human or anything else.

    Physical description:
    Woen mages come in all shapes in sizes, but most are humans of many different races. There do exist non-human Woen mages, like animals, or beings of different planets. All Woen mages however, are living beings without exception, in the biological sense.

    There are many Woen mages across many races in the universe. They are not bound to one realm, and typically claim their native realm as their home.


    • The Language, which is magical in nature, is the root language of all existence in the universe. It is the communication which arose in response to the interconnectedness of the world. It is the sole tool of a Woen mage in manipulating the world around them. It is nothing more than a tool for communication across many different backgrounds. Those who are gifted the ability to speak The Language are able to understand all others. Many learn The Language in its spoken form, but there also exists a written form, and a form that transcends physical boundaries.

      The spoken form is heard by all beings in their native tongue. Those who are familiar with magic can sense a magical quality about the speaker’s words. Those who are unfamiliar with magic cannot tell the difference between The Language and their native tongue.

      The written form consists of glyphs and symbols that are only understandable by those who know The Language. Many spells use these glyphs and symbols. The written form can be written in the air, or physically on the ground, or on paper. The nature of these spells are contracts, agreements and commands. Many common commands have been adapted to a shorthand glyph style, and are understandable by all who know The Language. As is rule with Woen magic, the spell will fail unless there is consent of the targeted party.

      There exists a third form that is not bound by physical rules, and exclusive to individuals who are recognized as worthy by a hundred other Woen. A Woen mage who is capable of this form does not require the ability to speak, or write to communicate. It is akin to telepathy. Those who are unable to communicate via speech or writing often acquire this ability on their own.

      The Language is built upon the very essence of what connects each and everything in the universe. Therefore, it is possible to communicate with others over long distances using The Language. This can be achieved only by two individuals who both know The Language. Otherwise, it’s like attempting to establish an Internet connection where none exists; the other party has not acknowledged it.

      For more on The Language, do check the Lore section.

    • Woen are the very few individuals who are able to speak The Language. Thus, those who can speak it—many inanimate objects and elements—will move and work to protect these people from life threatening danger. It is the same as one’s natural instinct to protect another living being. However, objects that already have an affinity for another do not feel this; a man’s favorite knife, or an elementalist’s attacks may cause harm to a Woen.

    • Woen have aptitude for The Language, and thus, the ability to command all that exists in the universe. If a Woen had earned the respect of a body of water, he or she would be able to command it. They will be able to command water to become ice, surround an individual, or to become something else entirely.

      However, each entity and individual has its own will and personality. A Woen who has not earned the respect of an element cannot command it. If a Woen has not earned the respect of a bottle of water, he cannot command and manipulate it. Also, if a Woen commands an object to change—commands water to become gold—he or she cannot necessarily command it thereafter, for its personality had changed with its properties.

      A Woen mage cannot necessarily command elements as a whole. Say that a mage is on good terms with the earth of his or her home. If the earth of a different place is unfamiliar with this mage, it will not obey the mage. There are exceptions however; if the element and the mage have a strong affinity or similar personality to each other, the element will obey. This natural affinity is rare as many Woen must develop relationships.

    • Woen have the ability to communicate with anything in existence via The Language. If a Woen mage can win over the favor of an object—the water in a bottle, the flesh of a man, a being itself—they will be able to control it through commands. This is their Universal Dominion

      However, this makes intentions transparent, making combat a challenge. This is where the very early Woen have developed Companion Pacts. A pact is an agreement and spell between a Woen mage and another party to align its will to that of the mage. From then on, the party doesn’t need verbal or nonverbal commands to obey the mage; its own will becomes the mage’s, like an extension of his or her body.

      A mage can only make a pact with one party at a time. At any time, either party can call off the pact.


