PSA Of the Day: Being SAFE on Iwaku and the internet!

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  1. Hello, hello! For the rest of this month we will be posting a series of "PSAs of the Day". Public Service Announcements that help educate members about community policies and helpful information! Since it's a new year, it'll be useful to bring these up and refresh everyone's memories. :)

    Today's PSA is about being SAFE on Iwaku and the internet.

    The internet is a really awesome place and MOST of the people you meet will be great people.


    Sometimes you are going to meet BAD people. Liars, Predators, Psychos. They range from harmless trolls to seriously dangerous individuals.

    It is VERY easy to stay safe online and protect yourself from people that might manipulate you or do you harm.

    If you are a young person, especially in your lower teens, be wary of adults that flirt too much or ask too many personal questions about you. If they try to make you feel guilty when you don't want to share, that is a warning sign that the person might be a problem.
    Even for adult members, people who push too hard to get personal information about you and then try to make you feel bad are NOT good people. We all want to make friends and close relationships, but you should never give too much information too quickly. And NEVER to people that are pushing or pressuring you for it.

    If anyone tells you "it's okay we're not in the same age group, we can write sex scenes in PMs or over IMs", report them.
    Not only is this against our site policies, this is the kind of behavior that precedes sexual predators or assholes with no respect for you, your safety or the safety of this community. If ANYONE ever tries to pressure you in to writing sex scenes (even if they are in your age group) you should report them.

    Never ever click links or downloads in emails from people you don't know.
    That is how you get computer viruses! If you don't know the person that send you that message, delete it. If you don't already, it's a good idea to setup the firewall on your computer and have an active virus scanner to run once a month. Malwarebytes has a free virus scanner!

    Never share your account with ANYONE or your password.
    Not with friends, not with family members, not with staff members, not with anyone. You never know when a friend might do something shitty on your account, and the YOU are the one that gets blamed and in trouble.

    Always question when someone posts something that seems farfetched. Many times it is.
    Many members will post dramatic things like suicide notes, death threats, or even faked death posts. Counseling threads will often have people talking about stalkers or abuse. Sometimes they don't post things publicly, but rather bring you very dramatic tales in private. They could be telling the truth (as many are), but they could also be lies in order to get attention. The bigger the claim, the more likely it is that it's a lie for sympathy. So always be wary and pay attention to the facts about that member.

    Is there a member that makes you feel uncomfortable or you feel treats you badly? STOP TALKING TO THEM. Report them if they continue to hassle you.
    You don't EVER have to talk to someone that makes you feel dirty, scared, angry, or anything negative. You don't have to be their friend. It doesn't matter what is going on in their life and it does not make you a bad person for stepping away. No one has the right to make you feel bad. Block them, put them on ignore, do what you need to do. If you feel like someone might actually be dangerous or a problem to the community, please send in a report about them. Even if it turns out that you are sensitive and got mixed signals, it is better to be SAFE and send the report just in case. Staff members are trained to investigate and spot the differences between miscommunications and actual dangerous people.

    We are probably missing a lot of good tips on how to interact safely here on Iwaku or the internet, so if YOU GUYS have any smart tips, share them. :) The important thing to remember is USE YOUR BRAIN. Question situations. Think before you share or accept information.
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  2. Let me make a quick correction/addition here: Malwarebytes goes after malware, not viruses in particular. If you really want to protect your computer from cyber threads, you'll want an antivirus, antimalware/antispyware, and firewall in combination with common sense.

    For a free antivirus, try Avast!, it works well with Malwarebytes as Avast! scans incoming files live to catch problems as they appear, whereas Malwarebytes will nail more intricate problems that slip past with a quick scan.

    As for firewall, windows firewall should work for most people and comes standard with any copy of Windows. If you're still feeling paranoid however, Zone Alarm has been a long time, reliable, free firewall.
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  3. In real life, I fell into this trap a couple of weeks ago. I should have told this person to mind their own business. Now I'm feeling a smidge cranky...
  4. I feel like a lot of this is over-repeated common knowledge and such, but to be fair, it couldn't be said enough. There are sadly a lot of incidents on the internet, and generally information leaks are the most deadly.
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  5. Thanks Diana ;)
  6. Can I suggest an addition?

    Be careful about your IRL information
    Sharing the city you live in, your real full name, where you work, what school you go to, et cetera make it way easier than you'd think to track you on different sites and programs (ie steam, Skype) across the Internet, or even in real life. Sound creepy? It is. Creepy and dangerous. The more real info you reveal about yourself, the easier it becomes to track down more. Be guarded about your info, and never give away someone else's info without their permission!
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  7. Be careful where you post pictures of yourself! If someone asks you for pictures, you should not take it lightly.
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  8. Quoted for emphasis.
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  9. Another small tip from me:
    If you share chats and whatnot with friends online, watch what is visible to others through that account.
    For example, I once got quite a scare when I realized my Skype showed my full birthday (year included), city and state of residence, and had my profile picture as a picture of myself and one of my friends. Those certainly are sensitive things to share with whoever adds you or sees your account, and I sense have created separate accounts for online friends and real life friends. Just something to keep in mind so you avoid sharing information you'd rather not share.
  10. In the end, remember that there are but two people you can trust in this world. And those people are You, and Yourself.
  11. I don't get it...

    That's only one person.
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  12. The blockhammer of the block button *cough* D:<
    I personally think it is better to not post pictures at all. Not even on facebook.
    Even though I have done so on facebook after 8 years of not doing it.

    And for facebook... do not add people you do not really know. You would not believe how much they will learn about you just by looking at your profile.
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  13. Relevant~
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  14. One of the rules I see as important is Never Feed the trolls.
  15. To my other older members.

    Please check the age of your partner before doing anything sexual with them! I have had many partners who have been banned for not following the rules! If it is your fault however, then it is that.
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