PSN, XBL, or Miiverse?

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  1. What are your thoughts on these three services? Do you have an account of any of these?

    I have an account on PSN and Miiverse. I'm SacredWarrior88 on both of them.

    Here are my thoughts on both of them. I can't comment on XBL much since I never had an account there.

    PSN: Overall a well-rounded service and has the best functions but the servers still suck and are still unsafe. In fact, I have to use PSN cards if I want to download something from the PS Store because I don't want my information to get hacked. Also PS Now is absolute bullshit and the free games that PS Plus members are offered are also absolute shit. I know Sony can do better because if they offered Tomb Raider (2013) for free, they can offer anything for free. I also think it was a dick move for them to hide online multiplayer behind PS Plus when it was free before but at least they're not hiding other services like Netflix behind it which is something XBL is VERY guilty of.

    Miiverse: I like the unique approach of Miiverse. The Miis never fail to be adorable and it operates like a social media site! However it's very restrictive which I can understand but options, options, options. They're very important and Nintendo needs to include them if they want more customers. One thing I'm definitely grateful for is that it's free unlike PSN and XBL and I hope it stays that way.
  2. Can't comment on PSN cause I never had it.

    Miiverse I never had myself, but I've seen it in action at a friends place.
    It's ok, lots of great art from people shows up. But you also get a lot of random kids bragging about beating Level 1 of Mario.

    Xbox LIVE I grew up with so I have a bias towards it.
    One thing I love about it that PC gaming lacks is instant voice chat.
    On the PC you need to go out of your way most of the time to talk with others, setting up teamspeak rooms and such.
    Great if you already know people, horrible if you're new and want to make friends.

    LIVE gave everyone quick and easy access to voice chat, and had it enabled by default so a lot more people were open to talking.
    Yes you get some loud obnoxious kids, but you also open the doors for a lot more people to get to know each other who wouldn't other wise.
    I got to know a number of people during those years I'd never have been able to meet if it wasn't for that.
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  3. Both XBL and PSN have free games that they hand out to customers paying for online connectivity. XBL (on 360, at least) gave one free gave each half-month (or just two games a month). They'd vary wildly in quality, some being nifty little arcade games (like Terraria), others being (older) AAA games that you'd normally buy on a disk (like Gears of War), and some times they'd just give out 'meh' games. PSN (on PS4) gives out about 5 games each month. They give out more games, but they haven't given out any AAA games yet (then again PS4 is still relatively new, and there aren't as many games out for it that would have their prices dropped).
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