    • Although The Language is one that each being and thing can speak, only living beings are recognized as Woen mages. This is because nonliving things, by their very essence, are resistant to significant change. A rock will not decide to be soft, in its natural state. However, a hawk may decide to spare prey that he spots. Woen mages are those who speak The Language to elicit change in different things. Therefore, the living, who are subject to change, are the only ones recognized as Woen magi.

      Many of those who are recognized as Woen mages know that The Language is a proof of the interconnectedness of the world. Those who know this tongue feel the need to protect others of their kin, and after that, everything as a whole.

    • Since Woen magic at its core is nothing more than communication, there is not much needed by a Woen to integrate into “normal” society. All beings, objects, and elements understand what is “normal” behavior. Thus, the unordinary does not usually happen in public. That which does can be attributed to luck, and rare cases, miracles. These irregularities can mostly be attributed to a Woen mage issuing a command to help another person save a life.

      Many Woen mages require little practice. As long as they are communicating with others daily, many of their social skills which are essential for their magic are retained. Their practice, if it can be counted, is usual communication with those elements, objects, or beings they have befriended. Those that are willing to form Pacts are usually those that are communicated with the most.

      Woen do not typically live in communities, as their job is less achievable when they are condensed in one place. Despite this, there exists one governing body, over all Woen mages. It was founded after a fallen Woen had caused havoc across the world. These Woen are known as The Listeners. They are guardians who monitor the universe of malicious tampering with The Language, and the first responders in Woen related crisis.

    • In a world where everything can speak, those who have awakened to their aptitude in The Language need support from like individuals. Most individuals who are Language capable are born within Woen families. The family dynamics and sizes are in line with that of the cultural context of wherever the family is living. These families help raise children to understand what The Language is, and what their duty is.

      Many children who inherit their abilities are incredibly sensitive to all the talking that is going on. Families teach their children how to tune out these conversations. While learning, most families have a means to manually tune out The Language for their children. These might consist of earmuffs, or even a very clever spell.

      After children grow accustomed to controlling what they hear, their parents teach them what can be done with their magic. Some families teach them the importance of communicating and how to be better communicators. Others teach this same idea, but through the lens of social engineering. While others focus more on the magic aspect, introducing their children to their partners who they’ve befriended, and showing them what they’re capable of.

      There is an emphasis on maintaining the student/mentor relationship between adults and children in the family. This is due to the general belief that keeping and forming relationships are the most important, and to give a child all your knowledge is the best way to protect a better tomorrow.

    • There are those outside of Woen families who awaken to their abilities. Most often, these individuals awaken to them later in life. Most of these late bloomers awaken when they are teenagers, and there are no cases of adults awakening to dormant abilities.

      Without the tutelage of a family, late bloomers are lost and confused with the sudden influx of speaking from every being. Some attempt to solve the problem by engaging in these conversations. Others attempt to ignore and shut out these voices. But, there are two resulting situations for late bloomers.

      There are those who grow into proper Woen mages regardless of the absence of a traditional mentor. This is because there are societies in these hidden communities that communicate with The Language. The trees and plants each have their own community. The asphalt, cars, and the rain which strikes them communicate with each other. And, understood by all of them, are those who are Woen mages. They are likely to reveal the fact to these late bloomers, and if they are befriended, can become teachers.

      The other side of the story are those who seek help from the normal world, be it humans, or any other species the mage is. In the case of humans, these magi are locked away in asylums, often misdiagnosed with mental illness. There are fail safes for this occurrence, as some people within that system are Woen. Unfortunately, not all of them are. Many individuals get lost in the system, and rare cases become destructive and dangerous in nature due to their mistreatment.

    Lore (open)

    Nobody is quite sure what happened at the beginning of the universe. But one thing was for sure. There were laws that were placed in existence that determined how the world would form. To scientists on Earth, these are the many laws of physics. To Woen, there is another law, another relationship between all that exists. That, is known as The Magic of All.

