PSA of the Day: Keep your Email Address Up to Date

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  1. All during January we are posting Public Service Announcements to remind members of important Iwaku things they didn't know or may have forgotten.


    Here are some big reasons to keep your email address up to date:

    If you forget your password, having it emailed to you is the fastest and easiest way to get it fixed.
    Yeah, we're pointing at you kiddo. The one that sends in those contact forms every few months because you forgot your password, but you also forgot what email address you used for your account. You go check that shit right now.

    If you subscribe to threads with email alerts, you're not going to GET those alerts.
    Because your email don't work, dummy.

    If something SUPER MAJOR happens with the site or with your account, email might be the only way we can contact you.
    Site outages, forum closures, bannings, pedo bear warnings. We don't know. Emergencies could happen. Having a way to contact you about your account occasionally comes in handy.

    If your email is invalid, it bounces the message back to the Admins' email box and we can read your dirty private messages.
    That's right. All bounced emails get sent to US and then WE can see those messages you posted in threads and in private convos. You don't want us to see that and WE don't want to see it either!

    If haven't, go right now and make sure you're using a valid email address on Iwaku!
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  2. That last one's.... weird.

    Why is it set up like that? For arbitrary reasons that we can debate about?
  3. Well one reason for keeping track of bounces is if you continously send emails to invalid addresses some email servers will block you
  4. Ah.

    The truth wasn't as funny as I hoped.
  5. The truth is never funny ): That's why we have movies :D
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  6. But I do enjoy reading dirty private messages. I can go 'oh my.'
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  7. ^ The exact reason I decided to stick with this site for roleplaying.
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