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PSA of the Day: Use your real age on your account!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Jan 7, 2015.

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  1. On our quest to post several important and/or useful notices for people this month, we continue with today's Public Service Announcement!

    Use your REAL AGE on your account!


    Unlike most roleplay sites, Iwaku allows our teenage (under 18) members write that smutty content they are really dying to do. We feel that teens NEED to have somewhere they can explore this kind of writing in a safe environment and are plenty mature enough to. Without a safe place to write, these teen members go to adult websites and lie about their age, putting themselves and the people they play with at risk.

    In order to do this in a way that is LEGAL AND SAFE for both teens and adults, we have two age groups. Teens 17- and Adults 18+.

    This age-group method allows teen members to play legally with people that are their own age, and gives adult members more peace of mind about their partners.

    We very strictly enforce this rule because:

    A teen member could get an adult in to A LOT of legal trouble if they played this content with them. Adults can end up forever in the system as a child predator just over roleplay posts and even spend time in jail.

    A teen member could be stalked and influenced by a perverted older member. These predators use roleplay as a way to create a relationship, and then slowly extract personal information to use for manipulation in to seedy situations.

    These things DO happen. It is not a "this might be possible" situation that is rumored to happen. We have seen and even participated in real investigations for both of these events.

    Check your account and make sure your age is correct! If it's not, let Vay or myself know!
    If YOU tell us to fix it, we're not going to ask any questions, ban you, or anything like that. At worse we'll glare at you if you've been lying about it a long time. We'll fix it for you and it will be okay.

    If WE find out on our own, through you getting reported, by chance, or some other method - your account will very likely get banned.

    Are you telling people outside of your age group it's okay to play with you in Private Conversations?
    When we find out, we will ban your account. It's not okay EVEN IN PRIVATE CONVOS. It still puts the people of this site at risk.

    When we discover these things we HAVE to ban accounts. If we don't, WE are not following laws and could get in trouble. :( That is the price that is paid to allow freedom in your writing!

    REMEMBER: If you don't want your real birthdate public, you are able to hide it with the profile settings! All anyone needs to know is if you are a teen or adult.

    A big hearty thank you for respecting this policy! :D
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  2. I've used up all my jokes on this topic.

    I have no more love to give.
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  3. I was not aware roleplaying over PM isn't allowed for different age groups. Are all PM based roleplays between teens and adults forbidden, or is it just roleplays with mature content?
  4. Mature content. If it would be set in one of the two off limit sections, then it shouldn't be RPed at all between Adults and Teens
  5. Thanks. Looks like I've got nothing to worry about, then. :)
  6. She's hiding something.
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  7. Riiiight, of course.... :p If I had something to hide, I wouldn't have said anything in the first place.
  8. That's exactly what someone who was hiding something would say. ಠ_ಠ
  9. I am confused by what constitutes as mature content. I know sex scenarios aren't allowed between an adult and teenager but does this mean explicit language, violence, and dark matters suited for people over 18 are not allowed to be role-played between adults and teenagers?
  10. As of now it only involves sexual content as people can get into legal issues if they write sex scenes with people out of their age group.
  11. Only sex scenes!

    Use all the foul language, gore, and violence you want!
  12. I used my real age, only because 30 and holding wasn't an option. Damn it! It should be. :( I don't want to be my age.
  13. It's only for sexy stuff. Other then that, it's ok.
  14. So i guess teens just have to fade to black then? though what about suggestive/perverted gestures and stuff?.
  15. Teens have their own area to write sexy scenes with each other, and they can do it with other teens. :)

    The biiiiiiig no no is teens and adults writing them together!
  16. So your saying teens and adults can't have scenes where one character is being a complete creep to another?.
  17. I'm saying they can't write sex scenes with each other! That's it.

    Obviously, there are going to be lots of different kinds of scenes that come up. There's going to be creepers, pervs, romances, relationships. Kissing, hugging, suggestiveness, touching, etc, etc, etc. All that is perfectly fine. But once you get to detailed fondling of genitalia that is going too far. >>

    We know this can be a huge pain in the ass for the flow of writing scenes. But it is the one rule we HAVE to have in order to give our teen members a chance to have the same freedoms as adult members.
  18. Ah thanks for clarrifying
  19. But I really am 19 gais :3
  20. Right and I'm the Queen of Norway.
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