    The Magic of All is the very connection each and everything in the universe has with one another. All matter and energy, in all forms were connected by this magical bond. Over time, purpose was awoken in these bonds, in the form of The Language. The only reason for its existence appeared to be for communication between each and everything. It was formed to find the reason for these bonds, and still, to this day, the reason is lost.

    As life came to existence, that which did not have the biological life as we know it changed nature. This new life forgot The Language and formed their own native languages. They grew and formed societies individually, unaware of other languages. However, when these societies would eventually meet, they struggled to find understanding. They were from different cultures, different places, and different tongues.

    Frustration with this awoken The Language which lay dormant in many individuals. They were able to communicate not only with these new peoples, but everything else in the world. These individuals were named Woen by the rest of the universe. For they had felt nothing but woe for these lost beings, and that has all but en(ded) when they rediscovered their past, and their lost brothers and sisters. This age became known as the Woen age of The Language, for it is when it was reintroduced.
    These Woen did not find the magical nature of The Language until miracles were witnessed. Miracles that happened because one commanded it to happen. Scholars and scientists of the Woen were the first to discover all that is currently known about The Language, the nature of its abilities, and the extent of its power. Of course, once this was all discovered, it was easily communicated to all Woen through The Magic of All. This was their own age of enlightenment.

    Eventually, there rose an individual who was unsatisfied with the society that was established by the Woen. This rebel took a different take on the reason The Magic of All was present. Many Woen believed that it justified the reason to help each other; by helping another, you help yourself. However, he had believed that these pre-established strings and connections were a means to puppeteer all of existence. Aware of the great power one could acquire as a Woen mage, the individual convinced many others to join his cause. Many of these were nonliving elements and energies that allied with this individual. They for so long had served the living, and thought it was logical.

    A war broke out; a war between a god fighting to claim dominion over his subjects, and those very subjects who rejected him. Some, after losing their homes and family, decided to submit to his rule. They were promised power; they were promised command over those they defeated.

    Ultimately, the original Woen party won out. When the rebellion was silenced, one individual reached a revelation that would cement many Woen’s beliefs and ideals. “If our bonds, The Magic of All, were strings meant for a god, would he not already be here?” For others however, this only proved that the throne was waiting for a ruler to claim it. This malicious party would grow silently, in the dark corners of many worlds, and still exists to this day.

    After the third war against these dictators, it was agreed that there must be a force to find these threats before they emerged. Thus The Listeners were formed, a group of individuals who are nominated to patrol their home world, and Listen for those who dare steal the freedom of others.
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  3. Name singular: Freaer (Fray-er, sometimes Fry-er)

    Name plural: Freaers

    Short description: Freaer are mankind's cousins who commune with nature and rely on it for their magic. They can either command the weather, nature, or possess abilities of their spirit animal.

    Lifespan: Average lifespan is 150s-early 200s, but some have been known to life until 500 years.

    Physical description: All Freaer descend from humans. They come in many different races and sizes. Totem warriors share some physical characteristics with their totem spirit. Most cases are subtle, but some can appear more like their animal.


    • Frears having spent their life communing with nature, have an ability to know the environment around them intimately. This is the ability to speak to animals (who have limited intelligence), detect minute changes in weather and thus predict it, and also detect outside destruction within an ecosystem. All Frears are attune with nature, with no exception.

    • The ability to control weather through magic is a blessing through the Frears’ partnership with their goddess, Silvanis. This magic is a gift from the goddess of nature which allows Freaers to command nature phenomena and live in the most inhabitable conditions.

      Master weather mages are capable of significant feats. Master weather mages are able to command weather feats into existence, rainstorms in deserts, or can completely dispel a storm. However, most weather mages are only capable of strong gusts, small rain clouds, and the occasional lightning strike. Even with training, many Freaer weather mages do not become masters. A Freaer only has affinity for one of these two types of magics.

    • This type of magic has its roots in that which grows, lives, and breathes. This is a gift from Tymora, and is the embodiment of Freaers’ mastery and partnership with nature.

