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  1. You might have noticed a color shift this past week, and not just because of the new usergroup color votes! We've just promoted practically all of our volunteers in to full staff. For the first time EVER, Iwaku is almost 100% fully staffed. 8D There are 60 staffers including the Admins. You can imagine the chaos going down in the Maintenance forums. Ideas flying around like crazy and security cases getting jumped on like wild hyenas mauling a wildebeest. IT'S WONDERFUL. We took a really BIG RISK doing a mass hire like this, but it's paying off!

    With this mass hiring we made some adjustments to the Staff & Volunteer Tiers so our minions have clear-cut jobs and members can tell who to contact about problems. You can tell their department by their staff banner.

    Content Development - These people put all their time and energy in to roleplaying and writing content for the site. Game mastering and challenges and workshops and topics.

    Community Maintenance - These people are doing the janitor work and keeping Iwaku clean and lively. They socialize, archive dead threads, stare at you creepily in the chatbox, etc.

    Security Department - These people are the ones that handle all reports that come in and keeping the peace on Iwaku. They investigate multiple accounts, age circumventions, contact people about behavior, and in extreme cases issue out warnings and punishments.

    Trainee Moderators - The Community Volunteers are now renamed to "Trainees Moderators"! These people only have access to a single set of sections where they do daily graveyarding and making sure their area is well kept. They handle topic move requests, and so on, and are basically "in training" to be a future staffer.

    We are doing one more big staff hire to replenish our group of Trainees! If you are interested, please send in an application!
    With a last mass hiring we will finally have a complete staff for our 1000 daily logins and our 2000 active users! If you have already sent in an application, we highly recommend sending in a new fresh one anyway just to be EXTRA sure we have the latest up to date info.

    And with this full staff, we may be able to reopen registration again for the long term. :D Which is pretty cool!

    Speaking of all these staff newbies, please be patient with mistakes!
    It's not easy to learn a bazillion new buttons. Nor is it easy to learn the ins and outs of managing people. Many of our staffers have never done this kind of stuff before EVER, so there is a big learning curve. Thank you for all of your patience and your help in teaching them to be good staffies! <3
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  2. Welcome all! *Hugs and kittens*
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  3. Wow. That's pretty cool. :D
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