PSA of the Day: Avoid "Not Safe for Work/School" images without spoilers!

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  1. "Not Safe for Work or School" means a picture that contains nudity or content that would get an employee or student in trouble if their boss/teacher/parent saw them looking at it. Unlike text content, images are really easy to see when someone walks in to a room. Many members love Iwaku so much that they sneak on any time they can, so we want to make sure there's nothing eye-grabbing with the site graphics.

    NEVER Use NSFW images in:

    - Avatars
    - Signatures
    - Roleplay Ad Banners
    - Character Gallery
    - Group Icons

    That will include some more "risque" images that might not necessarily contain nudity but could still cause a bit of trouble. Like your fav yaoi couple tied up BDSM style on a roleplay banner, massively huge titties zoomed in on an avatar, or tentacle dick plants in a post.

    When posting on the forums, we allow you more freedom for your images as long you use SPOILER TAGS and the images are NOT:

    - Real Life Nude Images/Porn. For one, we're a roleplay site not a porn site. But secondly, you can't always verify the age and ownership of the people in those images OR the members you are exposing those images to.

    - Blatant Porn Artwork (like Hentai): Nudie pics are okay. But if there's jizz covering everything, six giant milk dripping boobs on a furry, dripping pony vaginas, or ten dicks screwing a flat chested anime girl, NO. Keep it classy!

    Note that this rule will likely never get you in real trouble unless you're a big spam posting asshole with NSFW images or look like some kind of predator pervert. When an image gets reported, we just delete it off the site and a mod will send you a message about it.

    Yay for being responsible Iwaku!
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  2. Awww, okay, then Diana.

    *puts away porn collection instead of strewing it across the forum*
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  3. I was waiting patiently for this to be announced. Hell, when I was waiting, I even thought about suggesting this topic to Diana as a PSA. I'm glad she read my mind...
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  4. This made me laugh... >.>
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  5. I've been wondering about this spoiler rule for a while since I wrote something (for a joke) that is very....Hm, how do I put this. erotic? But I keep being told that spoiler(ing) a link to said document with the story on it with something that is set to check if you're 18+ is against the rules because it leads to rutt. Is this true?
  6. Nahhh, that's a way stronger security measure than Iwaku requires. Just throwing it in a spoiler with a warning that it's NSFW 18+ content is enough. For instance, you can totally have a sex scene in the midst of a non-Libertine roleplay, even if there are minors in the roleplay, so long as you follow that basic rule of giving people a warning first. Minors viewing written smut isn't the huge legal quagmire than minors roleplaying smut with adults is, so just the spoiler rule should cover your story.
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  7. @Ouchies Jorick is correct. :D

    Teenagers are watching and reading smut all the time in the real lives. O_O Game of Thrones, romance novels, music videos, etc. The Spoiler Warnings on content outside the Libertine areas are for the people who are not comfortable with that content OR might be at school/work. (in the case of images)
  8. So two minors rping outside of the libertine area can write a sex scene together as long as it's put in spoiler tags? If so, that's sort of confusing considering that's the reason why we have a libertine forum here for both adults and minors? ^^;
  9. Oh no, not exactly. O___O If there is like... a random sex scene popping up in a roleplay because that is how the plot fell, it's short and there's not a lot of back and forth, then we dun mind that. Sometimes plots naturally have those random scenes. And we don't want people to have to place an ENTIRE roleplay in Libertine just because one random scene happened. The key word there is SHORT.

    But if people are doing back and forth for pages and multiple occurrences, it has become a roleplay about the sex and belongs in Libertine.

    It's about the content of the roleplay, rather then the scene itself.

    Also, Having the two locked sections isn't because adults and teens can't read each other's content, it's because we want them to be able to have a section they can play in without having to worry if those partners are legal. It's worlds easier for members and mods to keep track of. O__O We COULD just allow people to do those roleplays anywhere and then trust members to mark their threads and check ages on their own, but they won't. >> A lot of people won't even NOW, even with how easy it is to look.
  10. Does this only apply to two minors/two adults outside of libertine? A short but natural sex scenario coming into play? Or if adults and minors rping together have a natural and short sex occurence happens, is that okay?
  11. Only adult/adult and teen/teen. :( Even with short scenes like that we can't allow adult and teens to write a sex scene together. WE might be able to decipher the difference between collaborative writing and cyber sex, but in a court of law, most people would not see it in the same context. Especially if the age gaps were large, like 32 year old adult and a 14 year old teen.
  12. That's understandable. Thanks for the clarification.

    EDIT: This applies to (general) sexual themes, correct?
  13. Yes!
  14. Oh my god you guys are the best to even respond to a skrubby peasant like me @.@

    Thanks for the heads up though, but please don't get the impression that I'm a smut writer. Like I previously stated, this story I wrote is for a joke despite being sexually descriptive, and is meant to be taken as such and not to be viewed by kiddie's eyes. And I think I'll keep the tight security, even though. make them feel guilty if they're minors
  15. Would this be to eye grabbing to change to my profile pic?

    Eye Grabbing.jpg
  16. That's pretty gross, but I don't care so long as no one complains? o___o
  17. lol alright XD and I have a friend on facebook that had that as her old profile picture and when you said "Eye Grabbing" I just had to use it sorry XD
  18. So the pictures in my thread lay me down have been
    not deleted but turned to attachments redblood warned me to take them down but does that mean but them under spoiler tags turn them to attachments or delete them I read this as she told me and im still very confused about what im being asked to do so if someone could confirm id be very happy. Im not upset or anything just confused :-)
  19. It does depict sex / bestiality but not obscenely and the other is a smut picture with no nudity but sexual action let me know :-) I want to do my best to try and follow the rules best I can and I might run into this problems again if thos grey area is not cleared up cuse ive posted pictures like these before elsewhere and if I need to go take them down I will. Or if I need spoilers tags I can do that as well just Need direction.
  20. OW!!!!!!!!!! That looks painful
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