      Master nature mages can control plants and make them grow to incredible sizes, cure a town of diseased, and commune with a whole ecosystem to monitor the goings-on. Most nature mages are only capable of assisting plants to grow, and control of a plant limited to one or two. Healing abilities wise, they may cure two to three people a day (depending on the extent of the sickness or injury). Although all Freaers can speak with animals, only a few can call upon them for help and command them. Many are limited to commands given to long time companions.

    • A Freaer only has an affinity for one of the two magics available to them. An affinity for magic means they are capable of casting spells of that particular type. The other, they have no ability in. Despite this, there are Freaer who do not have talent in weather, nor nature magic. Thus, Illmater, god of life and death bestowed certain gifts to these individuals, to make up for what they lack.

      A Totem Warrior lacks talent in weather and nature magic. They are naturally more athletic, and share a deeper bond with nature than even the greatest master mage. The magic of a totem warrior flows from their bond with nature, and grants them the abilities of their Totem Spirit. This not only enhances their natural physical capabilities, but gives them certain abilities of their animal. A totem warrior also adopts certain physical similarities with their totem spirit; those of the bear may get hairy or thick skinned, and those of the eagle adopt bright yellow eyes.

      A totem spirit is selected by the warrior as an object to gain guidance from. Some animals may be specific to a region, and only a few are discussed below. See culture for rituals surrounding the totem warriors.

    A totem warrior picks an animal to receive abilties from and is the focus of the warrior to emulate. Below are some animals and abilities that a totem warrior may choose as their totem spirit. A totem spirit may reject a totem warrior if the animal believes they are unworthy.

    Totem Warriors

    • The Bear possesses great strength and endurance. This comes from the great desire of a mother bear to protect her young. A totem warrior who receives their abilities admire the bear’s protective spirit, and great resilience. Those of the bear are capable of doubling their strength, and develop more durable bodies which are capable of taking a beating.

    • The Eagle is a hunter who is patient and wise. This comes from the patience of the eagle, who surveys the skies and strikes only for a kill. A totem warrior who receives their abilities are varied. Some wish to understand the wisdom in making correct decisions. While others are visionaries, and desire the ability to see beyond that which they are capable. Many young totem warriors take on the eagle for their desire to know the sky. Those of the eagle can see up to a mile away without struggle and can fly short distances (up to 20 feet).

    • The Elk are nomadic beings who are capable of going long distances and outrunning or even overpowering their predators. Those who choose the elk are typically quiet individuals, desire to travel, and are comfortable in groups. Those of the elk are able to run at twice their original speed (up to 45 mph), and possess the strength to run over most foes. They are also known to be able to travel long distances at this speed without exhaustion.

    • The Wolf is a hunter who calls upon a pack to go through life. Those who choose the wolf are natural leaders, and some of the most resilient and stubborn of individuals. Those of the wolf are unique in that their spirit allows them to enhance the abilities of their allies or pack, making them stronger and faster. Similarly, those of the wolf become stronger and faster (but not as strong as a bear, or as fast as an elk). They adopt the ability to see in the dark, and can track their prey no matter the environment via enhanced senses.

    Cultural Background

    • The Freaers once were from Earth. When the world started to industrialize, they realized that they could not find a place in that world. The humans who produced great things were headed down a path of destruction that they were unwilling to recognize or stop. Their gods, and the great leaders of the Freaer worked together to create a one-way gate to this parallel world where they could exist peacefully. It was a great solution, and for many centuries the Freaer thrived in Gora.

      Unknown to the Freaer and their gods, this solution was temporary. In the past couple of decades, forests mysteriously disappeared and were replaced by deserts. Famine struck lands which have always been fruitful. The goddess Silvanis bestowed upon the Freaer the ability of weather magic. She had to investigate what was happening, and many elders of the Freaer likewise investigated. This was when the link between Earth and Gora were found, and that as long as the Earth’s environment deteriorated, so would Gora’s.

