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  1. Hey There!
    I’m glad you clicked on the little button to look at my requests, hopefully something here will appeal to you! I know I would love to start roleplaying with you. Yep, even if I don’t know who you are. I’m just that psychic. :D

    Anyways! Feel free to call me “Rini” or “you” or whatever fits your fancy. While we’re talking I’m going to ASSUME you’re talking to me, so I don’t really care. I’m 19 years old, and I’m currently enrolled in college. Life gets hectic, but I have a horrible disease called procrastination… Well! Enough about me. Let’s move on.

    I’m open to any and all, except for Mecha. But other than that, I don’t really have a dislike for anything. I’m pretty relax when it comes to roleplaying, and I’m actually pretty open in trying out brand new things! I WANT romance in the story. It doesn’t have to be the center, but I’m a hopeless romantic and would love it. Despite the fact that I like action, be warn, I’m not a very good action writer. I’ll try my best!!!

    Oh! My favorite at the moment is MxM, but I’ll gladly do MxF or FxF. I’m not as well verse in FxF though, so bear with me. I play either male or female, dominant or submissive! I love doubling up though, and I love having side characters to interact with.

    • I don’t have a specific requirement, but I do want enough text to keep the roleplay going! Try not to do one-liners unless it’s an absolute must. I’m a sickler for tons of details. So please, if you may, shoot them all at me!
    • Talk to me! Plot with me! I love getting to know you!
    • The usual stuff: no Mary-Sues, be nice, etc. etc. You get that drift, right?
    • If smut is going to happen, you HAVE to be over 18. If you’re not, then all of those scenes will be fade to black.
    • Please stay active! I won't require a post a day, but if you're going to disappear for a while, a heads up would be nice!
    • Do know that I will be using anime pictures, and I will also ask you a ton of questions to start off with.

    Plots and Pairings
    Aspiring Chef x Food Critic
    • This aspiring chef happens to live next door to a food critic, who may have accidently stumbled into the wrong home and grabbed some food out of the fridge. The food critic hated it. Now the aspiring chef is not only pissed that the food critic broke into their home, but that the food critic threw all of their food out into the trash! The chef-newbie now has to show the dumb food critic that they’re actually good at cooking!
    Fairy Tales
    • Anything with a twist, or even genderbent (like it being the Prince and Frog Princess or something)! I would also love to try some sort of MxM fairy tale twist, those always seems to be rather interesting!
    • Some of my favorites include: Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan. But of course, I’m up for ANY of the stories!
    Love Letters
    • I would LOVE a roleplay that is based solely on love letters. It could be for any sort of pairings. Maybe an invalid x doctor. Or recluse x random person that found the letter. This does sort of require mostly first-person (as how else would you write the letter?), although 3rd person is mixed in, as we can write about each character’s day. However, this will result in requiring a lot of writing in the posts.
    Angel x Human
    • An angel is sent to Earth to care for a human, who isn’t doing as well as they should with their life. It’s their first assignment as a newbie angel! The angel has a hard time doing so, as the human is either reluctant or in disbelief, and the angel has a hard time adjusting to the human world. Are they going to pass their first assignment? Or fail miserably? And what happens if they start developing feelings for the human?
    Angel x Thief/Mercenary/Pirate
    • Similar to the plot above, except the person isn’t just a normal human being. The person is someone that lives off of sinning.
    Angel x Demon
    • They’re suppose to be separate and opposite. However, opposites attract. Angels and demons have a monthly meeting to discuss the situations happening back on Earth. During these meetings, two often go head-to-head, and yet, they seem to look forward for each and every meeting. And then what happens if these meetings started to become one on one…?
    Demon x Human
    • A human summons a demon. They try their best to subdue the demon to do their bidding, but is it possible?
    Demon x Priest
    • A demon must cause someone to fall into the trap of various sins in order to become an official demon. Unfortunately for this little demon, their job is to cause a priest to fall – and a very moral priest at that.
    Class President x Class Delinquent
    • Typical story of two complete opposites. One day, the class president is desperate and does something that’s against the school rules – for the first time of their life. However, they were caught by the class delinquent. Now with blackmail, how is the class president suppose to survive becoming a slave?
    • Can also be the opposite, where the class president is the one with the dirt on the class delinquent. Forces them to come to school every day and actually do well in school.
    Kidnaper x Kidnappee
    • A kidnaper must kidnap a certain person and keep them for at least 4 months. They may be unwilling to do so, but it is require of them in their rather illegal job. First they try to convince the kidnappee that it’s only going to be for some time – think of it as a vacation! But no matter what happens, in the end, the kidnaper kidnaps the person.
    Humanoid x Human
    • The human father created a humanoid. They grew up seeing the development of the humanoid. First the humanoid was just an empty shell, with missing legs. Then it obtain legs and could open its eyelids – but still had no eyes. Then it obtain eyes, but could not speak, hear, or talk. Then it slowly regain one senses at a time. Then, it slowly became more and more human.
    Murderer x Murderer
    • What?! There’s two murderers in the city? Well, that simply could not do. They are both rivals and are both seeking to obtain the most attention from the city. Of
    • If done, we can each double and have a detective going after the other murderer. (My detective goes after your murderer, yours after mine). That way there’s more interaction in our posts! Or, they could each have their own little follower. Or the follower could be a traitor… Ah, the possibilities are endless.
    Police x Thief
    Ghost x Human
    Ghost x Ghost
    Wealthy x Hired
    Parent x Teacher
    Teacher x Student
    Prince/ss x Assassin
    Prince/ss x Prince/ss
    Prince/ss and the Pauper
    Therapist x Patient
    Mobster x Normal Civilian
    Supernatural Being x Supernatural Being
    Supernatural Being x Human
    Student x Bullied Student
    Doctor x Abused Patient

    Well, those are all that I can think of at the top of my mind. Feel free to throw any other pairings or ideas at me and I’ll more than likely be happy to do them with you. J
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  2. I need more RPs I only read the genre and requirements at the moment but will come back to read the plots and pairings you have in a sec.
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  3. Sounds good to me! If any suits your fancy feel free to send me a PM and we can start more planning from there! :)
  4. Ghost x human?
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  5. The Angel x Thief/Mercenary/Pirate sounds interesting! c:
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  6. The angelxdemon plot is interesting to me.
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  7. I like the sound of the ghost x human, if I could be the ghost that would be so crash!
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  8. I would literally enjoy doing any of these with you. Like, maybe one that you'd really like to do. I dunno, I'm up for any of them.
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  9. Any of these (except DoctorxAbused) would be absolutely amazing. What you're wanting to do, I'll be more than happy to~

    (I'll even do more than one roleplay at the same time if you're flexible.)
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  10. I would like to try Class President x Class Delinquent but first I would like to talk about some things.
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