PSA: Staffies & Volunteers - What they do, what they don't do, and how you can help!

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  1. We've just added 30+ new Community Volunteers to help do daily forum maintenance! That means a hella-lot of newbies that have no idea what they're doing. 8D Soon we will be promoting a few new people to staff, who also will have new buttons and no clue how to use them. This PSA is to give everybody a heads up as well as to explain to peeps how you should treat the volunteer mods of Iwaku!

    Community Volunteers are maintenance moderators. They do all of the topic graveyarding, necromancing, moving, closing, locking, tidying up and occasional "Hey you can't do that here."
    Volunteers are are just everyday members with extra controls to help clean up. They usually only have access in the single area of their choosing. If you need a thread moved of fixed, they can help with that! Can't find something in the FAQs? They can prolly help with that too! A lot of volunteers also help with creating content on the site, like challenges, guides and exercises. What they CAN'T do is handle member disputes, give warnings, ban people, delete content, or enforce behavioral policies. They don't have access to reports or discussions about problems on the site so they won't have important intel on what's going on. They can't jump in to your roleplay threads and breakup a fight, nor can they enter topics and start warning people or dressing down problem users. Please don't contact volunteers for that kind of stuff!

    Staff Members are site security. They handle the community and the well being of the entire site.
    They are the ones handling reports, discussing problem members, making big decisions about Iwaku, and trying to keep everything fun for everyone. They have full authority to tell members to quit doing something, to issue warnings when someone breaks a rule, to give out temporary suspensions, or even ban users from the site. Staff members must adhere to the vision that the Iwaku owners/admins are trying to achieve for Iwaku.

    It is REALLY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER that Volunteers and Staff are unpaid volunteers just trying to help. They are real people, each with their own personalities, opinions, feelings, and styles. They are not your personal servants here at your beck and call. They are not gods that are better than you and deserving of worship. Sometimes they make little mistakes, and sometimes they make huge fuckups. Occasionally they are little sparkling stars of fame and popularity. But ALL of them are required to follow the policies of Iwaku and enforce them the way they are told to do it.

    So when you're interacting with these people on Iwaku, don't forget that they're just people too. They're here to roleplay with their friends and hang out, just like everybody else. All these people want to do is make Iwaku the best roleplay site ever!

    If you would like to BE one of these people, WE'RE STILL TAKING APPLICATIONS! Even if you have sent in an app before, send in a new one! We like to have fresh up to date ones.

    Of course, sometimes we know a Volunteer or a Staffer can turn out to be a huge douchebag or make a massive mistake. In these cases we URGE you to send in a Report on the Staffer. Because we won't KNOW there's a problem unless someone TELLS us. Only Admins will see it. Staffers and Volunteers DO get their asses in trouble, and even fired if they cross the line. @Grumpy will be happy to tell you how often he's gotten yelled at!
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    *pants burst into flames*
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  4. I give you cookies because cookies are the best~ <3
  5. You guys suck. All of you. /throws rotten food
  6. -Throws all work on Mid for two weeks while all CVs, staffies and admins take a vacation- GOOD LUCK! DON'T DESTROY THE PLACE! YOU BREAK, YOU PAY!
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  7. *applies to be a staff member and prays I've won favor with owlmom*

    Welcome, newbies! :)
  8. I'm loving all the new help with the site. Seeing all the blue seems refreshing somehow. I hope it makes things easier on the existing staff and volunteers. I would have loved to have been a part, but I'm just not around enough to help out on a regular basis. Though I've been thinking lately, maybe we can get together sometime and make something special for Iwaku.

    One of the things I remembered from when I was a part of the guild was doing all sorts of crazy things for the holidays. I still saved the Christmas Carol we made, and if I dig I bet I can find the fanfictions we made about all the moderators. It seems like it would be fun if we could make some memories like that. We certainly have a lot of people to work with now!
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  10. Diana! I cam here looking for an easy, step by step guide to breaking staff and CVs. Get to that so I can script up a CV overworker bot to run them all ragged.
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  11. Good luck, new Staff Members!
  12. *preens her feathers*
  13. I will be sure to pass it on to a newbie 8D
  14. *blinks at the screaming and violent tendencies*

    *reclines on throne, sips from a glass goblet and watches with a faint smile*
  15. Do they have initiations? Something like sacrificing bunnies? Lol jk. Please don't kill me. >○<
  16. Welcome noobs, pleasure to make your acquaintances!
  17. Thanks Tart~
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    -smash buttons-

    -destroys machines-

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  19. Same
  20. Yeah, but we don't talk about the hazing initiation process in public. It would scare away potential recruits.
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