      Ever since then, the Freaer have been traveling back and forth, attempting to save Earth’s environment so that they might save their own world.

    • Frears believe in many gods which differ depending on the region of the world. There exist three gods which all of Gora recognize. Their patron god is Silvanis, goddess of the all which is natural. Their other gods include Tymora, goddess and mother of man, and Illmater, god of life and death. It is through the blessings of the gods that many things are possible, including the magic of the Freaer.

    • The Freaer primarily live in small villages scattered throughout the globe. Many of these villages are self-sustaining with the help of weather and nature magic. Daily life is as diverse of that of Earth. All Freaer commune with nature for varied times during the day, since most are reliant on it for their day to day life.

      Weather mages work primarily to ensure that the village is safe from natural disasters and harm, and make sure that it receives the weather that it needs; crops need water. Nature mages work as architects, doctors, and communicators between villages. Most villages have a grand tree, which is grown very large with magic. This tree is connected with other trees of nearby villages, and so on. Nature mages are able to communicate via these trees, and are the equivalent of switchboard operators. Totem warriors are the blue collar workers of the Freaer. Anything not possible with magic is done by hand, and sometimes, with tools.

      Skilled battle oriented individuals, and those who share deeper bonds with nature work as the police force. They are the majority of a militia, if it is needed. The most skilled of mages their branch of magic in order to develop spells that will help society in some way. Similarly, scientists—often varying between mages and totem warriors—work to develop gadgets that will help society and minimize the use of magical or physical effort: it IS energy, after all.

      There are many different jobs in the Freaers’ world. Society is as interconnected as the Earth’s, with a similar population, but a different overall environment and climate. Wars do not happen often, as it is believed that the whole world is a large ecosystem; everyone relies on each other. Crime does happen, as is the nature of mortal beings, but overall it is very peaceful.

    • The Freaer have an education system that is similar to that of Earth. Teaching styles and topics vary throughout region, but they all share the same tradition. That is the coming of age ceremony.

      The coming of age ceremony is a holiday that happens once a year, when a child reaches the age of thirteen. This is where the village comes as a whole to witness the new teenagers who will discover their affinity for magic. Many children are able to use all types of magic, but only when they reach puberty—usually the age of thirteen—does their magic settle into one area. Finding their magic affinity helps a young child decide what they want to be when they grow up, and helps focus their studies to develop their abilities.

      Each child is brought up in front of the community, and a master nature mage incorporates them into a ritual where their magical affinity is physically manifested. Weather mages summon a cloud underneath them, nature mages have a circle of small wildflowers grow around them, and for totem warriors, nothing happens. A celebration is given for each result. The child’s curriculum is adjusted accordingly when the result is given.

      Young totem warriors are different however. At the end of the coming of age ceremony, the committee of totems take the young totem warriors. Their parents or guardians are allowed to say goodbye to their children, who are then sent on a month long boot camp. These boot camps are physically and mentally demanding, and push the youth to their very limits to help in determining which animal to request as their totem spirit. Many young totem warriors choose animals with which they have an affinity with, while others choose an animal which they hope to personify.

      The nature of each boot camp varies from village to village. At the end of the boot camp, a young totem warrior fashions a totem from the parts of the animal of which they wish to invoke. Then, one by one, each youngster is helped and participates in a ritual that requests the partnership of an animal to become their totem spirit. If it is successful, the youngster will feel the presence of their spirit, and will be able to commune with it in a ritual they are taught. The older totem warriors will recognize the presence of this spirit, and reintegrate them into society and the education system. If a youngster is denied, and the spirit does not inhabit them, the committee will spend the next couple of weeks working and counseling the youth and help suggest another totem spirit. The second time always works.
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  4. Name: Aelos "Eric" Oaklight
    Race: Freaer
    Gender: Male
    Age (apparent): 18
    Age (actual): 16


    Aelos stands at 6’ even. He sports a short military style cut, his hair (or what there is) is gray. His eyes are a bright yellow color, with freckles fading from his eyes, sharpening them. He has a resting smile and appears aloof most of the time. He wears his totem on a necklace of forest green parachute cord. His totem is three hawk feathers, fanned out and tied together. It surprisingly holds more weight than it appears, perhaps due to its significance. He is athletically built, but a bit on the slimmer side. His skin is olive, and the hair on his arms is fades in a gradient that suggests that wings should be there. He primarily wears plain colored tees, his favorite leather jacket, matching jeans, and running shoes.


    Really long (open)

    Hailed by the Oaklight clan, which was renowned for its mages, Aelos already had his life planned out. He would begin his magic training at the age of 6 and continue his studies until he was given his affinity at 13. Tutors would come every day after school to make sure that he was on track for what an Oaklight mage should be. Upon reaching age 13, he would be placed under tutelage of the most successful of mages. Then, he would go on to work as a mage in any field he desired. He would bring success to the Oaklight clan not only in his skill, but his advancements of magic. Because for an Oaklight, magic is everything; it was the only thing they knew and they were the best at it.

    That was the plan at least. Aelos strayed far from this plan; he was a natural mage, a genius. Pre-pubescent Freaer are not restricted by the cementing of magical affinity, and can use both nature and weather magics. Aelos as a child was adept in both of these, and his skill rivaled that of teenagers who have mastered the fundamentals. He quickly grasped concepts in magical theory. The young Oaklight did not require the strict tutelage that was planned. In fact, he chased after the tutors; his hunger for knowledge was never quenched. He learned things far beyond his childhood years. He always looked to better his already natural skills. He knew what he was going to do with his life. He was the best possible model of an Oaklight mage.

    The Coming of Age Ceremony swung around quickly. The Oaklights were eager to learn where their Aelos would end up. Either nature or weather magic was fine; they couldn't wait to see their prodigy crush his peers in the field. It would elevate the Oaklights to places never seen before. Never before have they had such a natural of a mage. Aelos was incredibly powerful for his age, ambitious, sharp...he held all the qualities that made a great young mage.

    The life of Aelos had a funny way of catching the Oaklights off guard. At first it was his genius. But now--his impotence. He was found and declared to have affinity for neither weather nor nature magic. This had never happened before in a clan as pure and predictable as the Oaklights. Pure in the sense that a majority of the family were capable of the traditional magics. Predictable in the sense that they always had mages for children. Without exception.

    Of course, this sent shocks throughout the whole of the village. Many were happy to see the smug Oaklights have their just deserts. Among the self-righteous adults who bathed in the fall of the elite, none were lucid to the very catalyst of this commotion. Many overlooked the young Aelos who just had his future disassembled before him.

    The boy was still; he did not speak. He was a puppet at that moment, a slave to fate. At the moment, he just did what was expected. That's what he had done his whole life. He joined the totem warriors to the side and got ready to leave for boot camp. Many parents went to see off their children who were about to head off into the camp. The Oaklights were too busy fighting amongst themselves, causing a scene. Aelos at this moment was the very antithesis of his family; he was not only to be a totem warrior...but he could not find any drop of pride to defend himself, to cry at the outrage. After all, the pride had come with being a mage, with being an Oaklight. Those things just weren't his anymore.

    Boot camp for the totem warriors is something else. In fact, there is a common saying among the Freaer: "Nobody returns from boot camp alive." This is because no child ever returned as the same person after boot camp. Their old self died somewhere there, out in the wilderness and the harsh command of the overseeing mentors. This was especially true for Aelos; to his family and clan the Oaklight, he was dead to them.

    Aelos cannot clearly remember what happened during that boot camp. There was one thing for sure. His slate was wiped clean, for everything he once was...that was completely false now. In that dark place, under the starless sky of pitch he found his resolve. If anything, the last thing to give out for a person and what drives's not desire. It is what every living being feels and knows, it is a command which very few disobey: live. At any cost.

    And so he did. He lived, and he survived that hell. At the end of the day, he realized that he was at the bottom. The very bottom—the only way was up, and there was no shame in working hard when you had no pride. If he wanted to become something, he would have to work for it. He surprised himself with what he could accomplish. He never did know that he could start a fire by hand. He never knew that he could make his own shelter, or track an animal. Perhaps it was the magic of the totem warriors, their extraordinary connection with nature. But, it may also be the wit of Aelos, and his ability to shut up and learn.

    When it came down to the end of the boot camp, each child was to decide what their spirit totem would be. Aelos was not as strong or fast as the other children. While the other children spent their days playing after school, Aelos did not build any physical stamina. It was only during the boot camp that he had put any physical work into anything. If he were to choose the bear, he would never be as strong or resilient as his peers. The same went for the elk. As for the wolf, he was never a real leader. Despite his new beliefs that he could achieve great things with hard work…he knew his limits, he could feel them. And choosing those other totem spirits would be unwise.

    He chose the hawk. And the hawk accepted graciously. He wanted to know why his family were so…stubborn. He wanted to see and find those that were headed down the path that he was on. He wanted the gift of the sky, to be able to see over the horizon and to see tomorrow. Because he found strength in the darkness, this new gift and hope would surely give him new strength. That was what he believed. And if it didn’t…well, the hawk was the best spirit totem for him to become the best he can be.

    The hawk accepted him because he was a great candidate. Aelos had much to learn from the hawk. This he learned by working in the forest, and through his meditation with the hawk. The hawk taught him to open his mind to the situations and circumstances of others. The hawk taught him that despite receiving excellent eyesight, many things are not seen with just the eyes. The hawk taught him how to build a large picture and soar above the clouds; he was taught how to understand the web which was interaction in a society.

    Besides this, he was taught practical skills. He learned survival skills, hunting skills, and how to commune with nature and the totem spirits to receive knowledge. The totem warriors drilled into the young the ability to fight and hunt. Hunting was essential of course, but fighting was only in case of times of need. Aelos could not physically keep up with the rest of the students. He had to work extra hours to attempt to catch up, to learn how to read movements and the intentions of an opponent. But still, he struggled. His mentor, Fencis Willower, suggested he commune with his totem spirit. He was assured that the more in tune with his totem spirit, the greater he could draw on the magic of this partnership. Thus, enhancing his physical abilities, and acquiring blessings of his spirit.

    So, he did. Not immediately, but over a couple of weeks, he found himself improving. Yet, he was still physically unable to keep up. The hawk helped him out, and gave him an additional gift. For Aelos was incredibly good at watching and observing people, and taking this information and applying it to their possible actions and attitudes. Aelos was given the gift of slight foresight, the ability to see a second in the future when in combat. This greatly helped Aelos, as fighting became more a mental game than a physical one. It was what Aelos good at.

    Near the end of the boot camp, Aelos found that he was at a stage where his peers could accept him. They realized that although he was an Oaklight, he was not his family at all. He was his own person, and they liked Aelos. He didn’t complain much, did what he was told, and worked harder than anyone else to get where he was.

    Upon reintegration to the village, Aelos discovered that he was formally disowned by his family. His mentor, Fencis Willower adopted him, taking him into his. He saw Aelos as his son, because his own son, Yowen, had grown close to Aelos during the boot camp. They were good friends, almost brothers. It was almost natural. Despite being taken in by the Willower family, Aelos retained his last name to spite his family; he thought it be funny. He wasn’t mad at them anymore, for he reached understanding with the help of the hawk.

    Aelos wanted to become a mentor himself, or a village elder. He wanted to gain a position of respect where he could watch out for the children of the village, and make sure that they were on the right path. For he himself had almost strayed away to a very dark place. Perhaps a teacher. He could get most involved with the youth in that way.

    Very comfortable in academia, Aelos did fine in school. He had to continue to work hard out of class to become a better totem warrior and to channel his totem spirit. He started applying the magic theory that he was very good at to his training as a totem warrior, realizing their connection. This further helped deepen his connection with the hawk. Aelos was in a good place.

    The opportunity to go to Earth for education was presented to all the teenagers in his home village. They of course taught the history of Earth and the humans in their schools; they were cousins after all. Also, they were the ones responsible for the changes in Gora, so it was important to understand how they were actually harming their planet. It is good to learn from those who have failed in the past.

    Many decided to stay home, but Aelos did not want to. He saw this as an opportunity to learn many different things from people of many places, and to grow as a person.

    TLDR History

    Aelos comes from a family of elite mages, the Oaklight. As a child he was a very talented mage, but at 13, the coming of age for Freaer, he found he had no affinity for magic. Of course he was crushed, and adopted the magic of a totem warrior. He trained and found himself; he discovered he valued hard work and could reach many things he worked for. He wants to one day become a mentor for those who find themselves in the same place he was, and to protect the youth of tomorrow from yesterday’s “adults”. Recently, an opportunity to study at Earth at Omnibus Academy opened up. He jumped at it, believing it to help him grow and learn even more.

    The Freaer have been working to integrate themselves in society, and as such have processes that allow a Freaer to do that. This includes proper ID and paperwork. Since most Freaer names are odd, he was told to pick an Earth name that he liked. So, sometimes, he goes by Eric—it was the name of barista who first served him.


    Aelos is an old soul, shaken by his family issues. Despite his seemingly quick recovery, he still has a trauma over his lost magical abilities. When he sees others performing magic, he gets a little stiff. It was once primarily jealousy, but is now a deep set sorrow leaning towards acceptance. He feels a need to defend the defenseless and to stand up for what he thinks is right; this is because nobody ever did it for him when he needed it. But, with his words and actions, he will often wait for the most opportune moment to move. This is due to the teachings of the hawk, who emphasized patience. He holds a very open mind and is more likely to talk out any issues than go into battle, despite being a totem warrior. Don’t get him wrong though. Despite his preference for peace, he is more than happy to have a friendly sparring match.


    Aelos is a totem warrior who has made a covenant with the hawk. Because of this, his eyes are yellow, and his arms have changed color in such a way that they appear to be wings. He is able to see up to a mile away and make out distinct features. His strength and physical abilities are enhanced through his bond with his totem spirit. However, he is physically weaker than most totem warriors and can only carry up to 300 pounds. This is a bit more than his body weight (he weighs 200 pounds). He can run up to 20 mph, which is fast, but within the realm of human ability. Running wise he has reached his peak ability, but may become faster if he grows his bond with the hawk. Strength wise, it is unclear, as building more muscle would be impractical for his type of movement.

    To make up for this, the hawk blessed him with the ability to see the movements of a singular opponent, one second in the future. It is more so the ability to predict movement due to Aelos’ cognitive abilities, and development for fighting sense. The hawk didn’t tell him this, and insists that he was given precognition; the hawk will tell him when it feels he is ready.

    Like most who have attuned with the hawk, his able to fly short distances up to 20 feet. However, due to his dedicated meditation and his ability to embody the hawk more than others, he has learned to glide. Aelos believes he is on the verge of learning how to fly, which only few totem warriors are capable of.

    Although not necessarily talented in close quarters combat, Aelos is a gifted archer. He can take into account many different environmental factors that would affect his shot. With his eyesight, he can easily hit a stationary target up to a mile away, and a clear path. Moving targets are another story, and is a bit more difficult at that great a distance. For moving targets, he is effective up to 1/3 a mile.

    Like all Freaer, Aelos is able to commune with nature and talk to plants and animals. He has an understanding of weather patterns and what might come the following day.
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